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Trainer’s big taboo is to doubt himself in the battle. Luther, who just came to this World, has had this experience, so he knows how useful psychological warfare is.

Mika was deeply suspicious of himself now. He looked at the Poké Ball in his hand, and then at the extremely giant wristband. He was entangled in the question of whether Dynamax or not.

“Nie Zi, the game is not over yet, are you leaving now?”

Chibana called to Nie Zi, who turned and left.

Nie Zi didn’t look back, and said as he walked: “I can see that Luther is just as bad as you.”

Chibana didn’t look at the match anymore, and quickly caught up with Nie Zi, and asked: “You can tell me clearly how I am a bad person.”

“You two are exactly the same when it comes to damaging people’s confidence. I didn’t wrong you, right?”

“Is there any rule that you can’t slap your mouth during a match? Find it out, and I’ll close my mouth when I find it out.” Chibana responded with a smile.

“There is indeed no such a rule, but it does not prevent me from disliking you, so please keep a little distance from me.”

“This is weird, everyone is going to block Luther, why can you go this way, I can’t go?”

Nie Zi turned around and walked back.

Chibana laughed triumphantly, folded his hands on the back of his head, and briskly walked towards the passageway where Trainer would leave the field.

Also at this time, the huge noise in the arena conveyed the news of Luther’s victory.

No one thinks that Mika can make a miraculous turnaround, and Luther is not something a Trainer of his level can handle.

Mika didn’t even dare to try Dynamax after sending Strength in the last game, even if Luther smiled and told him that this time he would not rush to kill Strength before Dynamax was completed, and would wait for him to complete Dynamax.

Mika only regarded this sentence as a typical case of all’s fair in war, so he attacked Aggron as soon as Strength came on the field.

Cross Chop clearly knocked Sturdy on the front door of Aggron, but Aggron took advantage of Bite and was thrown into the air. Then an Iron Tail swept Strength’s unbalanced body, and the game ended.

For the audience, the shock of this game is shock, but it is not long enough.

After three games, my instant noodles were not soaked well.

Trainer’s handshake etiquette after the game could not even be completed if the referee hadn’t stepped forward and awakened the somewhat lost Mika.

Luther stuck to Mika’s ear and whispered: “Before I came to Galar, I saw the Pokemon owned by the great Trainer. It absorbs Dynamax energy very quickly, and the Transform is also very fast, so I can earn Poké Ball at once. Release it again.”

“We are not playing an exhibition match. Please respect the occasion next time and bring a few Dynamax Pokemon that can only be played.”

“You know that I’m a quick attacker, watching you twist Yangko with Pokemon there for a long time without taking back the ball, and there is no Dynamax…can’t help it.”

“Lu, Germany!” Mika wanted to go forward, only to find that Luther had already slapped Espurr, leading Gardevoir and Aggron away.

After chasing all the way to the exit channel of the players, Mika’s aroused anger dissipated after seeing the old woman in front of him.

“youngster, you should be able to lose.”

The old woman picked up the azure hat with her hand, and the old face with a kindly smile was faintly unpleasant.

Mika shook, pressed the inner Rage, bowed to the old woman, and walked away quickly.

“This look, you must be Senior Popula, right?”

Cauchy looked at the old woman, who was slender and long, like the long nose of a fairy tale, and immediately recognized it.

Luther respectfully saluted Poplar.

Popula said with a smile: “In the past, people always said that as long as you look at the nose, the one with the longest nose is Popula who didn’t run away.”

“I want to ask you, do you recognize me through this?”

Popula looked towards Acerola.

Acerola pulled Cauchy after she recognized it, as if trying to stop him from speaking.

“Hello, Grandma Popula, I can tell by color.”

Acerola smiled and replied, “Before setting off, Caitlin gave me tutoring knowledge and told me that Galar has a lot of trainers who specialize in Fairy and Psychic Type. Azure is indispensable for wearing.”

“She also told you, I used to be pointed fingers because of my nose?”

“I didn’t say that, I just feel that using the place different from ordinary people in the body as a distinguishing mark is an offense to people.”

Cauchy quickly apologized, but he didn’t even think about it for a while.

Popula laughed heartily, touched Acerola’s head and saw that Cauchy was busy apologizing, she also smiled and patted Cauchy on the head twice.

“It doesn’t matter, I didn’t care anymore. For a long time, those who pointed fingers to me didn’t know where they went, but I sat firmly in the position of Gym Leader for 70 years. “

“Luther, your two díscíples, one who knows mistakes can be corrected, has a peaceful mind, and the other is very clever. You, a Master, teach well.”

Luther said: “I haven’t started teaching Cauchy. It was entrusted to me by an elder. I will choose a mentor for him when I return to Perch Isle this time.”

“As for Acerola…” Luther smiled wryly, “Maybe she is so smart without me teaching.”

“The youngster’s excessive modesty is hypocritical.”

Popula’s words made Luther didn’t know whether to cry or laugh, this matter is still unreasonable?

Acerola is a Fairy who learns everything fast, this ability is really not taught by Luther.

Popula circled Gardevoir, keeping her eyes on her.

After a long while, Popula sighed: “outstanding.”

“Don’t hide, don’t you want to take a good look at Gardevoir, then come out.”

Popula muttered to the corner not far away, and Bede sighed helplessly and walked out of the shadow.

“Luther, don’t mind if I let Bede take a close look at your Gardevoir. He has been chased for so many times and he was discovered by you long ago. Gardevoir also counterattacked him for his secret temptation.”

“I told him that if you want to know how strong this Gardevoir is, you can talk to Luther. He will agree, but he just doesn’t believe it.”

“So I had to come out in person today.”

Luther asked: “There should be one more person, right?”

Popula smiled and shook her head: “Since he doesn’t want to admit it, I won’t expose him.”

Gardevoir’s attitude towards Bede is not friendly. She has discovered that the person who used Pokemon to spy on her before is the one in front of her, so as soon as Bede approaches, she hides behind Aggron.

“I’m curious, why Bede is interested in my Gardevoir.” Luther asked.

“Don’t you know, what is interested in your Gardevoir right now is the entire Psychic Type of Galar and the Trainer of Fairy Type?”

“I just watched your game at the scene. The Mental Force released by your Gardevoir is very interesting. The Mental Forces of others are like a net, covering the opponent.”

“But your Gardevoir turned Mental Force into raindrops, hitting opponent Pokemon.”

“Unfortunately, I don’t have Psychic power, otherwise I should be able to feel more real.”

“Luther, I am curious, how did your Gardevoir cut the Mental Force into so many parts quickly, and can it still maintain a strong offensive?”

This over-professional question really turned to Luther.

Seeing Luther’s silence and embarrassment on his face, Poplar also felt that she had failed.

Such a skill must be a special skill that Luther and Gardevoir have painstakingly researched. Just looking at Luther’s battle with vague battle instructions that can make Gardevoir complete the fine operation, it is clear how deep the bond between them is.

“I said too much, please don’t take it to heart.”

After speaking, Poplar called out Bede, who was still in a daze, ready to leave.

“Luther, this time you come to Galar, no matter what the purpose is, please don’t forget the identity of Trainer, and…don’t do too much.”

Looking at the back of Poplar and Bede leaving, Luther turned his head and glanced at Gardevoir who was still angry with Bede.

How should he explain?

Luther really doesn’t know how Gardevoir practiced these skills!

When he found out that Gardevoir did these moves, Gardevoir already looked like Divine Art Small Accomplishment.

After learning more about it before leaving, Gardevoir felt like Divine Art Great Accomplishment.

As for how Gardevoir practices, does anyone believe it?

Is it possible that I told them that Gardevoir got the mysterious idea to hone Mental Force from the Exeggutor at the home of Sinnoh Gym Leader who specializes in Grass Type.

After returning home, she didn’t poke Leafage like needle holes every day, danced with Leafage, and then unfathomable mystery carved patterns on dead wood that couldn’t be understood.

After that, Gardevoir suddenly walked on the surface of the sea, playing in Water Sport all day long, and sometimes plunged into the deep sea without knowing why.

Does anyone believe this series of things?

Damn, Luther doesn’t believe it!

But this kind of unbelievable thing is true, and Gardevoir does what Luther can’t understand, making it a little stronger.

You have to ask Luther, after this set of operations, which part he knows best, Luther will definitely tell him.

“That Exeggutor, there is a problem!”

Gardevoir always tells Luther to teleport her to Gardenia after she has some insights. According to Gardenia, these two Pokemons always stay silent after they get together, and then silently Ground the wall.

“The wall behind my gym, is there something mysterious that we can’t see?”

Luther supported Gardenia’s this remark and suggested that she can try to smash it to see if the two monsters react.

Gardenia didn’t smash the wall, but planted some bamboos there again. It is aptly named and has a good mood.

Luther thinks the mood is also quite good, so before this trip, he specially asked Nova to get some bamboo back to plant it. Gardevoir also likes this style after keeping it out.