Pokemon’s Fifth Elite Chapter 1042


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Chibana only said a word after introducing herself to Luther.

“Come up as early as possible. There is nothing fun to fight with those Trainers. It is still exciting to come and go.”

He left after speaking.

If it wasn’t for Chibana to go too fast, Luther would definitely tell him.

The fried fish thief is damn interesting!

Frying fish is boring, so what’s so interesting?

Fried fish is cool for a while, keep fried fish, always cool.

If he can complete the commission with fried fish, what if Luther drowned in a fish pond.

Luther understands that today’s Stadium-scale competition has attracted a large number of Gym Leaders and Trainers from the Galar’s Region Conference in the past.

This group of people has each one, and they all said they are waiting for Luther at the top of the list.

Some people’s tone is similar to threats, some are friendly applications, and some are simply man with a big smile and evil intentions.

Even if Luther ended the match with Mika by destroying people’s will and confidence, other Trainers still disagreed. They would not be shaken by winning or losing a match because of the many winds and waves.

Of course, it can also be explained that everyone thinks that I am the one who is different.

Luther and Arcelola said before, why many people have clearly seen the strength of others, but they still haven’t taken seriously, and they are still stubborn.

In the final analysis, many people have incomplete knowledge of information collection. Most people only see what they want to see. Over time, even their brains are deceived.

Luther won a game. They can classify and summarize various Luther’s shortcomings, and make up for the tactics of “If I do this, then that, Luther will lose”.

Cynthia has won in Sinnoh for so many years. Every year there are still groups of Trainers who feel that Cynthia is merely this. I have a chance to go up, and Cynthia’s championship will immediately change.

Leon is in Galar like the sun at high noon. He feels he can’t do it, and he is confident that the people who challenge him can still be ranked from Hulbury to Wyndon.

If you click on the discussion thread discussing Leon, you will find that among the people who think Leon is not strong enough to be the champion, the trainer is the most, and it is the group of people who can’t break through the upper limit of half a bottle.

And everyone feels that it is our duty to recast Galar’s glory.

Luther thought he got rid of the harassment of those people when he left the game, but when someone who told Luther “I’m an artist and very rock” appeared in front of him, from clothes, makeup, and hair styles. He couldn’t hold back.

“Nie Zi of Spikemuth?” Luther sighed, “If you want a polite sentence or two, you don’t have to.”

“I just want to know, do you want to keep making trouble like this?”

The snacks in her hand were stuffed into Gardevoir’s hands and asked to give points to the other Pokemon, Luther approached Nie Zi.

“Otherwise?” Luther asked rhetorically.

“The battle just now was very exciting. Before Dynamax was completed, he directly crushed the opponent with his strength, so that he didn’t even have a chance to Dynamax.”

“But that trick is not effective for the powerful Pokemon. They use Dynamax’s energy more handily and stronger, and will not be defeated at once.”

“So?” Luther spread his hands indifferently.

Nie Zi stared at Luther deeply, seeming to remember something.

“My younger sister said that you are a little stupid, much like the Big Brother that the neighbors gave her sweets when she was a child, sunny and easygoing.”

“Thank you for taking care of her.”

Okay, Luther knows where Marli’s unusually awkward turn of speech comes from, I’m afraid it’s Genetic.

After all, her brother Nie Zi has a similar style.

I thought it was to come to Xingshi to inquire about crimes, but in the end it was to thank him. After thanking him, he left, and Luther was sluggish with the spirit of dealing with the questioning.

Nie Zi has no intention of going to the Galar Alliance headquarters to observe the development of the situation. According to the operations of those high-levels, Luther will only crush the confidence of the matched Alliance thugs one by one.

Today is a demonstration against Mika.

He knew that Galar Alliance had sent Snipe Shot, and he also knew that this kind of thing would happen continuously.

But he was not afraid, and he also completely turned Mika into a joke.

Mika, the previously little-known Trainer, was interrupted by Dynamax twice, and even dared not even dare to Dynamax in the last one. Netizens have been jokingly called a counselor.

“It’s nothing more than three to zero, I can do it with me.”

“Pay attention to the words, what if you run into Luther’s Gardevoir?”

“Mika should thank Luther for switching to Aggron in the last game, otherwise he may become the first player since the tournament began.”

“What do you not stick to?”

“In the three games, no Pokemon had direct or indirect contact with Luther’s Pokemon. If Luther keeps Gardevoir on the court, this honor will be given to Mika.”

Now it’s not just the special record set by Alliance. In order to make fun of the people, Luther is continuously stacking various weird achievements.

Moreover, there are people who strongly request Alliance to set different record lists according to Pokemon Attribute, so that they can intuitively feel the performance of each Attribute Pokemon in the tournament.

This proposal was responded to by many people, and it turned out to be a hot post on Galar’s official forum.

Now when the senior leaders of Galar Alliance see “achievement”, the word “record” feels a headache.

Without him, as long as there are these words, they can think of Luther.

After the crushing victory over Mika today, Galar’s senior management didn’t even want to hear the words Psychic Type and Gardevoir.

“Also get a new record list…get it out for Luther’s bloodbath!”

“Look me up with the person who posted the message, whether it is from Sinnoh.”

The horrified bird is the best word to describe the current senior leaders of the Galar Alliance. As long as they have something to do with Luther every day, they can feel pain from head to toe.

“Mika lost, do you still Snipe Shot?” someone asked, “Luther only played one game today, as if he felt we were waiting for him to match.”

“Sniper, snipe to death.”

“If Mika doesn’t work, change the previous conference rankings and popularity. They are all higher than him. If they don’t work, please come out the previous third and runner-up!”

A member of the Propaganda Department walked quickly to the Conference Hall and said, “Lodz is back.”

As everyone looked out, Lotz and his secretary Olivia had already arrived at the entrance of the Conference Hall and gently pushed the door open.

“Oh, I just left Galar for a while, didn’t expect so many things.” Lotz took a chair and took a seat, teased with a smile, “The tournament is completely hot, I’m back I heard them discussing the progress of the event in many places along the way.”

“If you come back just for frigid irony and scorching satire, you can go back and rest. During your negotiation with other Region Alliances, Luther has messed up here!”

“Don’t be so ruthless. Anyway, I am also a member of the Galar Alliance. You have a meeting to send me away. Is this appropriate?”

“Then give some constructive comments. You should have thought about it on the road. Tell me, how to solve the nail sent by Sinnoh?”

The corner of Lotz’s mouth raised: “I heard that you took the ink sandal gas away before I came back?”

Old John, who was so angry that he almost entered the emergency room by Luther’s behavior, frowned: “You don’t want to repeat the old story and make peace with Sinnoh Alliance?”

Old John has never caught a cold for Lotz, who was squeezed into the Galar Alliance by the Miner family. He was a little unhappy when he heard him mention Motan.

“Why not?”

Lorz’s words completely ignited the anger that had been accumulated in the hearts of everyone present.

Luther sent by Sinnoh Alliance played games in the first Galar Alliance tournament, teased the Alliance, treated the rules as nothing, and defied all the orders they had set.

In the face of such a person, they not only have to settle the troubles caused by him behind him, but also greet them with smiles and strive to be fair and just.

Laugh to see Luther losing streak, smiling to Luther winning streak, smiling to Luther slaughter, smiling to see Luther turning the popularity and fans accumulated in the tournament into his own fans, and using these fans to stimulate Galar’s ​​local consumption…

They can’t laugh!

Luther is like a monkey jumping up and down. After making a fuss like this, he can get back all over. They have to apologize to Sinnoh Alliance…

Where is the face of Galar Alliance?

The gray-haired old John stood up, pointed at Lotz and said, “Sinnoh Alliance is already on the nose, you want to ask for peace, what is your intention!”

“You know how much money your Maro Comont Group has made in Galar over the years, and how many times have faced the edge of monopoly inventory.”

“You made Galar’s money, but now you are showing up for Sinnoh Alliance!”

The corners of Lotz’s mouth twitched, and his good self-cultivation prevented him from showing the sarcasm too clearly.

The last pride of the veteran aristocracy is to hold your own identity, stand on a high point and judge what you are doing.

The reason why the Galar Alliance’s head can’t be lowered is because of the mentality of thinking that it is expert.

Motan, these late-promoting senior executives, obviously don’t understand that some of Galar’s old stubborns care more about their origin and class. Even though their superiority has spanned several eras, they are still deeply rooted.

And all this is just because they passed earlier than others.

After finishing his expression, he stood up, looked up at Old John, and said with a smile: “I think we all need to calm down. If we are not calm, it will be difficult to continue the topic.”

Old John sat back in his seat under persuasion from the people around him. Lotz continued: “Although I said that we need to reconcile, we still need to do something before reconciliation. If these things can be completed, I believe everything will be It’s alright.”

Seeing that no one was talking, Lotz asked Olivia to give himself a glass of water to soak his throat.

It’s like taking the other person in the room Normal, he didn’t speak in the tone of neither fast nor slow until after drinking the water.

“The first thing we need to do is to make Luther a member of the Galar Alliance.”