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Everyone stared at Lotz in a daze, and there was no other voice in the Conference Hall that had been arguing just now.

It was silent for a while, and I don’t know where the jokes came from, making everyone’s tight faces smile.

Old John suppressed his smile and said: “If you are showing your sense of humor, then you have succeeded.”

“My proposal, is it funny?”

“Aren’t you knowingly asking, the person sent by the Sinnoh Alliance personally must be bound to the Sinnoh Alliance, and maybe even with contempt and contempt for Galar. You want to bring him to our camp. Come?”

“Take a step back and say that Luther’s position is not so firm, but after all, he is from Sinnoh, and he has his own tangled and complicated relationship with Sinnoh.”

“You brought Misaki over because of her trainer who belongs to the bottom of Sinnoh. Her social circle is narrow and she has no nostalgia for Sinnoh. Therefore, you are exploring the unique vision of the young Trainer to give us the opportunity.”

“But Luther is not someone like Misaki at all. Look at his growth trajectory and the rocket-like rise speed. This is clearly a model of youth success.”

“So what?”

Old John looked at Lotz’s calm face and frowned.

He resisted the rhetorical question to Lotz overbearing and said: “What’s the reason?”

“I mean, you guys just because he is different from Misaki, so you conclude that he has a deep attachment to Sinnoh and can’t win over?”

“Or do you think Luther is from the Sinnoh Alliance?”

Someone said hesitantly: “Lorz, just talk about your thoughts. I want to know what you think.”

Lorz gave a light high-five and paced around the conference table.

“After all, how much do you know about Luther?”

“Let me ask a question first. What do you think is the relationship between Luther and Sinnoh Alliance?”

Old John sneered with a smile: “It must be Sinnoh Alliance’s hidden confidant Trainer to be able to rush to the tournament for Sinnoh Alliance in person and risk being hit by us.”

Lorz suddenly realized: “Oh, so that’s how it is, thank you for your advice.”

“But I heard that the contradiction between him and Sinnoh Alliance is very deep. Both the declining family covets the island he purchased, and the people in the Alliance greedy the development of the island and want to tear it up. Pledge, share a piece of the pie.”

“Moreover, some people don’t like Luther’s style of acting. They feel that the Perch Isle purchased by Luther has also had a strong impact on Sinnoh’s local conference system, causing some Trainers to pass the Perch Isle’s Rong.”

“Others are worried that the future development of Perch Isle will deeply affect the Sinnoh local area and downplay the management role of Alliance for certain peripheral zones.”

Someone said sarcastically: “Lorz, you are also the president of a big group anyway. You haven’t seen this method of exposing smoke bombs to the outside world.”

“Sinnoh Alliance said that he and Luther had a very fragile relationship, just to block our mouth that’s all on the bright side.”

Faced with these old brothers, Lotz laughed heartily.

“So I said, you don’t know Luther, let alone Sinnoh. You clearly sent someone to collect information about Luther, but you didn’t dig further.”

“Luther started to show off a few days ago. I then went to Sinnoh. In Sinnoh, I happened to learn some news that was contrary to what you knew.”

“Luther’s trip to Galar this time was a commission and an exchange, and even moral kidnapping was included.”

“The version I know is like this.”

Before starting to explain, Lotz walked specifically to Old John’s side.

“Sinnoh Alliance was overwhelmed by Misaki’s position, but was unwilling to be ridiculed by other Alliances, and began to try to counter us in order to save face.”

“However, the plan they made is not very outstanding. To make the Galar Championship a joke requires the cooperation of a very powerful Trainer, and this Trainer needs to have a very poor relationship with the Sinnoh Alliance, and it is not easy to teach a neutral role. .”

“Luther, became their choice.”

“However, although the Sinnoh Alliance used to give them a lot of convenience in the process of buying the island because Luther was kind to them, the internals are the same as Galar…always have differences.”

Lorz stared at Old John with a polite and faultless smile, lightly patted his shoulder.

Old John said “hmph”, and after Lotz’s hand was removed, he brushed the spot where he had been hit.

“According to the information I got from Misaki, Luther is not the kind of person who likes to fight. His biggest wish is to eat and wait to die. The first reaction to trouble is to hide.”

“The person you said is slaughter and waiting to die is in the tournament slaughter all sides, and hides when you see trouble… Hehe, I think it’s natural for him to face groups of fans every day, do you want me to show you A photo of him and the Trainers.”

The corner of Lotz’s mouth rose: “So this is the most abnormal place.”

“Sinnoh Alliance and Luther have a dispute. I can tell you that it is 100% true, and the contradiction is not small.

Lorz reached out and interrupted another senior who wanted to ask, and said first: “Don’t ask me where I got the news, I naturally have the source of the news, it is a trade secret.”

“If Luther really has a good relationship with the Sinnoh Alliance, according to his character that is affectionate, just a little talk about friendship may be able to impress him.”

“But the people from Sinnoh Alliance actually stayed on Perch Isle for almost two weeks, and immediately fired a few people in important positions after leaving Perch Isle…it’s hard not to make people think about it.”

“You don’t want to know what happened on Perch Isle before Luther went out?”

Just now, they were full of disdain. The people who laughed at Lotz followed Lotz’s thoughts and thought. The fog in front of him suddenly dissipated a lot, and there was a feeling of sudden relief.

“Luther may not like Galar Alliance, but he doesn’t like Sinnoh Alliance either.”

Olivia looked at Lotz with admiration.

On the flight back to Galar, Lotz compiled all of Luther’s information, from biographical profiles to descriptions of some of his contacts, and then he closed the door and meditated.

She has also read the information, but she can’t outline things as completely as Lotz.

This is definitely one of the most detailed speculations in the Galar Alliance about the reasons for Luther’s appearance in the tournament so far.

And this speculation is far more worthy of scrutiny than the Sinnoh Alliance ordered that Luther arrived with luggage.

Be aware that this is an enemy of an Alliance. The Sinnoh Alliance is at best the grinning tiger behind Luther. It can only provide imposing manner and identity oppression, so that Galar cannot target it at will.

However, the pressure that Luther encountered in Galar was real. As an adult, it was impossible to see the huge risks.

“If Luther is really at odds with the Sinnoh Alliance… and some of Sinnoh’s small families still treat his island… uh, what is that island called?”

“Perch Isle.” Lotz reminded friendly.

“Well, if the declining family still has a coveted attitude towards Perch Isle, and Alliance also has the idea of ​​intervening in the management of Perch Isle, then Luther came to Galar, wouldn’t it be…”

Speaking of which, no one can’t understand.

There is only one possibility for an adult to take a huge risk and get off the court in a tournament that Alliance cares about most.

Huge benefits.

“Lorz’s proposal…seems feasible.” Someone in the senior management has already begun to approve the idea.

Before, they had always thought that Luther was a Trainer deeply bound to the Sinnoh Alliance, and had no idea of ​​contact at all.

But since it is the foreign aid invited by the Sinnoh Alliance with promises and benefits, they are in good spirits.

If you can play the bargaining chips, so can I. It’s nothing more than a question of everyone.

“Start a reconciliation with the Sinnoh Alliance so that the Sinnoh Alliance will also stop Luther from doing what he is doing now.”

“As long as Luther stops, we will send someone to contact him to see what he needs. Sinnoh Alliance can give it, and we can give it… Just hold Luther first, no matter what the outcome is, Sinnoh will be Loser.”

“But what if Luther’s request is outrageous?”

“The two sides talk together. If Sinnoh means peace talks because of the signal released by us, we will Synchronize the negotiation result and inform Luther. He is a smart man who knows how to maximize his interests.”

“Indeed, under the idea of ​​Lotz, if we can recruit Luther again, everything he did before will also belong to Galar’s propaganda category.”

Someone worried: “But don’t we offend Sinnoh again like this?”

“Yes? Luther finished his mission and chose another position. This time he chose Galar. Can they interfere?”

“It’s better to interfere. If they spread the fire to Perch Isle, they will be even more embarrassed. People in other regions will be able to see the faces of Sinnoh Alliance flustered and exasperated at once.”

“Interestingly, if Lotz does this, if you ride a tiger, it’s hard to get off will become Sinnoh.”

Lorz quickly drank a sip of tea. Only in this way could he stop the sneer that had overflowed on his face.

He admired the thinking ability of these old aristocrats. It is really a win-win situation to get the best result without considering the process.

“Don’t don’t don’t, this is a way out of teamwork, not my masterpiece.”

Old John gritted his teeth and vented his nose hu hu.

He doesn’t like Lotz, but this method is indeed quite Captivate. It can not only bring back all the lost face, but also put Sinnoh Alliance into a dilemma.

Looking at a person who followed Lotz’s approach, he could only reluctantly admit the feasibility of this approach.

“Then we will start contacting Sinnoh Alliance and Luther now?” someone asked impatiently.

Old John said: “No hurry, we have one more thing to do before contacting Sinnoh Alliance.”

“Lorz said that wining is the first thing we need to do, and the second thing is to defeat him in a formal match.”

“Such a rebellious and outstanding person, he has always been victorious and has used Galar’s Trainers as stepping stones.”

“If we go directly to talk to him, doesn’t it appear that no one of us Galar is available, and compelled by circumstances is making a bad move?”

“You can talk, but you must fight!”

“Snipe Shot can’t be stopped. Luther must be defeated in the official game and his winning streak will come to an abrupt end!”

Old John’s words received unanimous responses from others.

Luther, after all, let them in the tournament, leaving Galar Trainer faceless. This face needs them to earn it back.

“If this is the case, let’s continue talking. I just came back and feel a little tired, so I will go back and rest first.”

After Lotz left, the Conference Hall began to discuss who to send to Snipe Shot Luther.

Sitting in the car returning to the group headquarters, Olivia looked at Lotz, who was browsing the race information, and couldn’t help but feel uncomfortable.

“Why did you give them a trick, wouldn’t it be nice to let them be tossed by Luther like this?”

“A Luther exposed their incompetence vividly and thoroughly. It would be a disaster for such a person to lead Galar.”

“A good tournament was organized by them. You worked hard to prepare before and behind the scenes, but you did not get the respect you deserve. Now you are willing to be called by them…”

“What the hell are you doing!”

The confusion and incomprehension for many days broke out.

Olivia observed Lotz’s expression through the rearview mirror of the car.

“Watching the car and watching the road, I’m just tired now, I want to take a nap, but I don’t want to sleep long.”

“Are you not going to answer?”

Lotz laughed and said helplessly: “Let’s do it, it’s not impossible to say to you, it’s actually quite understandable.”

“I’m really helping them reason out the whole picture, and think of a perfect solution for them.”

“But I also did two things at the same time.”

“First, although what I said is true, but…I didn’t say everything.”

Perhaps because of the answer, Olivia’s car drove smoothly.

“Luther does have a contradiction with Sinnoh Alliance, but it hasn’t reached the point of being irreconcilable. Sinnoh Alliance has a lot of favors with Luther. In the discussion before the trip, as far as I know, these people just stood there. On Luther’s side.”

“Secondly, I implied that Luther hated Galar…According to Luther’s reaction after coming to Galar, he just didn’t like the Sinnoh Alliance, so he didn’t like Galar Alliance.”

“Of course these are nothing. In fact, the most important point is that I know that they will be unwilling to only implement my proposal and will definitely want to add some operations to it.”

“I also guessed that they will try to win Luther a round for the sake of face. They are always easy to guess and understand.”

Lorz Crafty smiled and shook the glass with ice cubes: “But, this time, I didn’t remind them.”

Yes, this group of arrogant lords from the aristocracy to the present have always regarded their faces very seriously.

If Sinnoh Alliance values ​​face for the sake of future reputation, then this group of people simply don’t like to be inferior.

They are arrogant.

This kind of arrogance permeates the blood and communication.

Because of this arrogance, although the entire Galar Alliance is determined to forge ahead, it looks full of decadence.

So they acknowledged your outstandingness, but were unwilling to do so and wanted to make superfluous changes.

“I saw a big hole in front of me. I didn’t push them or guide them, and I told them how they should go…”

“But they didn’t go as I thought, they had to step on the pit.”

Lorz said with a smile: “They fell into a pit, fell so badly that it has nothing to do with me, right?”

“I have other plans, but they didn’t ask, I didn’t say, this…also makes sense, right?”