Pokemon’s Fifth Elite Chapter 1117

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Luoz is gone, but the Luther’s picnic will continue.

Luther roasted sesame pasta crispy, bitten, crispy sesame seeds falling together, highlighting a crisp.

The cropbread made by Luther is very ugly, either grinded, with some points, or you can’t eat it, you can chew it.

But something needs to be practiced, and it will become more and better.

In the days of Perch Isle, in order to have more fun, Luther re-picked up Skill for cakes.

There is only azumarill by Azumarill, it is reflected at this time. No matter how much defective products are Luther, at least one hand, Azumarill can make a lot, help you completely digest.

Azumarill is Pakistan not to make a bunch of defects, anyway, Luther will not have a baked probability, which is more powerful than to Cynthia.

The baked sesame pasta is distributed, and there is no good wait for the next furnace.

like hattriem, espurr, gardevoir, is good at using mental force, Pokemon, which is elegant, and the crisp and sesame of the epidermis do not take it, with Mental Force, then send it in your mouth.

Luther is often done to eat in Perch isle, but since the Galhar, Luther has not taken a kitchen for a long time, so they eat very enjoyable.

Azumarill and Abu Dragonite are much heroic, considering the way they are swallowed, and Luther also specially divide them a penfish. As a result, the two guys throw it, and the taste may not taste it. Luther has extended his hand and ask for the next.

“I put the red bean sand today, have you eaten?”

Azumarill and the Dragonite of the Abu shook his head.

Exquisite food encounters guys who don’t appreciate it, Luther can only shook their heads helplessly.


“Master, Zinnia she has exceeded your ranking.”

Luther kneaded his face, lifts the head looked toards agis.

“Just now, Zinnia’s game just finished Hulbury, this will be on the way back.”

During the entire GALAR championship, Luther is a state of stocking in Zinnia, and there is only one for Zinnia’s requirements: winning every battle.

Long-term training accumulation is released on the stage of the tournament, and has never won the zinnia outbreak of the game.

She quickly found the shortcomings of their team because of the failure of the failure due to the failure, and once again played a wave of winning.

and her Bayon Dragon has also become the most expert gas on this championship Water Type Pokemon.

“Very Good.” Luther is emotional, and it is more powerful.

The Child Unconsciously, which was turned back from Meteor Falls, was already alone, and this growth rate even made Luther’s surprises.

He never felt that he was more than a shameful thing by díscíple, but it would like to say that everyone wanted to go out from Perch Isle. Everyone would be better than yourself.

If you are more than yours, you will be poor, it is like something!

Future Zinnia This name will leave more traces in each Region, rather than Sinnoh and Perch Isle, her discussion should be getting higher and higher until the strength reaches the step with them.

Luther is looking forward to Zinnia to arrive in that step, why Time comes, he is also a master’s identity, Help Zinnia Bring it Up a level.

gives Hattrem and feeding a piece of cake, a bad heart, looks at the moment of her Bite cake, and directly pulls the unfailed hattrem floating into his arms.

Hattrem chews a crispy, and Extend The Hand hooks the other half of the hand in the hand.

see the expression of Hattrem, Luther can’t bear to continue the prank, but the hand pinching the pie is suddenly light.

Dragonite relies on height advantages to bite the cake, not to say, but also patted your butt.

is not good to feed Dragonite, how he is here?

NESSA is hard to settled a bunch of sponsors, only two of the three companies are more difficult, have been carding with contracts that do not snatch, this will come to Luther want to tell him, you have money, you can flatter yourself.

Luther’s money is a bit surprising, and she thinks all the money in the box, but later she found not.

LuTher’s sentence “not enough to ask me again” is serious.

I heard my sponsorship, and Luther didn’t stop, and unilaterally refused.

Under the urgentity, Nessa decided to go to the door personally and wanted to stop the luther stop.

“eat cake?”

Seeing Luther has not been able to talk, but Darkrai will ask yourself to eat cake.

I originally wanted to refuse, but Darkrai is like some dissatisfaction: “Luther is doing it, I will not eat, do you really don’t eat?”

“… then I will come one, come one …”

NESSA is busy with it, and it is directly in the mouth.

unexpectedly delicious, cookie crispy, a bit bite can also send a knocking sound, this is the hearing enjoyment that just released.

In order to keep your body, Nessa is very strict for the diet, and the food is far from her life, and sweet is a luxury.

LuTher’s red bean stuffed red bean stuffed a lot of sugar, which makes Nessa who don’t eat high sugar for a long time.

NESSA must have to apologize, she does not have a cooking for Luther, it is very afraid to be dark, so AT first is not planning.

“You have been very skillful, just eat just released.” Luther took off the hand of Azumarill, and gave the surrounding Pokemon.

NESSA is sigh: “Didn’t Expect Senior makes the pastry so good.”

“It’s nothing to do, you will be skilled, in fact, very Normal, I heard that” Three Lights ‘when you hear “Three Lights’, I have done it for so long. When you arrive, you can only say it. “

“Do you want to come again?”

Looking at the passenger who has handed over, NESSA swallowed the mouth.

She really wants to refuse, but her hand does not consciously extend the past.

“Get it?” Luther asked again.

I still feel the sweet taste released in my mouth, I heard the Luther asked himself, NESSA quickly busy.

“There are only two or three cautions, saying that at least more than three times the default, but I have solved it yourself.”

LuTher “Oh” has a sound, shouting A, shouting around.

“, etc., take Nessa to our hotel, let her take themselves.”

NESSA lingering: “Not this, I want to use my own money this time to solve the rest of the problem, please send me another one more.”

“Although you leave Calell, your family still lives here, it is inevitable that there is an urgent need for money.” Luther said, “Anyway, my big wind is blowing, don’t spend, you need Take it well first. “

“By the way, since you are here, just, I want to ask you.”

NESSA SAID ResolutionEly: “What?”

“You know how much ALLIANCE has attracted the agreement of BEA.”

“Can you solve the problem?”