Pokemon’s Fifth Elite Chapter 1119

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Although Luther said Luoz is a BY FAIR Means or Foul, but he still has a bottom line that is unwilling to cross.

He is not just from the preamble of the noble, more is more than the long-term moon, let him know the past of the land of Gala.

There is no bottom line, the real BY FAIR Means or Foul is everything in the Region literature, and the Luther is painful to push Misaki and only say that it can only be said to be a small means that it doesn’t hurt than those things.

The excuse to launch a war in that year can be ridiculous to make people feel speechless, and a nice resource output location will make the people under the aristocrats of the two territories and Pokemon.

In order to get these things, Pokemon and people’s death is not Worth Menting.

Sneak Attack is often happening.

Luoz does not want GALAR to walk the route.

It is true that Luther is here, he can use many means without the bottom line, and can achieve the goal without considering the consequences.

But this is the difference between the ignorance of the past, the distinctive nobles?

In the bones, Lodz still hopes that this land you love is better, which is also a great cause of this point of this.

Galar although alliance rule, in THE PAST for a long time, the aristocratic claims made him and ancient times.

Other Regions Powder to Powder with the words of the family and aristocrats, alliance rights.

However, GALAR is here because it is not completely thorough enough to clean up, so that the Great Family, which continues, has more space for Uniance transactions.

Even the old aristocrats have been defeated by themselves, but their foundation is still there.

The enemy of Lodz has never been luther.

Luther is just a passer in Galar, he has a big waves and then looks like a horror, and even moving the roots, but it is just a moment.

The biggest enemy of Gala is a nobleman, Luoz and their bureau have not finished, they are still peek, waiting for their mistakes, waiting Lodz to become their own look.

The biggest enemy of Galar is still energy, and he strives to find new energy that can be utilized.

After being shocked by the big bag of Bi Boqi, the calm of calm, it can be seriously thought.

hesitation again, Luoz made a decision.

All of the action to the Luther is stopped, how he loves, how to do it.

I have dug my people, I will continue to cultivate.

You combat my prestige, I use other methods to make up.

People who really want to be Major Event must learn to be integrated. He started from a Miner, and he can have today’s achievements, just know what to do.

The top priority is now, one is to completely sweep out all of the ALLIANCE.

to the second …

“Eternatus should also put the schedule.” Luoz looked at the bright Wyndon, whispered.

How many people can think of, the fearful Dynamax power is derived from a pokemon?

If this power can be used for yourself, Galar’s future trend will be greatly different.

NESSA is finally established, and her refusal is pale, because she saw what is unmanned.

The suite living in Luther has a full house, full of money, and the corner of the hall is a variety of colors.

Money, Nessa has not seen it, she just has never seen the scene of this very visual impact.

I learned that these money is the black money of Luther. Nessa admires Luther’s gallblatters. These, the company’s money, Galar Alliance can’t be recovered, all swallowed into the Luther’s belly.

It is also difficult for Luoz to persuade once, and later don’t appear.

If she is Luoz, it is estimated that they only want to be seen, seeing these money will only make him feel hard.

When the last breach of contract is entered into the other party, the NESSA suddenly a loose shoulder.

for a long time stacked the pressure on the body, like a chain Normal, tightly, this moment, she didn’t have a contract, and the constraints of alliance. I returned to myself when I first became the TRAINER. .

You can travel around and see the landscapes around the world.

Don’t worry about yourself, keep your body for your work.

Don’t pay early early, for your work, busy.

does not have to respond to a bunch of people’s expectations, eager to bring more benefits to Hulbury.

NESSA is once free.

Friends Sonya knows that he is about to leave Gala to contact Perch ISLE with Diantha, Immediately sent his blessings.

NESSA has been talking to Diantha for a few days, accepting Diantha test.

“is okay, although it is still better than Mira, the starting point is very good.”

As an excitement for this, Nessa has noticed Mira name again.

Luther mentioned before, saying that this is a very fast person, and will eventually be actually active over Diantha.

She is very curious, this is a powerful role.

Nessa can already think about the future, and BEA is still traded by alliance cards, focusing.

I don’t know what is called the relationship between BEA and ALLIANCE. No matter who comes, it is Closed Door Politely Declining Visitors.

Luoz Arrangers who will sing red face is not important, because the BEA does not look at what you said, things are simple and rude.

“I want to leave Gala to CultiVation, you don’t give it, I will go later, I am sneak.”

bea at first actually wants to talk to alliance, but in the discovery of their words, there is no sincerity, and even when it is a small child, she can’t get up.

During the ALLIANCE stalemate, Allister, Ma Wei, Nessa were passed from Luther’s excavated news to her ear, which made her with alliance of unhamined relationships.

The emotional people leave Gala is so relaxed, I can’t do it here?

at first, some feel that Sorry ALLIANCE BEA fried hair, she feels that she is discriminated against alliance.

“good envy NESSA …”

BEA learned from Sonia, Nessa is directly smashed by Luther.

But she is a problem that the money is not solved …

Rage BEA Continuously and the wooden pile are more energetic until it is completely discount of a wooden pile, she wiped the towel in Gasping for Breath.


When you train yourself, it has never been prohibited from entering dojo without inquiries.

The bea tone of the mood is nature is naturally not very good, it can be said to be full.

But after seeing people, the BEA stayed.

“You don’t seem to welcome me very much.”

Luther glances at the wooden pile of interrupted, think you are really Terrifying …