Pokemon’s Fifth Elite Chapter 1120

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BEA Delivery Luther sits on Altaria to leave, recall the words of Luther, some embarrassment.

“If you really want to leave Gala, I can help you, but I can only say that Success Rate is not high.”

The deblves of BEA have eaten the loss of the galar alliance, so there is some vigilance for the Luther’s Help, and when you ask the LUTHER HELP’s own condition.

The answer of Luther is … There is no condition, but it is to pass her nausea.

BEA is unclear who is going to deal with people, faintly feel that Great Character in alliance, but dare not ask.

Not afraid of others jokes, although he is self-contained, but he is behind himself, but his back is faintly oozing.

Luther gives her pressure really big, since after being defeated by Luther, she saw that there is a feeling of breathing, even now talking, I’m going to follow the idea of ​​luther.

Oppness of Luther and Greystone is completely two things, BEA said that this feeling …

is surprised, afraid, but very worship … there is very subtle.

“If you leave Gala, my first stop will go to Perch isle.”

bea said this sentence, Luther is a detect her mind Normal Laugh, but does not follow her words, which makes the BEA Time Brow Beaded with Sweat.

Before leaving, Luther gave a commitment to the BEA. If he can’t succeed, he will create a good enough public opinion found for BEA, so that she has the opportunity to break away from Gala.

“Anyway, Galar Alliance does not like me, I hate some, they should not care.”

On this Help BEA, Luther has no bottom.

Luoz is not an old aristocracy, the original shape is revealed, and the wrong leaks.

Luoz will be good at Inelive, although it is broken by himself, but if he adjusts his emotions, he is very likely to let him work.

Luther is now a courageous behavior, and Lost is not lacking in the power of Luther.

Luther is to leave Gala, but Gala is under the management of Rodd, no matter what Luther makes Gala, Luoz can pick it up with confidence, he can wait for Peaceful.

Luther can do it, it seems that it is really only to give the gala later. One of the reasons against Lodz. He must admit that Luoz may be that there are not many people, and there is no way to break it.

“Unfortunately, Old Gramps also likes BEA, only let her take Zinnia as a BEA to train …”

Be That As IT May, although there is no hope, Luther has placed the way after returning to the hotel, and I hope to grab the BEA from the Galar mouth.

Zinnia Continue Moved Towards Luther ‘The goal is in the qualifying.

Although Aezara is banned from tuning allister, it is still taking care of his face by taking care of Pokemon egg.

Kexi is still holding the Galar Region’s literature with Keen Interest pleasure, and when you call and susan grandmother from time to time, confirm the body.

Greystone Old Gramps continues to exercise high strength, and even shouted Old Partner Sales, passionate and passion, but also idle.

Luther side and James discuss the method of Help BEA, while preparing the upcoming battle with Chibana.

Everyone is busy with their own things, lost the Luther active, Gala’s big stage calmly calm.

Chansey really likes this calm, quiet, harmonious life, makes it like returning to Perch Isle.

Ready to guard Misaki Pokemon every day, make nutritious meals for Misaki, and then feed her a little, when she is afraid, I will give her a pillow.

Over time, Misaki has been completely adapted to have a round angel you take care of yourself, and his hands on chansey will sooth the expression, an opaque expression.

CRESSELIA is the Orphanage all guards of Misaki’s Pokemon’s Chief-in-Charge, which is the first time I replaced Darkrai, manage so many powerful Pokemon.

The sense of responsibility has caused her to wander around him, expand the alert range, and Mental Force continuously extends, pay attention to the wind blowing to prevent special conditions.

The Dragonite of the Abu is too lazy. He saw Cresselia Everyday ALL so respectful and nervous. He directly stopped her, comforted.

“Is there it.”

Steven’s giant gold blame also advised CRESSELIA to be so busy, do you play Pokech with Mental Force?

Take one mention, the Pokemon Poker is not playing with GARCHOMP. This is not very good. If the card will want to lose his temper, Subconsciously waves the wind, the wind, the wind, the wind, do not I know that it is sincere or unhealthy …

Diantha’s Gardevoir is a little interest in playing cards. She is bored to go to the Orphanage Hall with other Pokemon to watch TV shows, or find a movie with Diantha to conduct a on-demand, where they are intoxicated.

Alder’s Volcarona does not like a bureau, and people think that people invited him to participate in the board of bureau are specially bullied his small short-handed, want to spy when they can’t catch up.

Volcarona and Caitlin’s Sigilyph group have a bureau that hides the ball, which is too friendly than playing cards.

There are many Pokemon in Orphanage to see Volcarona, they have been very happy, and they will be brave and don’t participate. The result will stand on the side of Shiver Coldly, and never talk.

Why is this Ball Light as a feather? If you pick up, will you fly with Pokemon?

Why is this hiding the ball to turn the soil on the ground?

This group of Pokemon is really hiding the ball?

During the period, LuTher has also seen several times. It is very appreciated to everyone’s own behavior.

Misaki is very boring, and it is not much better than PERCH ISLE.

I can see that the Jacity of the Abu Dragonite and Steven’s giant gold monsters have a little missing life, and they are inquiring when they can go back.

“Soon, as long as I handle a few things, we can go home.”

Helpless, everyone has to continue to endure, but it is inevitable that Luther and Miya will make a small snack to himself at Perch Isle Everyday ALL.

came to Galar, and Luther did once …

The night has been deep, all Pokemon is sleepless, only the two Night Roaming god of Cresselia and Dusknoir will continue to sway.

dusknoir looks with his own comic book to see the Heen Interest pleasure, now in the past, under Aza Luola, he can understand a lot of words, and understand the meaning of comics.

CRESSELIA is watching an animation, but it is just in the dreams of other Pokemon, and see what they have done.

CRESSELIA is good, in Perch Isle, she can’t be used in Miya, she quickly passed.

The Dragonite in the Auda dreams that Auda is doing a crispy cake to his own Continuously, and the hills are not exhausted. They lying on the ground will hold a lot of mouth.

I didn’t succeed several times in the GardEvoir dream of Diantha.

CRESSELIA SIGHED, I have dealive this mental force, I still have n’thing.

is thinking about trying to try Steven’s giant gold, Cresselia and Dusknoir are not independent.

Sleeping giant gold monsters feel that the body tremor is also immediately wakes up.


dusknoir touched his head.

The giant gold blame has quickly calculated in the brain, saying seriously: “Not Earthquake.”

“A large amount of Pokemon moves in the group, the pace is flustered.”

“Distance, one kilometer.”

“How much is it?” Volcarona woke up.

“Two hundred … three hundred … 400 …” Gardevoir’s perception, the intensive Pokemon group is increasing.

“bad news, if they don’t change, will hit the stand to orphanage.”