Pokemon’s Fifth Elite Chapter 1165


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For the remnants of powerful feudal forces like Hayes, who is equivalent to a landlord, there is no psychological burden for everyone to rob him, not to mention that this person should have gone to jail for what he did before.

Luther learned when he was reading that the wealth accumulated by the noble jian (jian) can often be astonishing.

In order to protect their wealth from looting, they will not only spend a lot of money to protect their own safety, but also build huge defenses and Underground Palace to hide themselves and their wealth.

In Hayes’ manor, Luther has seen the first two, and what Luther is about to witness is, in the true sense, the Underground Palace.

Darkrai waited for Mental Force’s outstanding Pokemon to search for a long time before vaguely discovering something wrong.

They could not find any entrance to the basement until they left the house and searched in the garden behind the castle, only to find that there was a subtle difference in their feedback.

Darkrai not even think, throwing a hand is a Dark Pulse, blowing up the flowers on the flowerbed.

“You dare to deceive me!”

Darkrai roared, his hands stretched out in the air, as if pushing something hard.

Luther and the others who came after hearing the sound only saw the Ground under the flowerbed slowly cracking to both sides, and the warm yellow light came out from below.

Luther had destroyed all the electrical facilities along the way when he came. The only possibility is that there are engines for sudden power outages and Electric Type Pokemon for power supply!

On the exposed steps, the lead Pokemon is a Beheeyem. This Pokemon, which looks like a big doll and an alien, sees itself exposed, and hurriedly calls the other Psychic Type Pokemon behind him to attack together.

This is just dead. Darkrai raised his hand in a rage, and the Dark Void rained down. Every Psychic Type Pokemon guarding the basement was enveloped in it.

“Be deceived, what do you mean?”

Luther also heard Darkrai’s roar just now. At this moment, he waited until all the guards Pokemon fell down before he could ask.

After Darkrai’s explanation, Luther probably understood why he was angry.

Because Pokemon with a powerful Mental Force can use its own power to perceive all around. In turbulent times, many people’s wealth will be wiped out because of these Pokemon.

Therefore, nobles like Hayes will raise a group of Psychic Type Pokemon who are dedicated to caring for his underground wealth.

They know that they are weaker than Pokemon, which has a strong Mental Force, but they also master Mental Force, but they can construct an illusory underground structure for Darkrai to capture when Darkrai releases Mental Force to search all around.

Relying on this method, Darkrai and Gardevoir failed to discover the secret.

The reason why Darkrai was able to find out was that after he left, Mental Force was still radiating, and he found that the information retrieved just now was a bit vague and inconsistent with the surrounding terrain.

Darkrai and Gengar took the lead, and Luther and the others slowly walked down the steps.

People in the world have a wrong perception of Ghost Type Pokemon. They always think that they can wear any wall, but it is not true. As long as the wall is slightly thicker, or there is some energy interference, Ghost Type Pokemon cannot pass through. The wall will only hit it with one head.

The Underground Palace of Hayes is about two meters away from Ground. Gengar wants to wear it down, so he can only learn Dig.

“The news of Lotz’s rape is a bit exaggerated.” Luther looked at everything in front of him, shook the head.

Although the basement of Lotz has a large space and many rooms, it can’t be called this level of the palace.

But the other news from this gangster is not just in name only, but also in reality.

“Priceless and unique rare treasure, there are countless, valuable goods are dazzling, everywhere.”

After ordering the Electric Type Pokemon in the basement to continue to provide lighting, the eyes of Luther and the others were almost blinded.

Not because of Flash, but because of the light reflected by various metal coins and items of various colors that are randomly piled up in the basement.

This construction only pays attention to the area and size. It doesn’t care about the glitter in the basement of Decorate. The golden light is shining. Steven, Diantha and Cynthia who are connecting with Luther are all people who have met the world, but in Hayes’ treasury There is only startled to fall the chin in front of me.

Adu, who has not always been interested in money, got in front of Steven’s camera and glanced at him. He was dumbfounded.

“Has Hayes started as a pirate?”

It’s no wonder that A’du asks this question. Hayes’ basement storehouses are so diverse, diverse, and different in style. It’s really astounding.

But considering that he himself was smuggling, it makes no difference to say that he is a pirate.

Looking up, there are not many repetitions in the main hall of the basement.

The treatment of gems of various colors is slightly better, and there are special cabinets for storage.

The payment of coins is very low, just worth throwing them on the ground casually, piled up in small piles.

“Luther, lower your camera.” Steven brought his face closer to the camera and quickly directed Luther.

“A little bit lower?”

“Yes, a little lower, do you see the shallow golden currency with a wreath on the person’s head, pick it up.”

Luther twisted the dust on Steven’s request, breathed a little, and wiped it.

“This seems to be the currency of Hoenn Region.”

Luther had no interest in these currencies, he came here to rob, and it was impossible to remove these many and heavy things.

The top priority now should be to find the most precious and rarest baby and move it away, take it back to Perch Isle and become your own.

However, Steven’s next sentence made Luther a shivered.

“This currency is the currency of several small domestic circulations in the northern coastal region of Hoenn three thousand years ago. Look at the corroded state of this one in your hand… It must have been in the water for at least a few hundred years.”

“Now step on that one with your foot and pick it up.”

“This one is more interesting. This is the silver shuttle used by Unova 700 years ago in several city-states in the coastal Region. The shape is like Basculin.”

Luther spit out: “Basculin is a Pokemon living in the Danshui Region.”

“Read more, a small part of Basculin can live in the sea, and many live in the mouth of the river all year round.”

Luther shouldn’t ask this mouth…

“It’s not right. Most of these currencies in front of you are not a Region. The currency values ​​are scattered. There are various periods and regions. Some of the currencies here have traces of corrosion by sea water, and some do not…”

Under Steven’s command, Luther took a look at other currencies nearby, and finally came to an amazing conclusion.

“The ancestors of the Hayes family should be pirates.”

Suddenly Adu shouted outside the camera: “I knew it!”

Diantha interrupted Steven and reminded: “If you want to talk about academic stuff another day, Luther doesn’t have much time. He has to hurry up and help me seriously!”

On the other side, Zinnia has screened out a suspected fossil fragment under Diantha’s Help, and is using the Characteristic Trait of Gengar’s body to stuff it into his stomach.

Gengar is here tonight, one of its major functions is to act as a porter and storage ring.

On Luther’s side, Steven is also on the right track, no longer thinking about academic issues, but earnestly helping Luther estimate the actual value.

“This armor looks old, is it valuable?”

“The handicraft produced by Galar 300 years ago is very well-made, but it is also an imitation ancient armor. It is of no use except for the age.”

“This red jewel with the big fist is extremely transparent under the light. Isn’t it worth the money?”

Steven gave Luther a sideways glance and said earnestly: “Luther, if you want to buy gems and jewelry for Miya in the future, don’t go by yourself, I’m afraid you will be slaughtered.”

“Is this fake?” Luther was shocked.

“The condition of the video looks fake, but the value is a little bit, it’s just a historical value. Compared with the scale of Hayes, the price is not worth the effort to move it away.”

“It is either a gem that looks good or is of high value. Although the logic is weird, you have to accept this fact.”

Steven’s pickiness is full of rigorous manners, but as Luther who is on the scene, he is like a díscíple who has been asked to pick one fruit from the fruit forest. It is full of regrets.

If possible, Luther wants to move out here, but he can’t take so much away.

“Wait a minute, there is a stone armour stand next to the cabinet, stand up and let me have a look.”

Darkrai removed the armor and set the stone upright.

This ash and autumn is nothing unusual. The big rock about two meters high and more than half a meter wide seems to be a decorative thing, but Steven looks very seriously.

“Bring this thing back to me.”

“There is a high probability, there are good things.”

Steven’s words are not really emboldened, after all, the conclusions drawn under the video conditions may be biased.

However, Luther waved his hand and signaled Gardevoir to be transported outside and tied to Adu’s Dragonite first.

Dragonite courier will send the most valuable batch of goods back to Perch Isle in Starry Night, and then return by transport to continue carrying them.

Steven wants to explain that there is a low probability that there is jade or source stone in it. After all, it is common for professionals to play this trick.

Luther thought for a while and called out Miya.

Miya was also watching, and when Luther called herself, she immediately responded.

“Do you think this stone is worth taking?”

Miya held his chin and looked at it carefully for a while, nodded.

“Then take it!”

Luther doesn’t need to listen to the reason. If anyone’s luck in the entire Perch Isle is absolute fortune, it is definitely Miya.


As soon as Gardevoir moved the boulder out, Arcerola yelled from a room in the basement.

Luther thought that something had happened to Arcelola and hurried over.

Entering the room, I saw Acerola extend the hand, pointing to an object lying on red flannel and protected by a glass cover not far away.

Under the light, it reflects the blue light of the sea. The whole room seems to be immersed in the sea water for a moment. The blue light and shadow of the sea on the wall shake from time to time, like ripples on the surface of the sea.

“Steven…Well, do you want to make a fake?” Luther asked.