Pokemon’s Fifth Elite Chapter 1236


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One month before the end of the year, when Sinnoh was focusing on Perch Isle, a private conversation of Luther began to circulate among the people.

Part of this dialogue is very tacky, not elegant at all, and there is a hot breath, it is hard to believe that this was actually said from Luther’s mouth.

However, it was well-known and well-known, and the details were very real, which made the onlookers gradually believe that this is what Luther said.

For a while, people in Sinnoh Region had a completely different reaction to Luther’s words.

Because of the Gallel Championship, Luther has accumulated a huge popularity, and he has a certain popularity in several coastal cities such as Sunyshore and Sunnycore.

Most Trainers think that what Luther said is not wrong. Why should the trainers of Perch Isle have to be pointed fingers by others? Their achievements are only their own, and those who support them are qualified to evaluate them.

There are also some Trainers who feel that, in any case, Luther’s hot remarks are too offensive.

One of the two factions firmly supports Luther, while the other faction has defended their right to express their views and constantly attacked Luther, saying that he made offensive remarks.

When disputes arise, it doesn’t matter how things are.

The quarrel deviated from the formality and gradually burned to Luther.

Someone criticized Luther for privately accepting members of the anti-Alliance organization as a member of Perch Isle.

Someone criticized Luther for saying that the process of buying Perch Isle was not compliant.

Some people replayed the old tune, saying that what Luther did in the Calel Region was not conducive to the unity of the Region.

The magic of the scene soared, and even Volkner, who helped Luther release the news, didn’t quite understand why the rhythm could go to such a strange place.

The points that many people criticized are basically the content that has been explained a long time ago, even if it is to turn over the old accounts, it should be turned over some content that is not easy to explain.

Volkner underestimated two things.

The first is the level of Sinnoh people’s understanding of Perch Isle information.

Because Perch Isle has not been very close to the outside world before, all Perch Isle information has no means for the outside world to obtain, only part of the Sinnoh Alliance knows.

Whether Mira or Courtney, the two people had a dark history, Luther directly solved the matter through the upper-levels of the two Alliances, Hoenn and Sinnoh.

So before this, most people knew about these two people as “Perch Isle’s beauty Chief Steward”, “Perch Isle Island Lord’s right-hand man” and “Perch Isle’s spokesperson outside”.

After learning that these two people were born in anti-Alliance organizations, and the past records of these two organizations were very unfavorable, some people’s perception of these two people changed.

It is not nonexistent that the wicked becomes better, but in most cases, this probability is equivalent to blindly producing good things.

After all, in the eyes of most people, anti-Alliance basically belongs to the vicious category of people, what is the criminal record of Heaven knows Mira and Courtney.

The second is that Volkner underestimated the extent of Miya’s care for Luther.

As Luther’s fiancee, she was always reluctant to learn that Luther was going to be the guarantee and protect of the díscíples.

Not that he is unwilling to protect the younger generation of Perch Isle, but that Luther is unwilling to use this method.

Why can the outside world just say something to force the one you love to sell your reputation?

She quit!

Miya chatted with everyone from Perch Isle, and everyone reached a consensus that the younger generation of Perch Isle cannot grow up in an environment of high-pressure public opinion.

Naturally, Cynthia needless to say. After seeing Misaki’s experience, she always felt guilty when she participated in the gatherings organized by the children she taught in the past.

She became more and more aware that her vision was not effective when she looked at people, and she was messed up in teaching people.

Even Alder joked that her strength was exchanged for other abilities.

Bertha raised her hands in agreement.

There are two díscíples, Clarice and Jusic. Clarice traveled early and was not affected temporarily, but it does not mean that she will not be affected when she comes back in the future.

Jusic is the child of Bertha’s relatives. He himself is cowardly. If this is stimulated by the outside world, the courage he finally mustered up may be paralyzed again.

Alder invited Iris to Perch Isle. Although he wanted to confiscated Iris as a díscíple, he also had the idea of ​​cultivating this child into the future of Unova Region.

Drayden said that Iris is a wild child, with thick nerves and not slender at all, but Alder’s so many years of experience tells him that no matter what character child is growing up, he needs to be cared for.

Some people say that the flowers in the greenhouse are delicate and easy to break, and they need to experience wind and rain to grow.

So, most people just threw the flowers in the greenhouse directly into howling wind and torrential rain, watching him get beaten up and down, aptly called, tempering.

This is not tempering, this is irresponsible!

So Alder also agreed with Miya’s proposal and bluntly said that Luther’s method of blocking the firing of Perch Isle younger generation alone was “swallowing”!

Luther was confused when Alder said about this remark.

Perch Isle’s younger generation is basically his díscíple now. He goes out to block the guns to pave the way for the díscíples. Why is Alder so anxious?

He has no díscíple, why is he so active today?

Steven, Adu, Diantha and the others, although they did not have the idea of ​​accepting díscíple for the time being, they thought that after retiring, they might be looking for suitable students, and they paid much attention to Miya’s words.

So, under the organization of Miya, a guardian, everyone moved quickly.

After Luther fired the cannon, Miya immediately asked James and the others to guide public opinion into the pit.

Steven and Wallace informed them. After receiving the news, the Hoenn Alliance, which is far away, was happy to sell Steven, the former champion, so he sent the Dragon Elite Drake out to issue a statement.

“We have inquired about Courtney’s case, and it hasn’t been too serious, so the Hoenn Alliance will hand her over to Luther.”

Not only that, Drake also personally took everyone to see an isolated island dedicated to detaining vicious criminals, where there are members of the overwhelming majority of Team Magma.

According to Drake, people who are really guilty of serious crimes not only have to settle on this isolated island, but also cannot rely on Pokemon’s assistance.

“I suggest that some media do not link Hoenn Alliance with the three words “irresponsible”. The decisions we make are only implemented after repeated discussions.”

The implication is that the third-rate lace news media, you are also worthy to teach us how to do things?

Baruk, who was leaving the Interpol, received a call from Miya.

Greystone also sent a message to several colleagues who were promoted to leadership after being transferred from field work to house work at the same time.

Soon Interpol also came out to explain Mira’s identity, and because of Luther’s previous training of interpol newcomers, they also explained Mira’s credit for destroying Mob by the way.

Although Mira is really keeping her heart deep in the mud, but Interpol said that she secretly planned several operations to disintegrate Mob internally is pure nonsense.

Mira couldn’t change his mind quickly after listening to what the Interpol spokesperson said.

She looked at her Gengar and then at her Scizor.

The meaning of the blank eyes is obvious.

“Is this something I did?”

“Why don’t I know?”

“Who of you remind me, did I really be so fierce before?”