Pokemon’s Fifth Elite Chapter 1237


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Miya is not only a guardian madman, he is exactly the same as Luther in protecting the calf.

Mira is about to go to Kalos Region to develop with Diantha. The news that comes out at this moment is that Mira’s debut is full of uncertainties.

Since I have to use some small means to pave the way for the younger generation of Perch Isle, I simply solve the black history problem of these two people by the way.

As long as there is an official standing up to endorse, even if others mutter, it will not have any lethality.

It will not be too easy for others to ask the official to help this, but the network of Perch Isle is there, and it is still very easy to do this.

After refuting the rumors, Miya accepted an interview.

Maybe it’s the maternal aura greatly increased after pregnancy, maybe Diantha’s temporary training made Miya’s acting skills explode.

When Miya mentioned the younger generation of Perch Isle, he revealed a reassuring kindness and gentleness.

In the interview, she was looking forward to the future, as if she was looking forward to the future, saying: “Every child on Perch Isle can do what he wants to do and love what he does. This is what I am right about. Their greatest expectation.”

Once the interview was released, the response was enthusiastic and numerous supporters.

Facts have proved that Luther is indeed a good way to absorb Flash Fire power, but it is only suitable with Miya’s subsequent processing.

“No wonder people say that Master is the real Island Lord, Master, isn’t this a lesson taught by Master?”

Zinnia, who was practicing cooking with Miya, saw this series of operations, smiled and squatted in front of Luther and said.

While talking, she watched Luther’s expression.

This is a jumping face, but Luther was also lost temper. After all, Miya’s method is indeed more brilliant than his own method of cultivating hatred and not eliminating hatred.

I used to play this hand, but I don’t know if it’s because the díscíple is involved, I suddenly didn’t expect emotionally, or the easy life made him feel a little numb, and he didn’t have time to think.


“Ahhhh, Master, it hurts!”

Luther reached out and twisted Zinnia’s cheek. It was obvious that he could slap Luther’s hand, but Zinnia didn’t dare.

Both the thorn dragon king and Bewear saw their Trainer suffered a poisonous hand, but when they saw the man who had the poisoned hand, they turned around and stopped Umbreon who wanted to step forward to see the situation without moving the air.

Holding the sore right cheek, Zinnia pretended to be aggrieved: “Master is eccentric, Arcerola teased you all day long, you didn’t even do it.”

Luther hearing this laughed heartily.

“You might as well wait to go to the library and ask Acerola to see how I deal with her teasing me now.”

Zinnia’s eyes lit up: “Master, can I do this too?”

Luther became vigilant: “What are you doing?”

Zinnia looked like he was eager to have a try, and coupled with the smirk on her face, Luther smelled of mischief.

Zinnia pouted and said helplessly: “I have been training and fighting most of the time since I came to Perch Isle. Although Arcelola called me Senior Sister, I, Senior Sister, did not enjoy Senior Sister’s experience. Right.”

Zinnia is really an honest child, because Arcelola joined Perch Isle after her joining Perch Isle, it was her Junior Sister, and she left Arcelola almost everything.

At that time, the only two children on Perch Isle, the apprentice sisters, would only mention their identities when they were studying with Luther.

Now it’s different, Zinnia is leaving Perch Isle, and there are more and more younger generations on Perch Isle.

Acerola, who replaced herself as the current Perch Isle Eldest Senior Sister, not only assumed the responsibilities of Senior Sister, but also enjoyed some of the small rights of Senior Sister.

For example… Chasing Allister and rubbing his face, looking at Allister, who was unwilling but too lazy to resist, showed a subtle expression.

Give Marli the same haircut as her own. Don’t say, Marli doesn’t tie her hair, letting her hair shawl look pretty.

Acerola most often uses double ponytails, and Mari can easily control it. How does that cold face look at it, how does it not match the cute hairstyle of double ponytails.

Zinnia was envious after seeing it.

She also wanted to toss Acerola, and she also wanted to be addicted!

But as I said before, Zinnia is really an honest child, and if she wants to do this, she has to go to Luther to report it.

Looking at Zinnia’s eyes with eager anticipation, and his little hands rubbing excitedly, Luther waved his hand: “If you don’t leave for a day, one day is Eldest Senior Sister in Perch Isle.”

Zinnia resisted the excitement, until after saying goodbye to Luther, he burst into cheers, jumped onto Bewear, and asked Bewear to take herself to find Acerola.

Whether Arcelola will be broken is not in Luther’s consideration, but at the moment when the rights of Perch Isle Eldest Senior Sister are temporarily handed over, Arcelola should be very obedient and endure it.

Suddenly a pie fell from the sky, and it still fell on your head. If you didn’t open your mouth to pick it up, it seemed you were stunned. What would you do?

What Iris does is, good pie, I eat!

Iris’ mood is subtle, and everything that happened this summer is like a roller coaster.

At the Vertress Conference, she easily entered the race stage.

The top sixty-four is not her goal. Her inner expectation for herself is that she must enter the top sixteen or eighth at least. Only in this way can she proudly tell everyone that she has a future when she returns home.

But reality made a big joke with her. Tobias, the final winner of the Vertress Conference, only used Slaking to sweep out all the Pokemon of Iris.

Iris tried his best to get Tobias’ Slaking threatened and went straight out.

Anyone who knows Iris thinks that this is a girl with thick lines. She is a lively and wild child by nature, so sentimental things rarely appear.

However, Iris really couldn’t help but cried after the game.

Tobias’s style of play is more brutal than when Luther saw him.

Because he has accumulated a lot of experience in the Lily of the Valley Conference, Tobias will spare no effort for every opponent, so every game is a breeze sweeping the leaves, full of blood.

All of my Pokemon was only rationed to Slacking Tickle. The failure was so thorough, which made Iris feel the gap, but also deeply realized how well-conscious it was to feel that he could win the conference before the conference started.

She is not strong enough, and there is still a long way to go to realize her dream.

Now that the Vertress Conference is over, where should I go to continue my journey and make myself stronger?

The dazed Iris was annoyed, and at the same time waited for the pies that fell from the sky.

Iris in mind Opelucid City Gym Leader Drayden, one of the idols of the Dragon Trainer, found her suddenly and told her that Alder wanted to see her.

Iris thumped his head, dumbfounded.

As if a bomb exploded in his head, Iris was completely dizzy.

After a long time, she came back to his senses, wanting to know this Alder… is the Alder she knew?

Drayden explained and explained again and again, finally convinced Iris that he was invited by champion Alder.

In fact, Drayden didn’t quite understand why Alder would suddenly let himself find such a little baby.

Alder fully carried forward the spirit of reference and remembered the process of Cynthia’s selection of Luther. He told Drayden that he felt that Iris played very well in all stages of the Vertress Conference. .

Drayden went back and took a look at the video. The qualifiers were okay. The race against Tobias was completely crushed by one side, although Guts had a lot of resistance…

But which Trainer who faced Tobias later did not have Guts?

It’s really weird… this embarrassing scene of resistance, I can’t stand it anymore.

Forget it, take another look.

Drayden admired it for a long time, but I really didn’t understand how Iris was caught.

Unexplained Drayden could only touch his beard to convince himself “Maybe this is why Alder is the champion. He can see what I can’t see.”

Iris didn’t have any intentions. Alder’s praise made her happy, feeling that her talent was really discovered by the champion, so she packed her bags and went straight to Sinnoh.

“Perch Isle, what is that place?”

“Speaking of which Alder senior shouldn’t be active in Unova Region, why stay there all the time?”

“It’s weird.”