Pokemon’s Fifth Elite Chapter 695


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Espurr with vertical ears releases the Mental Force accumulated within the body with all his strength, like a group of invisible beasts raging on the field, and in a flash, the new battlefield is riddled with scars, with fissures growing.

The heart-palpitating power made Lusamine leave his place and stand further back, and waved Lillie back quickly.

Just below Espurr’s suspension position, the battle field began to dent. The Mental Force of disordered and in a mess skipped the flowerbed not far away like a harvester, cutting off the flower bones that had just bloomed, leaving a few on the Ground. To sharp scars.

Although Scrafty is basically not affected by Psychic Type Ability, at this brief moment, he did feel the threat from Espurr.

“Although I don’t know how your Espurr is trained to straighten your ears, the Ability of Psychic Type is Tickle itchy to Scrafty.”

Hala admires Luther’s ability to develop the limit of Espurr’s self-control, but this does not change the situation.

Espurr clenched his teeth and stabilized these grumpy Mental Forces, but Luther’s first command was still Thunderbolt.

“It’s useless, Thunderbolt can’t penetrate Scrafty’s skin at all, so block me!” Hala shouted with a smile.

“Let Scrafty can’t stop him, lift up the ground under his feet!”

Hala saw an incredible scene. Espurr controlled the Mental Force to make Ground vibrate, and at the same time inspired Thunderbolt from within the body to hit Scrafty.

Others just think this attack method is novel and beautiful, but Hala understands what this operation means.

Luther even allowed his Pokemon to mobilize more than two kinds of energy at the same time. Not only was there no conflict, but the whole process was extremely smooth and his proficiency was amazing.

This is beyond Hala’s knowledge, but it is quite normal in Luther’s eyes.

Cynthia and Luther, as the first people who studied how to change Ability, naturally made different innovations and improvements to this method.

One of them is to release two Attribute Ability at the same time.

The easiest thing to master is Psychic Type, Ghost Type’s Pokemon, and their powerful Mental Force allows them to attack with their brains alone.

Next is Fighting Type Pokemon. Because of the high-intensity muscle training, as long as Pokemon who can learn the farmer’s three punches, he can basically achieve a flame with one hand and a lightning with one hand. Maybe he can take the opportunity to steal an Ice Punch.

The most typical example is Strength’s insidious trick in the special chapter, one hand Fire Punch, the other hand Thunder Punch, and you are completely unprepared.

Other Pokemon needs to balance the energy of two different Attribute Ability at the same time to release the Ability effectively.

As long as the know-how is mastered, training is not difficult, and Espurr is naturally not slow to get started.

Scrafty, who lost his center of gravity, waved his hands in a panic in midair, unable to lift his “trousers” at all, and could only use his face to face Thunderbolt coming through the gravel.

“Amazing performance, but don’t underestimate Scrafty!” Hala shouted, “Rely on the speed of Imprison Espurr’s movements, Iron Head.”

Espurr tried his best to gather the Mental Force and protect him, but Scrafty was strengthened by Dragon Dance and his speed and power were increased. It instantly broke through Espurr’s defense and hit Espurr.

“Espurr’s stamina is close to the limit, continue to chase, use the crush!”

Luther grinned quietly, thanking Hala for giving him the opportunity to defeat the Dragon Dance-enhanced Scrafty.


Hala’s alarm bell sounded loudly. Luther’s belated command did not seem to be caused by his or Espurr’s slow response.


“Disarming Voice.”

Scrafty had just been in Bite Espurr’s body and heard a meow of light as a feather from Espurr who was about to cry in pain.

Not only Scrafty, but the people present also heard it. The lethality of this move was a little beyond Luther’s imagination, because it suddenly appeared in his mind that Espurr was holding his arm and licking it.

“Not just in name only, but also in reality’s Disarming Voice…” Luther suddenly wanted to hold Espurr for a while.

Fairy Type Ability Disarming Voice, which can give opponent mental attacks, is also the only Fairy Type Ability that Espurr has learned so far.

Scrafty’s eyes blurred after hearing the Growl like Espurr Charm, and he couldn’t even feel the damage done by Disarming Voice.

Fairy Type Ability finishes Scrafty.

“Ability of sound type, we will too, Snarl!”

Espurr, who reluctantly called Meowth, suddenly heard a big decibel yelling in his ears. Scrafty yelled at all kinds of unexplained words to disturb Espurr dizzy and eyes blurred.

Espurr’s cute Disarming Voice kept tormenting Scrafty. Two Pokemons held their heads and covered their ears and kept screaming, forcing Luther and Hala to step back.

This cute and ruffian confrontation finally suffered a lot of damage on both sides, and fell to the ground softly together, covering their ears.

The final result is a little bit ridiculous. After all, the final victory of the two Pokemon is a bit like a fight.

Hala has a mixed mood.

This is only the second game. His Scrafty was forcibly replaced by Espurr when Attribute was completely dominant.

Unleash the ability of double Ability, control the strength of double Attribute energy, and calm down, and use the killing move mentality when Scrafty enters the most effective attack range.

He doesn’t believe that any Region Conference player can have such a strong strength. Most of the past Conference wins have gradually become mediocre after the end.

When he saw Luther’s video, he was amazed by Luther’s ability, and now he is really shocked by the real battle.

In the past few years, the youngster outside of Arora has become very strong?

Or is Luther too strong to dwarf previous winners?

Zinnia completely ignores the ha-wu who praised Hala from the side, and can’t even see who loses and who makes the exchange, which is a hairless brat.

She was completely immersed in the process of the game just now, constantly recalling Luther’s operation, this is not a battle that can be seen often!

After both sides threw the Poké Ball at the same time, Darkrai drew back into the shadow in disgust, only showing his head.

Azumarill geared up and looked at Conkeldurr on Hala’s court with a grin.

But she was suffocated. Luther brought Silver and the others to Alora to play around, so he could only practice hard at home.

Fortunately, the hard training has yielded results, and the state has recovered a lot. The tickets sent to play were sent to Miya.

You can’t lose. If you lose, I think that everyday all will have to practice for an hour or two with Aggron’s kind of naive. That guy still doesn’t know how to chat. Compared with Chansey and Wigglytuff, it’s too boring.

Maybe I have to be sent home to continue practicing, and there is no chance of eating and drinking.

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