Pokemon’s Fifth Elite Chapter 696


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Whether it is Espurr or Aggron’s battle, Hala feels that she has probably figured out the limits of Luther’s strength.

But when the battle between Azumarill and Conkeldurr started, his brows brow wildly.

Conkeldurr’s most deterrent effect is the two concrete pillars in his hand. In the battle, using the pillars to expand his attack range and give opponent a heavy blow is a style of play that every Trainer who owns Conkeldurr will try to practice.

Without activating Ability, Hala chose to let Conkeldurr use pure Superpower to test Azumarill’s strength as soon as he came up.

Conkeldurr rounded his arms, and the concrete pillar greeted Azumarill directly.

Hala thinks that Luther will give Azumarill an order to evade, or it may be the order of Protect and the like, but Luther smiled and shouted: “Let Conkeldurr see your strength and punch the concrete pillar!”


Azumarill, standing still on the side of Stockpile, turned slightly when the pillar was close to his body, and a punch was about to land on his own pillar.

Conkeldurr, holding the pillar, trembled all over, his palms numb.

The strong force spread all over Conkeldurr’s body through the pillar, and for a short while, he was a little uneasy.

He pulled the pillar back vigorously, preparing for the upcoming second round of attack and defense.

The concrete column was retracted to the ground in midair, and debris continued to fall. The surface of the column was continuously cracked, and the crack spread all the way to the entire column from the location where it was hit by Azumarill.

The entire column is like a dry and cracked ground. Conkeldurr gently placed it on the Ground, intending to check the situation.

It was such a cautiously action. The concrete pillar snapped at the sound, the chipped stone chips were caught in Conkeldurr’s palm, and a gust of wind passed by and disappeared.

The remaining debris fell on the ground, forming a small bag.

Hala has seen this kind of power, but last time he repelled his Conkeldurr’s Pokemon and hard-wired the pillar, it was not like this serene.

“Smash the other pillar, use Thunder Punch with both hands, fast attack!” Hala began to understand where the anxiety came from when she saw Azumarill before the battle.

Although Aggron and Espurr performed well in the battle, they did not represent Luther’s strongest strength!

Can’t give Azumarill too much room to play, only speed up the offense can suppress her full power!

Conkeldurr’s Characteristic Trait is Iron Fist, which is a Characteristic Trait that will increase damage when using boxing Ability.

Conkeldurr, who is holding the pillar all day long, is the most powerful thing with his hands. Hala decides to meet force with force to the end!

The bitter cold air condenses in Azumarill’s hands. Under Luther’s exercise, although Ice Type’s Ability training is still being practiced, Azumarill has taken the path of relying on strength to break the enemy.

These Ice Type powers are not that important anymore. The real core lies in the punch that you swing.

Conkeldurr is a dual Thunder Punch, but Azumarill only used one hand.

In her field of vision, Conkeldurr, who should have appeared in front of her instantly, his silhouette was infinitely slowed down.

As soon as the fists pressed down, Azumarill’s chubby body arched forward and rushed into Conkeldurr’s arms before the fist fell.

Facing Conkeldurr whose door was wide open, Azumarill’s Ice Punch ruthlessly hit Conkeldurr’s jaw in the form of Dragon Boxing.

Conkeldurr, which is several times heavier than Azumarill, was like a kite with a broken line. It was hit in the air by this fist, and then fell heavily with a loud noise.

Lusamine can hardly believe her eyes. She wants to judge Conkeldurr that Conkeldurr has lost the combat capability, but when she thinks that this is an Elite level battle…

After waiting for more than ten seconds, Conkeldurr was still unconscious, and Hala, who came back to his senses in horror, took the initiative to withdraw Conkeldurr.

Lillie is already looking silly. In her impression, Hala has always been synonymous with powerhouse and is the most powerful powerhouse on Melemele Island.

Just now, she tried her best to stop the match, just because she was worried that Luther would suffer because of this. She didn’t want Luther to be affected by the outside world because of these things.

But things seem to be different from what I thought…

Hawu is already silly. How could his grandfather lose so quickly? He doesn’t understand.

“Master, come on, Master, come on.”

Zinnia is happy, as long as she can see Hawu’s stunned look, her mood is extremely refreshing.

When Zinnia called Luther Master, Hala glanced at her.

Hala couldn’t help smiling with the pride from the heart on Zinnia’s face.

“It’s time for you to play, Bewear!”

“Hey?” Zinnia, who was the guest cheerleader, paused, looked at the Bewear on the court, and looked at Nidorino’s Bewear at home.

“Stop teasing Nidorino, watch the game, it’s another Bewear!” Zinnia hurried to take pictures of her Bewear.

Needless to say that Zinnia, Bewear has already spotted his companion on the field. He raised his head proudly and tried to express to Zinnia that “I am not worse than this guy”.

Azumarill’s performance made Luther very satisfied. It seems that when he was away, Azumarill did not have Slack Off, but was faithfully performing state recovery training.

The high-intensity exercise also gave her a breakthrough in the use of her own strength. The formidable power of the punch just now was really amazing.

“Come back and rest. If you need to, you will come out again.”

Luther changed again, this time Gardevoir played.

Although Attribute restraint does not directly determine the victory of the game, the Pokemon that Luther has played so far have suppressed Hala in Attribute, which makes Hala feel helpless.

“Use courage and Guts to make up for your disadvantages, Bewear, use your strength, as long as the strength is strong enough, Gardevoir’s Mental Force will not be able to restrain your actions!”

The sound of Hala imposing manner made the Bewear on the court hard to punch with a punch, and a wisp of harmless to humans and animals hung on the cute face, but a closer look made people have one’s hair stand on End’s smirk.

“Prepare…” Hala smiled and dragged the tail.

“Gardevoir, first Trace Bewear’s Characteristic Trait.”

While Bewear made the 100-meter run-up posture, Gardevoir successfully obtained the furry Characteristic Trait.

“Run over and hug Gardevoir!”

“Hey!” Bewear let out an extremely excited, joyous laugh, sprinting to Gardevoir’s side like lightning.

“So fast!”

Zinnia was dumbfounded, she couldn’t even see the process of Bewear sprinting, only saw the afterimage of him swinging his arm in the air, and then saw him appear in front of Gardevoir.

Gardevoir was also stupid. Although she heard Luther yelling urgently for her to use Protect, she slowed down by half a beat.

Bewear’s powerful arms hugged Gardevoir directly, and his smile began to twist.

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