Pokemon’s Fifth Elite Chapter 698


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Scrafty, Conkeldurr, and now Bewear, Hala has lost three Pokemon.

Hala’s Trump Card beater Hariyama was exhausted by Aggron.

Hala knew before the fight that today’s battle was very difficult for him, but now he knows that it is far from being difficult.

Luther is really strong.

Where did he get that many weird style of play?

Every Trainer knows that Espurr’s ears will be raised to fight, and her strength will be greatly improved, but how many Espurr’s Trainers can let her do this?

The dual Attribute Ability was released at the same time. Such a skillful use must have been practiced for a long time. I don’t know if Trainer has practiced it before.

Bewear’s Giga Impact had obviously hit Gardevoir, but it dissipated at the last moment, leaving only the power of Physical collision, which definitely has something to do with Luther.

Hala’s mood is as complicated as that of Tobias at the time. If there are only one or two such tricks, he can still seriously think about the way to deal with it.

But now it seems that it is endless.

Moreover, Luther’s own strength, his Pokemon’s strength are terrifying.

Defeat Conkeldurr’s Azumarill with one punch, and force the manic Bewear to attack Gardevoir…

Hala sighed slightly, muttered: “It’s time for a serious Alliance Conference. The people outside are getting stronger.”

Luther hugged Gardevoir and rubbed her face vigorously: “Very well done, let Zinnia treat the wound for you.”

Gardevoir couldn’t help but rubbed Luther twice with his head before walking towards Zinnia.

“Can I ask you a question now?” Hala suddenly called to Luther.


“I want to know why you didn’t challenge Sinnoh Elite Four. I checked before coming. You have never officially challenged the Champion Alliance.”

“Don’t you want the title of Region champion at all?”

Luther pu chi laughed, he pointed at himself and said: “Me? Champion?”

“Any problem?” Hala didn’t understand why this question made Luther amused.

Up to now, Luther’s level of combat, Pokemon’s strength, and the emergence of small Unique Ability are all extremely strong. Isn’t it a champion level?

“Now I have the qualifications for Cynthia and I have the right to fight, and it’s a long way to win if I want to win.” Luther waved his hand.

Hala was silent, and he got a terrifying answer from Luther’s answer.

People of Luther’s level have no hope of winning the championship.

Hala is very surprised if Alora’s Trainer has become weaker over the years, or has it grown too fast outside.

As soon as Darkrai appeared on the stage, Lillie cheered and cheered Darkrai loudly.

“It turned out to be the legendary Pokemon known as the nightmare god…”

Hala took a deep breath, already determined, and threw Hariyama’s Poké Ball hard.

“Next, I will use the power of Z moves to fight against you. I will show you the probability of the bond between Alola Region Trainer and Pokemon!”

“I merged with the will of the Guardian God of Melemele Island, so I became the Island Lord of Melemele Island.”

“This may be the most capricious battle since I became the Island Lord, but…the card puffs, and Melemele Island…”

“Witness my will!” Hala imposing manner punches forward completely, with fierce fists and powerful movements.

Hariyama, who knows that he is about to deal with a powerful enemy, has firm eyes, and his actions are completely synchronized with Hala. At this moment, his consciousness and Hala are fused together, and a steady flow of power flows into his within the body.

In the moment before accepting the power of the Z move, Hariyama used Belly Drum to maximize his strength, but at the cost of weakening his physical strength to a precarious point.

Just like Hala’s fist, press forward, he wants to defeat Darkrai in one go.

There was no wind, but the Leafage in the courtyard of Lillie’s mansion made a rustling noise, and everyone who was addicted to the battle on the court not at all noticed this.

However, Darkrai raised his head and glanced at the dense Leafage not far away.

The eyes of the two Pokemon met, and Darkrai looked away in silence, leaving the card pooh to observe quietly.

“All-Out Pummeling!”

Darkrai’s sight was instantly occupied by the huge palms of each and everyone, carrying an incomparable power, and flew to Darkrai quickly.

Every punch Hariyama strikes is fast as lightning. Zinnia, who is standing by and watching, feels that Hariyama’s hand is still at a certain moment.

Only those “palms” who keep getting Darkrai in are telling Zinnia how terrifying the offense is this time.

Suppress Darkrai’s Fighting Type, the power of Z moves, and the ultimate attack power boosted by Belly Drum.

All the powerful factors piled together to form a killer move against Darkrai.

There is no intrigue technique, and there is no foreshadowing of Court Change. Hala and his Hariyama used their own will and fetters to play a huge Z-stroke.

The battlefield exploded, accompanied by rumbling sound, gravel, sand, and Leafage that was swept in by the scattered power all flying in the air.

Darkrai has no room to escape. Hariyama’s offense is like setting up Gatling fire on the plain.

“get lost! !”

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