Pokemon’s Fifth Elite Chapter 700


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Luther had the answer immediately, but he couldn’t say what he said.

“Sweep the floor and go out, and then personally to clean up the sect, and do my best to compensate all those who have been hurt by díscíple’s mistakes.”

This sentence was simple, but Luther suddenly saw Zinnia surrounding him, chirp chirp twitter twitter like a bird, asking questions about it.

She will follow Miya, rush to help Miya do everything, and then rush back to her grandma at night to chat with her, for fear that she will feel lonely.

The scene where the Pokemons of Perch Isle play around her is so beautiful…

When I was in New Year, I quietly licked Alcremie, and was smeared by Alcremie’s cream, like a facial mask…

Finally know how the unforgettable betrayal came about.

Those betrayed in literary themes are either extremely Rage, angry, broken, or depressed, as if the sky is falling.

People who watch it always feel that these people are hypocritical, what a big deal, can it be over after a good meal?

The feelings and experiences of people and people are not in common. Their joys and sorrows, memories and experiences are completely unclear to others.

At the moment someone betrays you, even the memories of your past become unreal, as if this person took away an important time in your life.

“Small mistakes are severely punished. As a Master, I punish myself and work hard to compensate the injured.”

Hearing Luther’s answer, Zinnia’s body trembled. She extended the hand trying to hold Luther’s arm, but she retracted timidly.

“Unforgivable mistake…by the finished apprenticeship door, and then personally to clean up the sect.” Luther said.

Hala leaned slightly to Luther and Lusamine: “My approach is different from yours. I decided to give Guzma another chance. This time I personally teach him and let him re-behave.”

“There is only this time. If he can’t do it, I promise that I will deal with Guzma myself next time.”

Hala took Hawu away, and the back image was very much the old father described by Zhu Ziqing Teacher.

Guzma is really lucky, how many people can give another chance after being hurt?

How many people are afraid that this opportunity will become another wound.

The kind people are always hurt more. This sentence is not hypocritical, only those who are silent and not good at talking, who have passed the day understand the bitterness.

Holy Mother and Holy Mother bitch are two different creatures. The former is physically committed, working hard to do good, even if she is laughed at for useless work, her heart is still pure and clean, and she does her best to save others.

The latter is to call on others to do good, to act as the Holy Mother, while oneself blends into it, screams, and enjoys the dregs of fame. Both cannot mention on equal terms at all.

Hala’s behavior is considered Holy Mother, Luther doesn’t know, but he really can’t hate it.

“Lusamine, can I ask you something?”

“Please speak.”

“If Guzma doesn’t change after repeated teachings, Hala can’t do anything, let me know.”

Kukui stopped Luther: “Thank you for your kindness, let me come.”

Zinnia has been silent since Hala left.

While Hala was leaving, she blurted out: “I will never do things that Master does not like!”

Hala didn’t answer Zinnia, but instead patted Luther’s shoulder, praising him for his strength, and finally said something in Luther’s ear.

“Be a good Master. Don’t be incompetent like me. Guzma was a good child before, but then he got more and more crooked. I often think this is my reason or his reason.”

“Today I understand, no matter who is the reason, I am his Master. If I accept it, I must teach it. If I can’t teach it, it’s my fault. I have to admit it.”

Hearing these words, Luther was deeply moved.

It’s been very clear about since before, people will change.

Different environments, different ages, and different experiences will make people produce completely different changes.

A friend in junior high school may hook up with you. You think he is bold and enthusiastic.

When you were in high school, you would find him annoying, unclear about the distance, and close to each other.

It’s hard to tell who changed and who did it wrong.

He is not a facial makeup in the literary film and television footage. After most of the portraits, there is no change, but an extremely complex individual.

Who can guarantee that the díscíple you receive will not be the next Guzma?

No one.

Luther has always yearned to be a Teacher, but he is always afraid of that day, that is, he is afraid of teaching the children.

Education is a serious matter, and it has never been sloppy.

This is a special night. Zinnia sat in front of Luther, quietly listening to Luther telling him about all his experiences after embarking on the journey.

These things that were only known to Miya and Adu in the past were told by Luther. Zinnia felt that he was reading a novel, depicting the short but extraordinary years of his Master.

When Luther learned that Mismagius might be out of control because of Booster, she trembled.

When Luther and Miya met, looking at the smile on his face, Zinnia also showed a happy smile, and said that his mother was really attractive.

Karen’s madness and Nerium’s sadness made her clenched her fists.

“Master, did you kill someone?” Zinnia’s voice trembled.

“People die because of me, so to speak.”

Luther’s voice was very calm. He rarely mentioned the bloody night. This was the fiercest resistance he came to this World.

Touched in the darkness and unable to protect himself, he chose a path that few people can understand. Although his friends did not agree, they understood and helped him.

This is not something that can be shared easily, until now Luther buried him deeply in his heart and removed him from his good life now.

However, what Hala said today made me understand something.

Treat yourself first.

Luther doesn’t know how to be a teacher of others. He hasn’t learned it, so he can only use the most stupid way to teach it through his own experience.

Did he make a mistake?


Hala tried to save Guzma’s conscience by committing himself.

Luther uses itself as a benchmark to provide Zinnia with a reference standard.

This is a process of reviewing herself. Luther tried to analyze her inner thoughts when making some decisions for Zinnia and encouraged her to talk about her views.

At first Zinnia didn’t know and didn’t want to comment on Luther’s decision. However, with Luther’s continuous encouragement, she began to express her views.

This is a process of mutual understanding. The clumsy Luther and the ignorant Zinnia, the two idiots master and disciple are working hard and moving forward together.

Lusamine had come to eavesdrop for a while, and when Luther mentioned her past Black experience, she couldn’t hide the surprise on her face.

But seeing Luther’s calmness turned his surprise into admiration.

Seeing Zinnia thinking hard and asking questions, Lusamine felt she was really happy.

She probably still doesn’t know what kind of ideological struggle her Teacher has made, and she chose this kind of heart-to-heart method to teach her.

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