Pokemon’s Fifth Elite Chapter 701


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The heart-to-heart meeting lasted for two days. Zinnia at first didn’t know how to respond, expressing what he thought, but gradually was able to keep up with Luther’s thinking over time.

Lusamine asked Lillie to listen in midway, and Luther acquiesced.

The second half is mostly happy things, and it doesn’t have much impact on Lillie.

As this two-day conversation approached the end, Zinnia began to trembling with fear, and she finally couldn’t help but ask after Luther finished talking about her encounter in Hoenn.

“Does the Master want to drive me away?”

Luther froze for a moment, and said with a smile: “Why do you think so, why should I drive you away?”

Knowing that Zinnia was a bit overly sensitive about Hala and Guzma before, he reached out and rubbed Zinnia’s head as usual.

“I used to think about how I should be a qualified Master.”

“I brought you back and taught you what I saw, the skill of battle skill that I understood, protects your growth, and takes you around, is this the Master?”

Zinnia hurriedly replied: “Of course, Steven Senior said, not every Trainer is willing to teach all of his skills, and not everyone is able to impart his Unique Ability to himself. Junior.”

“But you are responsive until now…”

“I want to learn the skill of changing Ability. You can show it to me directly.”

“I also want to have a Pokemon that is as powerful as Jumpluff and affects the opponent’s rhythm. You immediately let Jumpluff and Whismur communicate together…”

“Grandma said that I was lucky. There is rarely such a Master who is willing to take care of me and take me to familiarize myself with everything around me. As long as I want to, I will give it to me…”

Luther smiled and said: “Actually, Cynthia treated me the same way. I want to learn her skills. She never hides and responds to requests.”

Luther has always felt that apart from friends, there is a faintly discernable line between him and Cynthia that leads both parties. Both seem to be masters of the other in some ways, and vice versa.

“I used to read books all the time, and didn’t chew them carefully. Now I understand that what I do is only the part of the ‘teacher’, teaching you knowledge and teaching you how to use it.”

“And the part of the’father’, I have rarely talked about it in depth, and the Guzma incident has made me wake up.”

“Do you know why I am talking about my journey?”

Zinnia shook his head, but hesitantly nodded: “Master wants me to follow the same path as you?”

“Wrong, I just use myself as a template for your reference. Everyone is different. It is difficult to follow the same path as others.”

“You are who you are. Zinnia should be different. You will definitely face choices in various things in the future. At that time, I can no longer provide you with Help.”

“Before making a choice, think about whether you can be worthy of your conscience. Guzma is the negative example.”

“I hope you can be better than me. This is not heavy ardent, but I believe that your hard work and innate talent are my expectations.”

“If you don’t achieve what you originally thought after embarking on the journey, don’t feel depressed, and don’t be afraid to face me, just go home. Perch Isle will always be your home.”

Luther smiled facelessly: “You Master, I was scolded by everyone I know and waited for death. You are my díscíple. What is the worst thing about inheriting the characteristic of mixed eating and waiting for death.”

Lusamine on the side pushed Lillie out of the room, who was moved in tears, and she was deeply moved when she saw Zinnia holding Luther and crying.

Whether Zinnia can surpass Luther, she doesn’t know.

But no matter what happens in the future, as long as Zinnia thinks about the past few days, it is difficult to go astray.

Even more how, Luther will not sit back and watch Zinnia go the wrong way.

To correct the mistake of díscíple is also the meaning of the word “father” in Master.

It’s a pity that Lillie can’t touch Pokemon, and I don’t know how many innate talents there are in Trainer or Breeder, otherwise Lusamine will brazenly ask Luther to try to bring Lillie.

At dinner time, Luther asked Lusamine to help find traces of dragon Pokemon in the Alola Region.

“You don’t need to be too strong, I hope this Pokemon can fit into the Zinnia team perfectly.”

Zinnia at the dinner table was surprised by Luther’s words. She didn’t even know before, and waved her hand again and again, saying that she could gradually become stronger, and then went to find the dragon Pokemon she liked.

“Take it as the Present of the finished apprenticeship, I will send you in advance.” Luther said, “You also know that Master is lazy. If you don’t commission in the future, you don’t know if you will run around the world. Now that you come out If you can meet the right one, I will help you catch it.”

Lusamine naturally responded to such a small request. Relying on the Aether Foundation’s news network, this is easy to do.

“The boat to Ula’ula Island has been arranged. Will you leave later?”

Luther looked at the ones placed on the corner of the table last time, purchased by Greystone and Nerium, mailed to the Present in Arora, and ordered nodded.

“The last time Nanu did a great favor to a few of my friends, I am really sorry to come to Arora this time to personally thank you.”

Lusamine grinned helplessly: “In fact, Nanu might think that it would be better if you don’t go. He is a person who is afraid of trouble and prefers that no one disturbs him.”

“Even if he is dealing with the big test, he is lazy. Few people can figure out whether he is fighting seriously.”

Luther knows what Lusamine said, but what can he do?

Nerium helped myself a lot before, and now the Presents are here, I can’t find someone here to transfer it to Nanu, right?

When I followed the instructions to the police station where Nanu Ula’ula Island was located, it was no accident that Nanu was not there.

A group of over-enthusiasm Meowth dragged Zinnia into the police station. If it weren’t for Darkrai who was beside Luther, Meowth would have come to play with him.

“You go to the shadows for a while, I want to play a cat, too.” Luther said there is nothing to guard against.

Darkrai didn’t have much reaction. Espurr took the initiative to float to Luther, only to find that Luther reached out and hugged an Alora Meowth and started to suck the cat.

Espurr looked at Luther, and then at the Meowth in Luther’s arms, a question mark.

Nanu is really good enough to hide on Ula’ula Island and suck cats. Meowth here is all greasy and slippery, and you know that the usual food is not good.

It’s no wonder he was so reluctant to play against Ash at the time. He was afraid of trouble and had a bunch of cats… Isn’t it beautiful to suck cats when you have time to play?

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