Pokemon’s Fifth Elite Chapter 702


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There is no difference between the entire police station and the cat cafe. There is more than one style of cat cat stick.

Some funny cat sticks are attached to Pidgey pendants, while others are Wishiwashi pendants. No matter which one, it is very lethal to Meowths.

A few Meowths stood in a row in front of them, their eyes followed the cat cat stick to sway their necks, and from time to time extend the hand to pull the cat cat stick. This feeling is very good, and Luther started to conquer a few more cat type Pokemon thought.

In Luther’s arms, Espurr finally felt a lot more comfortable.

The last time I played against Hala, I only drew a tie, and other Pokemon played well… Oh, except for Aggron, he should be unbeaten or undefeated by Luther who was replaced early.

Espurr is also hesitating whether to lose Everstone and evolve directly will be better?

Although you can rely on accumulation to become strong without evolution, it requires more time and energy.

But now it feels great to be caught by Luther with one hand. Espurr’s thoughts were dispelled at once, not to mention that Luther likes to use his hands to ball her into a ball. RUA is happy.

In the corner of the table, Luther caught a glimpse of a tube of catnip, which Nanu probably used to suck cats.

Looking at Espurr who was still snoring in his arms, Luther thought carefully.

Hold the small tube of catnip in your hand, lightly pour out a little.

“Espurr, open your mouth.”

Espurr made an “Ah” sound obediently. She thought Luther was going to give her something delicious.

Luther quickly fed the catnip into Espurr’s mouth. While she was chewing, Luther put the catnip tube in front of Espurr’s nose.

With the two-pronged approach, Espurr quickly became dizzy, his little hand continuously pulled Luther’s sleeve, his tongue stretched out, and he kept licking Luther’s palm.

As soon as the sucking Espurr was put on the ground by Luther, he rolled back and forth, and when he heard Luther’s voice, he turned his belly over to Luther. The little hand hooked Luther like a lucky cat, revealing the matte and tenderness hidden under the fur Pink tender meat balls.

Espurr, incarnate as a weird one, felt as if lying on a bunch of extremely soft cotton under the stimulation of catnip, covered in light as a feather, surrounded by the sounds of Luther and Miya, making her cling to it. Use your hands, feet, and head together to rub the cotton around you.

Luther’s hand touching her stomach made her whole cat groan comfortably, and her little tail swayed back and forth at a speed comparable to a fan. She had no idea that she was being watched by Pokemon in the whole house.

“It’s easy to use, this is a very distinctive catnip on Ula’ula Island. You can take some with you when you go back, and go back to play with the cat as a specialty.”

Nanu, who returned to the police station, saw Luther playing with the cat and sat aside with interest, watching Espurr’s cute reaction together.

Two people who like to play cats and suck cats in this brief moment choose to empty their brains, enjoy Espurr’s hum, and her cute act of emptying her health bars.

“Looking at it this way, it feels good to raise a few Espurr.”

Sure enough, domestic cats don’t smell like wild cats. Nanu glanced at the adopted Meowths and said thoughtfully.

The Meowths immediately responded to Nanu’s empathy with Growl.

“Alright, alright, it’s nothing serious, nothing serious!” Nanu twitched his lips reluctantly, “And there is another cat, it would be nice to adjust it.”

Holding Espurr in her arms, she followed her hair like a child, Zinnia quickly moved the Present purchased by Nerium and Greystone into the police station under Luther’s eyes.

Nanu covered her forehead and said weakly: “I have talked to them a few times. As long as they don’t ask me to help wipe their ass after poking out the basket, I will thank them. Present and so on is completely unnecessary. “

“When a few Old Guys also gave me the Present, I said that. Now the little girl from Nerium is also here, and the old fart from Greystone is also here.”

“Say okay first, Present, I will accept it, but if there is anything, I won’t help.” Nanu gritted his teeth, tried to put a gesture of refusal to bargain, and said firmly.

“I have not been an Interpol for several years, and I came to Alola to enjoy a life in retirement. As a result, a phone call came and begged me to go back and temporarily control the situation, so I had to put aside the island affairs and go back…”


“What is this…” Nanu sighed deeply.

“Nanu Senior, don’t worry, this time I am really grateful for your help last time and stabilize the situation. They sent the Present specially.” Luther explained.

Seeing Meowth pushing the Present into the back room, Nanu waved his hand: “That’s good, but…”

“You are coming to Ula’ula Island this time. If you still want to challenge my mind, then let it go as soon as possible.” Nanu said, “I’m lazy, I don’t want to go out of style, you have even played Hala, there is no need to come Play with me.”

“The information about the match that day was blocked, how did Senior know?” Luther was curious.

“Hala told a few of us after losing the game and apologized for what happened to Guzma. He also donated a sum of money to the Aether Foundation to protect Pokemon and the young Trainer. “

“But I don’t know what is good about Hala’s shit díscíple, let him pay like that.” Nanu changed the front, “Anyway, don’t bully Hala and want to take the opportunity to sign with me, I’m very busy!”

“But I think you are better than Hala Senior.”

Luther really thinks so.

Nanu stared wide-eyed: “You can’t say that, and you’re not allowed to say that. If this is heard by Hala’s followers, someone will bother me again.”

I have to say, Nanu’s temperament really has Luther’s appetite.

Everyone is afraid of trouble and likes to be lazy. When two people with similar styles meet, the chat is full of lazily.

Although Nanu and Giovanni are old friends, and as a former Interpol, he has been silent about Team Rocket, which is somewhat subtle.

But Luther doesn’t think that Nanu has a problem because of this. It is his own business to make friends and attitudes, even more how he is not Interpol now, and there is no dereliction of duty.

Only after Giovanni and Team Rocket have done something extraordinary, can you see Nanu’s own position.

However, Luther always feels that when the time comes, Nanu will choose to stand by Alliance and Interpol. After all, people who are afraid of trouble will often choose a relaxed approach.

“Ula’ula Island is very big and there are many interesting places. If you want to play, you can just play it. If you want a guide, I will call Arcerola with you. She takes care of the little child in the Marie Library. Have time.”

Nanu yawned while holding Kendama, “Although Guzma was broken by you, there are still some skeletons in the town of Skeletons.”

“Originally, I wanted to deal with it myself, but since you are here, let’s go.”

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