Pokemon’s Fifth Elite Chapter 703


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After all, it is the Island kahuna of Ula’ula Island. No matter how sloppy, the whole island can’t hide from Nanu’s eyes.

In the past, Fudo Guzma was probably selling Hala for the most part, but the Skeleton Team didn’t need to look at anyone’s face.

Many of Ula’ula Island’s Skeleton Team are in the hands of Nanu. I don’t know why Guzma has to move under Nanu’s eyelids all the time. Does it really feel that Nanu is lazy, so I give it away How many people do not matter?

Look for Arcerola to find nearby insects. The grass two-line Pokemon is not in a hurry. Since Nanu has said so, Luther decided to go to the Skeleton Team base camp in Po Town first to find a home.

However, Nanu directly pulled Acero over and forced it to Luther.

“I heard that there are a lot of Ghost Type Pokemon near the abandoned Shady House in Po Town. Don’t you like Ghost Type Pokemon? Let’s go play with Luther.”

To tell you the truth, Nanu’s move seemed like she was getting rid of a troublesome baggage.

“Nanu Uncle wants Slack Off again, right? You have played several times this month and disappeared. The Trainer of the big test can’t find you, and can’t even squat for you.”

Acerola stared at Nanu and felt guilty.

“Nothing, I just think you will be bored in the library all day long. It is good for your health to go out and walk.”

“In this case, I took your kendama away. If you do the big test pigeon again, I will stay outside for a few more days.” Acerola said he was going to get the one on the table. Kendama.

Nanu took the lead, and directed Meowth to hold the sword jade, ran back to her side, and then pushed Acerola and Luther out.

“I wish you all have fun, have a good time.”

Looking at the closed door of the police station, Luther felt helpless. Just as he wanted to introduce himself further with Acerola, Nanu poked his head out.

“Boy, I will inform the police nearby to take over the skeletal fish after the battle. As for what is inside, I will not see it.”

paused, Nanu said to Acerola again: “When you see good things, pick them up by yourself, don’t be polite with Luther.”

Nanu closed the door again. Luther waited for a while, but instead of waiting for Nanu to ask him again, he looked towards Acerola beside him.

Acerola also looked at Luther and Zinnia with a smile.

“Luther Senior is the one in Nanu Uncle’s mouth, who beat Hala grandfather to the fat?”

Nanu, when he heard what he said just now, he thought it was a secret between Island Kahuna, and all the news leaked to Acerola.

Luther decided to walk and said: “Senior is spared, it sounds awkward. In the case of the game, it’s just that I have better luck.”

“But how did Acerola hear that Hala grandfather was beaten by you so that he couldn’t fight back?”

“The little child doesn’t need to know too carefully!” Luther pressed his forehead and quickly pressed the subject, leaving Hala a little face.

At Luther’s words, Arcelola slanted her eyes and raised her mouth slightly.

After walking for a while, Acerola, who was playing with Mimikyu next to her, suddenly became a little curious.

“Luther Senior, you are going to the nearby Malie City, and then rent a mount Pokemon to go to Po Town?”


Acerola suddenly noticed something, tilted her head with Mimikyu and stared at Luther.

“Does Luther Senior have no Pokemon for riding?”

“Yes, yes, but no.”

“Where is Pokemon that can fly?”

Luther stiffened, laughed a few times, and said helplessly: “I really don’t have this.”

Acerola seemed to have found something interesting, Normal, with her hands behind her back, turning around Luther.

“Acerola heard from Nanu Uncle that you are the winner of the Lily of the Valley Conference. Don’t Trainers in Sinnoh Region like flying Pokemon?”

Sorry, I’m ashamed of Sinnoh Region, it’s not that they can’t fly, but I can’t fly!

Luther made up his mind and returned to Perch Isle this time, not to evolve Swablu into Altaria, or to let Silver learn to fly by himself, so he did not leave.

It’s not easy for anyone to come here, it’s too frustrated!

I can finally understand Groudon’s feelings. When the screen was full of barrage mocking him for not flying, Luther was also one of the mockers. Didn’t expect the retribution to be so painful!

Zinnia saw the painful experience of his Master, so he made up his mind that he must not follow in the footsteps of the Master. It is the right way to subdue Pokemon that can take him to fly as soon as possible.

Zinnia thinks this should be what Luther said when she lectured, a lesson from the past.

We rented two Gogoats in Malie City, and under the leadership of Acerola, we headed towards Po Town again.

At the same time, many police officers in Malie City have been signaled by Nanu. When Luther entered the city, they began to assemble and move towards Po Town.

I originally wanted to rent three Gogoats, but Acerola said that she could sit with Zinnia or Luther, so there is no need to spend more money.

Acerola sitting in front of Luther asked Mimikyu curiously: “Is there anything under our feet? Why are you staring down?”

Mimikyu heard the words and stretched out a Shadow Claw from the pokie, and pointed to the ground.

Acerola bent over to look, and saw an eye braving dim-blue rays of light looking at her.

Luther wanted to appreciate the way Acerola was screaming, but she just “hey” and beckoned to Darkrai in the shadow.

“Luther Senior, a Ghost Type Pokemon has entangled us. It is a type I have never seen before.”

Luther sighed and said, “Darkrai, come out and say hello to Mimikyu and Acerola.”

Since the unfathomable mystery has become much stronger in Lillie, Darkrai has changed the coldness of outsiders in the past, and when he saw Acerola, he took the initiative to stretch out his hand to Acerola.

Acerola touched it and asked happily, “This is Luther Senior’s Pokemon?”

Luther nodded: “He is not a Ghost Type, he is a genuine Dark Type Pokemon, and he is also a nightmare guy, nicknamed Nightmare God.”

Darkrai raised his head, as if he had something to say.

Acerola was surprised to hear Darkrai’s voice echoing in her ears.

“Not right.”

Acerola was even more surprised when she heard this calm voice. This was the first time she saw Pokemon that could telepathize.

“Yes, you can already make people dream beautiful now. When we go back, we will catch Cresselia who bullied you. This time, she must learn to make people have nightmares!”

Darkrai was nodded with satisfaction.

The sky was full of stars, and after the surroundings had completely darkened, Luther saw the abandoned mansions in the corner of Po Town from a distance on the hillside.

These mansions were bought by a group of wealthy people in the early years for commuting vacations. After being left unused for some reason, they became the base camp of the Skeleton Team.

“I don’t know what good things the Skeletons have hidden in the mansion over the years.” Luther geared up, “It’s time to copy the house and improve life.”

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