Pokemon’s Fifth Elite Chapter 704


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When the tree falls, the monkeys scatter, this is Luther’s guess on the status quo of the Skeleton team, but the facts will always be extremely unexpected.

Before I came, I thought that the remnants in Nanu’s mouth had already entered the state of dividing the wealth of the team and were ready to run away. However, according to Gardevoir’s perception results, there are still quite a few skeleton team members in the entire abandoned mansion group. activity.

Guzma’s collapse by Luther doesn’t prevent them from continuing to be a gangster.

Maybe their thinking logic is like this. Guzma lost so badly because he provokes people who shouldn’t be offended. As long as they pay attention, it will be fine.

However, Nanu doesn’t think so. Guzma is gone, why should I give you the Skeletons team to continue to be active on their own territory?

And it just so happens that Luther, a free laborer, comes to the door. Let him get it done without delaying himself from sucking the cat Slack Off. It’s just one move, two gains.

The police hidden in the vicinity have long known that this is to cooperate with the Luther operation, and they only need to help keep the skeleton team tight.

In fact, the lead Officer Jenny didn’t understand why Nanu didn’t let herself help, but only took over the prisoners.

But Luther’s heart was clear. There might be some good things collected by the Skeletons in the mansion. If Officer Jenny and the others went in together, it would be reasonable in every circumstance that Luther wouldn’t be able to reach out anymore.

So Nanu gave Luther room for manipulation.

The members of the Skeleton Team wandering not far away have found a suspicious person approaching, and they walked over to inspect the situation.

Luther patted Zinnia on the shoulder: “A ready-made mobile phone training session, go.”

Hearing this, Zinnia took out the Poké Ball and rushed to the two Skeleton team members who came to check the situation.

“Someone is coming in, watch out, watch out!”

Zinnia’s aggressive presence made the opponent alert, and while shouting loudly, they released Ariados, Grimer, and a large group of Zubat.

“Bewear Mimic Hala’s operation that day, give Ariados a hug!”

“Nidorino, use Dig, Sucker Punch Grimer.”

“Whismur, use Hyper Voice to destroy Zubat’s ability to distinguish positions, don’t let them work together.”

Luther admires Zinnia very much. Her learning ability is amazing. She remembers all the operations played by Hala’s Bewear that day, and she tries to find her own way of thinking while playing Mimic.

The length of this Ariados is close to 1.6 m, which is not only above the average, but even has the style of Totem Pokemon. I don’t know how this group of Skeletons got it.

Cross Poison hits Bewear, but it can’t stop Bewear from opening his arms and giving Ariados a “gentle” hug.

The bear hug was very powerful, and Ariados’ body immediately reacted, and his four legs tried to penetrate Bewear’s skin, injecting more toxins into Bewear, making him let go.

However, Zinnia’s Bewear has a surprising feature. The fur is thicker than ordinary Bewear.

Don’t talk about piercing Bewear’s skin, even the breakthrough fur can’t be used because of the great power of Bewear.

Nidorino’s Quick Dig is under Luther’s Pupitar.

Pupitar is now caught in the “bad habit” of treasure hunting, and as long as he doesn’t make a hole to play, he feels uneasy.

Because Luther ordered the hole to be filled, Pupitar continued to study the Dig technique in order to improve efficiency and put it into the battle application.

Nidorino, who is chaotically behind Pupitar, is naturally following. This Dig speed, this heroic figure that broke the ground… At first glance, we know that the land of Perch Isle will be bad luck in the future.

Zubat was completely mad. They were so dizzy by Hyper Voice that they couldn’t distinguish the direction. Zubat fluttered all over the sky, fluttering its wings, making a shrill sound, and mixed into a kind of infiltration. The Naruto Growl.

Zinnia, who disliked this voice, pointed to Zubat and said: “The voice is too small, it can’t be called Hyper Voice yet, do it again!”

Whismur took a deep breath, and the deafening sound resounded through the entire group of abandoned mansions, shaking Bewear’s hands trembling, and he couldn’t control his strength, and directly stunned Ariados.

Nidorino was so scared that Dig hid under Ground.

Leafage fell, the gravel on Ground was shaking continuously, and Officer Jenny, who was hiding in the vicinity, was frightened and fell to the ground.

Zinnia covered her ears and exclaimed, “Okay, very energetic!”

Acerola also covered her ears. She smiled and said to Luther: “I think Zinnia is more energetic.”

Of course I am energetic.

In Perch Isle, it was Clarice’s sandbags, and the skipping grades to challenge Clarice were hit in disorder.

In the first battle at Alora, it was comparable to Kiawe, but was suppressed after Kiawe adjusted the battle mentality.

Zinnia has never had a normal gaming experience, and has always leapfrogged to fight monsters.

This time the battle with the Skeleton Team was the first time Zinnia enjoyed the pleasure of abusing food.

The members of the Skeleton Team who were disturbed by the Hyper Voice and the sirens showed up from the ruined mansion and took out Poké Ball to join the battle.

A seal fell down with a wave of the bear’s paw from Bewear…Oh, I’m wrong. Although it is very round, this is a Voltorb.

Nidorino rampaged through the dense Pokemon, wantonly venting the depression of until now, and enjoying the pleasure brought by this power.

Whismur became addicted, holding a Pokemon and yelling in his ear, until he made the Pokemon dizzy.

Acerola at first wanted her Mimikyu to help Zinnia, but Luther pressed her down.

“Let Zinnia enjoy it first, she has never enjoyed such a positive positive foul, and she is not satisfied yet.”

Zinnia speaks extremely fast, constantly sending instructions to the three Pokemons, and there is no fear in the Pokemon encirclement of the Skeletons.

Her heartbeat is extremely fast, and her adrenaline secretion has reached the extreme, giving her a brand new experience of fighting.

“It turns out that this is the sense of satisfaction and accomplishment that Master said. I have never won or experienced it before. This is really great!”

“Not enough…not enough!” Zinnia followed Bewear’s steps and actively charged towards the dense Pokemon area.

“too weak, haven’t you eaten yet, take some strength to fight!” Zinnia yelled excitedly.

“Beat Bewear, have you studied hard?”

“Use sound to deal with Whismur? Whismur, let them know what is sound Ability!”

The “hong” Hyper Voice sounded again. This time even the Skeletons were dizzy by the sound.

Zinnia, who knew he was also affected, smiled happily.

The policemen onlookers trembled.

What did they see?

Is this child actually blasting the Skeleton Team alone, and still laughing wildly?

Luther turned off Zinnia’s suppressor. The abandoned mansion tonight is Zinnia’s stage. She can relax and vent.

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