Pokemon’s Fifth Elite Chapter 706


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“move a bit faster, let your Pokemon be quick and easy!”

“The trash above won’t last long. If you still want to run away, hurry up!”

Baker’s subordinates in command of the Skeleton Team hurriedly moved out the contents of the dark room in the basement, while he was demolishing the once dark wall.

Baker was not on Melemele Island at the time and did not participate in provoking Luther. After he was notified that Guzma had collapsed, some time had passed.

He didn’t not content with to let the Skulls and Bones team fall apart. Instead, he organized the remaining members to gather and start the election of the new leader.

Without Bull’s beautiful suppression, he succeeded in the upper ranks, and as a result, someone killed him before his butt was hot.

If it is a policeman, Baker can use the conditions of arrest to play word games with the police, but it is an unreasonable person who comes up and fights without any thoughts.

I can’t win. Although I only saw a young girl playing against her men, the scene was completely one-sided.

This imposing manner like entering no one makes Baker terrified, and he can’t help but think of Guzma’s end.

cracking a joke, he is the boss just to be cool, and he enjoys the pleasure of controlling a group of people, but he is not responsible for this group of people.

Bad luck before enjoying, why?

Baker didn’t have the idea of ​​personally directing the Skeleton Team to take on the battle. It is true that letting the group of cannon fodder attract attention and running safely by himself.

The two wooden doors in the basement shattered into sawdust. When the sawdust was still splashing in the air, someone recognized Luther through the dim light.

“It is him, it is he who defeated the boss of Guzma!”

One sentence surprised the busy eight-nine, watching Luther walking into the basement with Acerola’s hand, as if he had seen a ghost.

The nearest tunnel is two rooms away from here, and Luther has blocked up ahead.

“Nowhere to run, let’s fight!” Baker decided to encourage everyone to take action together.

However, no one moved, the members of the Skeleton Team raised their hands tacitly, released the Poké Ball in their hands, and then slowly squatted down, not daring to raise their heads.

“Did you say you want to fight?”

Baker suddenly found that on his side, he was the only one still pestering like a piece of wood.

Darkrai and Gardevoir were very dissatisfied that their deterrence had not been able to overwhelm everyone. They were about to get in touch with Baker. Baker threw Poké Ball away and joined the head-holding squatting army.

“Darkrai, give them a nightmare package.” Without time to pay attention to these people, Luther chose to hand it over to Officer Jenny.

Bypassing the fallen skeleton team members, Luther began to inspect the various objects that fell on Ground.

“A lot of Poké Balls, are there Pokemon in them?”

Acerola casually pushed a Poké Ball open, and a Glameow came out, staring blankly all around.

“Either the Skeletons conquered it in the wild, or they didn’t know where to grab it.” Luther took a look and told Gardevoir to gather all the Poké Balls first.

“Really, Glameow seems to have no response to the people here, but is very affectionate to Acerola.” Acerola lifted up the cat excitedly.

Luther drew out the pockets of these people and uncovered the belongings stuffed into their pockets when they fled.

I thought it would be fine to have some paper money, but when Luther took out a gleaming, thumb-sized gem, he had a different view.

I took out the pockets of several people in a row, and they all gained something, either strange-shaped gems or small particles of gold.

When Arcelola picked up a few Pearls on the ground, and Gardevoir found a dimly colored and not so pure gold behind a half-covered dark wall, Luther was dumbfounded.

“The Skeleton Team robbed the vault?”

“Acerola has never heard that Arora has a bank, a gem merchant, or a vault being robbed.” Acerola asked Gardevoir to pull the candle light over and looked at the big brick seriously. Gold.

“This color seems to have been buried in the soil for too long, or soaked in sea water” Acerola tried to use book knowledge to judge, “The Sea Territory nearby had a lot of The record of the shipwreck may have been salvaged by the Skeleton Team.”

Walk in through the dark wall used by the Skeletons to hide things. The inside is stuffy because of the lack of air circulation.

Gardevoir said that when she went in just now, the gold bricks fell on the doorway.

Other objects in the room behind the dark wall may be of low value or too heavy. The members of the Skeleton Team did not choose to carry them first.

But they don’t need to carry it anymore.

The box that was knocked open by the Skeleton Team, the bottom layer is like hay used to cushion the goods, but because of the passage of time, it has already become a powder, and the goods inside are also wrapped by these powders.

But it doesn’t matter, Luther doesn’t care, he believes those who like gold don’t care.

Luther was fascinated by golden-bright and dazzling, one after another, pieces of gold.

Damn, is this heaven?

I don’t know why. Some of the gold shapes are golden beans, some are golden bricks, and some are simply not in specific shapes, and the boxes are full.

Similar to what Acerola said, but people who were not from the Skeleton team found these sunken objects, which are likely to be the treasures left by the previous owners of this mansion.

The secret room behind the dark wall was full of dust. Just walking a few steps, the dust rose up in front of my eyes.

There were two nailed wooden boxes, both about the same size as Azumarill. The baffle used to encapsulate them was already very crisp. Luther reached out and squeezed it, and he was able to rub off a lot of wood chips.

It’s not like the Skeletons salvaged them, and their performance is even less like they knew there was treasure here.

If I had known it long ago, Guzma would have taken it out for a carnival.

Wake Baker from the nightmare. Before Luther could speak, he begged for mercy continuously. There is no such thing as spine.

When asked about the contents of the secret room behind the dark wall, Baker’s words relieved Luther’s doubts.

This mansion has been a stronghold for the Skeleton Team for some time, because the Skeleton Team is often scattered activities, so it is only used as a place to stay, without careful exploration.

It’s also a coincidence that half of the brick was broken in the wall of the dark room that was in disrepair in the afternoon. Driven by curiosity, they entered it and opened a box.

The dream of replacing the gold with cash and reorganizing the Skulls team hadn’t been more than two hours before Luther hit the door.

“Don’t let me…” Baker didn’t want to have nightmares anymore, but Darkrai didn’t care about so much. Luther took a deep breath as he fell on his knees and twitched.

Even if Acerola was by his side, his expression could not be controlled, and the corners of his mouth kept grinning and twitching.

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