Pokemon’s Fifth Elite Chapter 707


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Another box was opened. This box contained some wooden crafts. After being soaked in seawater and placed for a long time, there are already some signs of corrosion. Even if it is sold as a cultural relic, it has no value.

Knocking around in the dark room, Luther hopes that he can gain something.

Acerola threw the gems and golden beans picked up from the Skeleton Team members into the wooden box, and stood aside obediently.

“Isn’t there something you like?” Luther asked Gardevoir and Darkrai to explore, “I asked you to be polite before Nanu came.”

“Nanu Uncle is just to tease you and me, and the Skeletons can have a great collection. The biggest goal is to throw me into you and sneak out of Slack Off by yourself.”

“But he didn’t expect, we really got something here.” Luther slightly smiled, turning around and stuffing the two shining gems in the wooden box into Acerola’s hands.

“On Ula’ula Island, giving a girl such a precious Present, it means to propose.”

Luther absolutely didn’t expect that he would be choked by a teenage child.

Seeing herself coughing, Arcelola walked over and patted him on the back.

“Oh oh oh, is it because of such a big reaction that Acerola was right?”

I underestimated the child’s precociousness. I thought she was a kind of calm and playful. Isn’t the damn animation not comprehensive in characterization? Now I am caught off guard! ,

Darkrai and Gardevoir both stopped, tilted their heads, thinking about something.

“Help to find out if there is a dark wall, dark grid, we don’t have much time, they will lead the team in later, Officer Jenny.”

“Is this the so-called diversion?”

“Acerola!” Luther cried weakly.

“Okay, well, let Mimikyu come to help.” Acerola said with a smile, “Tell you a secret, my Mimikyu is the ghost of genuine, look for the dark wall and so on, you should It will be easy.”

Darkrai and Gardevoir finally understand why they think Mimikyu is weird.

From the first meeting, he found that the shape of this Mimikyu was more erratic than Ghost Type Pokemon, and it was sometimes difficult for him to feel that Mimikyu was there.

at first thought it was an illusion, now I have an answer.

Just as Swablu staying on Ground flew down to convey the news that the battle was about to die down, Luther, who was looking for nothing, suddenly discovered an abnormality.

He lightly tapped the stone bricks under his feet, and Acerola felt something and learned Luther’s movements.

“This is hollow.”

Luther tone barely fell, Arcelora let Mimikyu sink into Ground.

When Mimikyu probed out again, the two Shadow Claws protruding under the rags danced quickly and floated in excitement.

Gardevoir and Darkrai used Mental Force to directly open the floor tiles, and a dark stone ladder appeared in front of them.

Darkrai and Luther looked at each other, and took the lead to float down. After making sure that there was no danger and enough oxygen, they beckoned to Luther.

When Darkrai’s Flash illuminates this secret basement, Luther and Acerola saw the six wooden boxes placed in the corner, exactly the same as the shape of the upper floor.

Apart from this, there is nothing else in this basement.

Luther impatient asked Gardevoir to pry one away.

The box is occupied by a bright, angular, unpolished stone.

“My God… is such a big piece, is it jade?”

The texture of the water azure has a few faint ink lines on the shallow ground. The milk-white marks flow along the surface of the jade along with these ink lines, like a semifinished product ink painting.

Luther doesn’t understand jade, but it feels warm and moist to the touch. This jade should be no different.

Then two boxes of Pearl, both of them tarnished due to the passage of time, appeared in a row. Acerola looked for it with a pity, but when she found that some Pearl had turned into powder at the first touch, she stopped.

There is also a box that seems to contain some precious porcelain. However, it is not known whether it is due to improper storage or due to the strength of the storage. It has been broken into dross and has no repair value.

Until the fifth box, Luther and Acerola had another surprise harvest, and their vision was shining with golden light.

Different from the box of golden beans, golden sands, and golden bricks in the chaotic miscellaneous package above, this box of gold bars with one water, although the purity after smelting is a little poor, but no matter what, it is all gold!

When they saw the sixth box, Luther and Acerola couldn’t calm down.

This gem is between the deep blue and sea-blue color. Under the shining of Darkrai’s Flash, the gem flashes with fine light, like stars shining in the dark night sky.

It’s about thirty centimeters long and five centimeters thick. The cut surface is exquisite and polished. There is only such a gem in a large box that shows how much the previous owner attaches to him.

“I seemed to have heard that one of the previous owners of this mansion was a very wealthy businessman. However, it is said that he disappeared after going out to sea and his mansion changed hands several times. The repairs have survived until now.”

For so many years, no one of the owners has repaired the basement. They just used it as a simple storage room, making this amazing treasure always hidden underground.

Luther felt like he was going crazy. He never thought that the scene of the treasure hunter yearn for something even in dreams would be found on him.

I finally understand why the treasure hunters I’ve seen before will attack me. In their opinion, what they Snatch is this kind of opportunity to get rich overnight!

“I feel like I can pay off the debt?” Luther’s tone was trembling. He still feels unreal as he rubs the gold bars and gems.

“Acerola, let Mimikyu drill into the ground again?”

Luther thinks his tone must be greedy, but he doesn’t care, whoever changes it, everyone is greedy!

Not only Luther and Acerola were shocked by these treasures, but Gardevoir, Darkrai, Mimikyu, and Swablu were all dumbfounded.

At this moment, I heard Luther’s words, and I wanted to give the ground to the plow again, looking for gifts from the predecessors.

Just do it. When Zinnia levelled the people on Ground and ran down to find Luther, she was surprised to find that all the bricks in the entire basement had been lifted, and the walls had been hit with several gaps, revealing Soil layer.

A piece of unprocessed jade, two boxes of gold bars that are slightly impure after smelting, and a gold bar with some impurities, and a breathtakingly beautiful deep blue gem is Luther’s final harvest.

“Master…this is, this is…” Zinnia stammered, “We got rich?”

Luther took a deep breath, but couldn’t restrain his inner excitement, and said tremblingly: “Your mother’s aura is too strong, I have been affected in Alora.”

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