Pokemon’s Fifth Elite Chapter 761


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Luther’s plan was to quietly see what everyone was doing when he was away, but he was not lucky today.

Perch Isle is so big, how could it just hit Lucian?

The good mood of the day ended when I saw Lucian.

Lucian, who was training with Bronzong and Espeon, saw Luther and took out his mobile phone to send a message. He didn’t give Luther any time to stop, as if he knew Luther’s plan.

Nie Yuan, definitely Nie Yuan, heaven knows why the Elite I met when I first came to this World is this guy, but this kind of person has become my friend.

It’s definitely intentional. Guessing Luther’s plan will make you unable to play.

“Why haven’t you been beaten to death before you became an Elite Four!”

Luther gnashing teeth, but Lucian whistled.

“Probably I am stronger.”

The thickness of the skin is comparable to Bronzong. If you knock it, you can still hear the sound of the bell.

The plan was disrupted, and Luther had to ask Bewear of Zinnia to find other Pokemon to help carry the three boxes of Harbor home.

Lucian also saw Acerola and said jokingly: “I knew you would definitely bring someone back this time.”

Privately, people on the island even began to speculate that Luther picked up a man or a woman this time.

“We’ll introduce you when everyone gets together.” Luther finished speaking uncomfortably, but turned around to introduce Lucian to Arcelola. “This person is called Lucian, Sinnoh Psychic Type Elite. It’s okay to spend less time with him, so as not to be caught He took it badly.”

Acerola had already heard from the conversation between the two that Luther and Lucian seemed to be in a good relationship, although they were mutually detrimental, so they were just laughed and politely nodded to Lucian.

On the way back to Cynthia’s villa, Luther asked, “How did you handle Kant?”

“The man is in jail and he hasn’t been sentenced yet, but depending on what he does, don’t think of it for three or five years.”

Luther was just un’ed, so he didn’t continue to ask. His promise to Black Luga was fulfilled a long time ago, and now he just ended his depression.

Lucian is still very relieved to take action. According to Greystone, who has worked with Lucian, after teaming up to catch the bloggers, it is not Greystone who hated gnash the teeth and killed them half-life.

Instead, squatting on the side, eccentric Lucian, he saw Lucian vomiting blood from an injured person, and his face turned purple.

Lucian’s capable bastard is simply a nightmare for the wicked. If you can’t beat him, don’t tell me, you may get angry with him if you chat with him.

Even if you ignore him, he can still be a demon by your side, making you angry.

Luther felt it necessary to review his criteria for choosing friends.

Miya’s Deerling saw Luther and happily jumped over. He just slapped Luther and ran away happily. That direction was where Cynthia Villa was located.

On the cobblestone path, Luther also saw Mira’s old Executive Slowking. He walked slowly and slowly. When he saw Luther come back, he pulled out his hand behind his back and waved to Luther.

Mira’s Scizor carried a piece of log expression and hurriedly flashed past Luther, like a red lightning.

The lightning went back and forth, stared at Luther for a while, dropped the log and moved quickly in one direction, looking for Mira.

Courtney’s Mightyena stayed under the tree, waiting for Miya’s colorful butterfly to pick herself fruit.

Bertha’s Rhyperior lay on his back on the grass, snoring loudly, basking in the sunlight from the Leafage.

The rare thing about hunting swallowtail butterflies did not pester Alcremie, but hurriedly left behind a few Cutiefly.

Looking at the direction where Cutiefly was leaving, Luther knew that the Pokemon who had returned from Alora had been placed in a suitable position by Miya and started his life in Perch Isle.

Sure enough, Delcatty and Glameow of the coffee house team are playing with Chikorita and the others.

Seeing Luther coming home, Chikorita took the lead. Vine Whip flicked, hooked Arcanine, and flew into Luther’s arms.

“You are using Vine Whip more and more skillfully.” Luther smiled and grabbed the leaf on Chikorita’s head, poking her cheek.

Chikorita didn’t resist, and buried her head in Luther’s arms and nudged hard.

Glameow and Delcatty wanted to jump up, but the door of the house was already near, and Luther hugged Chikorita and got out of the car.

Acerola looked at the luxurious villa in front of her in surprise, and then glanced at the outline of the gray castle not far away. Her small fox-like mouths were about to close.

Although Zinnia has told herself that the people living on the island are basically trainers who are not bad money and strong, but after seeing it, she will inevitably be overwhelmed by emotions.

Miya, who was torn out by Deerling, was still a bit unclear, so after seeing Luther, Miya immediately hugged him.

Zinnia introduced: “Here, this is the teacher.”

“The one who yawns afterwards will not be…”

“Oh, Sinnoh’s current champion Cynthia.” Zinnia lightly introduced and ran to the side, grabbing Gastrodon watching the excitement and rubbing it.

Gastrodon’s body is very soft, so it is loved by Zinnia.

One of her entertainment projects when she was on the island was rubbing Gastrodon’s head. Now she is going home naturally to relive this feeling.

Acerola was stunned. She met Cynthia on posters and publicity.

To highlight a capable, handsome, and full oppression, it is simply a model of Trainer.

The one who slept until noon in front of me, looked lazy, and the person with golden hair in circles was Cynthia?

No wonder Luther told himself on the boat that Cynthia is a very lazy guy in daily life, and will subvert his impression of her, and it is really subversive.

Miya was making honey cream fruit cake. Zinnia just got up and squatted in the kitchen waiting to eat. As a result, Deerling rushed in and pulled Miya’s clothes and left.

After chasing it out to see what happened to Deerling, it turned out to be a piece of dog food.

Seeing Luther and Miya cuddling and talking sweetly there, Cynthia felt that her good day was over from seeing the dog food.

“I haven’t seen you in a few months, I don’t know how to get married.” Lucian stood next to Cynthia and commented, “When can you do this?”

Cynthia thinks it’s not the right time to get up. It’s only noon, and I should go to bed again.

You see, this is the Punishment of Early Bird. Not only did I get dog food, but I was also tortured by Lucian.

Sure enough, Early Bird is harmful to health, and it is easy to be foolish for a day.

“Why does the Sinnoh Elite Four have someone like you?” Cynthia was puzzled.

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