Pokemon’s Fifth Elite Chapter 764


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Ron walked out of the Conference Hall, instead of letting his assistants follow him, he left alone.

Ron has been in the Sinnoh Alliance for seventeen years, and the official Lily of the Valley Conference committee chairman has also been for fourteen years.

Seventh Tournament, with countless players, he has seen all kinds of people amaze the world with a single brilliant feat on this stage, or fail.

Competitors of all colors gathered on the stage of the Lily of the Valley Conference to attack the position of the strongest Trainer in the Sinnoh Region. Win or lose, and eventually a new life and journey will begin.

Ron feels like a witness. He seems to have witnessed the beginning of a new era.

Trainer was not a glamorous career when he became the chairman of the tournament committee, and it has not been a stable career so far.

In the early days, only children were interested in the identity of Trainer, because it allowed them to get praise and praise from peers.

When they are a little older, their desire for the outside world will make them keen to explore, and the urge to walk this World with Pokemon continues to encourage them to move forward.

In the eyes of parents, this is not interesting.

Nova’s family inherited the craftsmanship of gardening, he did not worry about food and clothing, and was relatively wealthy.

Nova’s parents strongly opposed Nova’s move to become Trainer. Not only did they think that Nova was wasting his gardening talent, but they also felt that Nova was doing something irresponsible for his future.

And it turns out that Nova’s parents’ concerns are not unreasonable.

Trainer is a dream-seeking profession, he is not much different from the professional e-sports players Luther has seen in his previous life.

The desire to prove that oneself is the strongest is a dream. It is only an honor for countless people to go forward, but the children who fell down the road cannot see it.

So commercialization began. Sinnoh Alliance used commercialized resources to continuously invest, and the powerful Trainer could obtain more and more things, which finally blossomed in the year Cynthia became the champion.

Ron and Alliance witnessed Cynthia becoming a symbol, the money and blood that continuously flowed into the market and fed back to the entire Sinnoh Region.

Strong, dominant, beautiful, yet approachable and not arrogant.

That year Ron witnessed the birth of a history, the youngest ever Sinnoh Region champion, who was undefeated as the champion.

That year, Trainer’s thoughts that it was not the right way gradually peeled off, not only Sinnoh, Hoenn, Unova, Kalos, Kanto also.

It seems to be Normal. After the commercialization began, the most dominant champion ever emerged in each Region, as if it were a grand arms race.

Your family has Cynthia, my family has Adu, and their family has Steven.

Countless people realize that something is gradually changing, but it cannot be described well.

Ron knows that this is a sign of the advent of a new era, and this may be the best era for Trainers.

The more and more ornamental battles, the more powerful Trainer and Pokemon, are the beginning of this era.

These are not important anymore, Ron’s evaluation is the same as Susan’s.

Luther is a kind person and a nostalgic person.

So he will give Mira Courtney a chance to wipe out the lava and Team Aqua with hatred, will wipe out Mob, and risk the danger in the hotel to rescue the top of Sinnoh.

His starting point was never to be in the upper echelons, nor to be famous. This can be seen by keeping a low profile after the conference.

He didn’t use his life-saving grace to make the Sinnoh executives difficult, but he just bought an island and said he wanted to settle down.

An island has spent all the life-saving graces, but the high-level anxiety about the human debts has also impressed the high-levels with Luther’s sensibility and won more rewards for Luther.

Ron didn’t understand Luther’s dedication to his own land. Investigating Luther’s past did not reveal any clues. It can only be regarded as Luther’s character.

Luther did not join the Sinnoh Alliance, but because of the inexplicable connection between the island and the Sinnoh Alliance.

How Ron hopes that Luther will join the Sinnoh Alliance and shine the whole Sinnoh like Cynthia, but Luther is not willing.

Since you are not willing, let’s maintain this friendship.

Every Alliance wins over outstanding Trainers, how can Sinnoh Alliance lag behind?

In the early morning of 2nd day, Lily of the Valley Island’s boat heading to Perch Isle was filled with Presents of various colors, several of which were very conspicuous.

Ron bathed in the sea breeze shook his head and sighed: “I hope Luther will act lightly. The old bastard really don’t know how to be compassionate.”

“Luther, Luther, this last commission is easy to handle, but it’s also difficult.”

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