Pokemon’s Fifth Elite Chapter 768


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Luther’s life calmed down with Ron’s departure. It was no longer a hurry to return to the island and leave in a hurry.

Although the disputes between Luther and Ron are circumspect, no one knows what happened on the viewing platform of Perch Isle that day.

Those people who are greedy by Perch Isle, but because Luther is so tightly managed, seem to see a great opportunity.

The last time they saw small gains and forgot their righteousness, they did a major event and after the collapse of the Alliance, they chose to fight for themselves, adhering to the basic principle that whoever can bite the mouth is whoever, people continue to lobby Alliance, suggesting to re Consider the ownership of Perch Isle.

Someone even turned on the report mode.

It is said that Luther opened up wasteland in Perch Isle to destroy the environment.

It is said that Luther’s wanton cultivation has led to poor living conditions for Pokemon on the island.

Some people even accused Luther of making Cynthia more lazy.

Ron looked at the letters accusing Luther and was overjoyed.

Alliance executives even jokingly said in internal meetings, is it possible that Luther’s Perch Isle is gone, can they get it?

The entrusted Luther has become the Trump Card to solve a tricky incident, and Perch Isle is now a gathering place for champions, Elite and even potential Trainers.

If you don’t have a big problem, you will choose to stand on Luther’s side.

So these letters were only opened for a few and they were all delivered to Ron.

It’s not just a high-level rise up, but also a special sentence “shit it’s not clear” on an envelope.

As for these letters, their final destiny is to turn into fly ash in the flames.

On Perch Isle, Luther finally has time to calm down and slowly participate in the construction of the island, and finally can free up time to better educate Zinnia and Acerola.

Luther summoned the Ghost Type Pokemon everyone had, and solemnly introduced Acerola to them.

Dusknoir, three Gengars, three Misdreavus, Mismagius, Diantha’s Gourgeist left on the island, and Cynthia’s contribution to the emergence of Spiritomb.

This is the first time Acerola has seen so many Ghost Type Pokemon gathered. She has only one Shuppet that she has officially conquered. It is still a long way from the Ghost Type master of her dreams.

There are not many Ghost Type Pokemons on Perch Isle. According to the Misdreavus, they have only seen a few Gastly in their active area. Maybe Acerola needs to go out to conquer other Ghost Type Pokemon.

The Ghost Type Pokemon familiar with the island is the 1st Step that Acerola will take, and the Ghost Type Pokemons are also quite cooperative, even enthusiastic.

Dusknoir couldn’t even control the field. Everyone was very excited about the fresh face of Acerola, and they rushed to show their closeness.

Gourgeist and Spiritomb, who doesn’t like to move, stood with Dusknoir, watching the Misdreavus circle around Acerola silently.

We greeted the three Pokemon like a big boss, and Luther rushed to Zinnia again.

Clarice started her Trainer journey after all, and she finally succeeded.

Bertha’s Rhyperior was hit hard for the first time by the combined attacks of the King of Mountain, the evolved Dugtrio, and Steelix.

Bertha, who is amiable to outsiders and very strict with Clarice, gently rubbed Clarice’s head that day, and smiled and praised: “Finally saw an outstanding Ground Type Trainer in the shadow, let’s go and find your own way …”

“Then surpass me!”

A few short sentences are the best compliments to Clarice, who persists in until now and continues to attack the desperately powerful opponent.

Luther and Miya didn’t wait too long for the Rookie Trainer set gift certificate. Her host broke through a challenge that seemed impossible to complete and took it away.

Clarice went on a trip, but Zinnia was disappointed that Arola had improved.

She subdued the new Pokemon, constantly honed with others, and improved her battle skill. But after returning home, she realized that her until now rival had already left.

Zinnia was empty, but there was a silhouette blowing bubble gum in front of her eyes.

Courtney dressed in ripped shirt and jeans threw Poké Ball and happily said: “Luther said let me play with you, Zinnia, you have to be prepared.”

Zinnia, who is not afraid of challenges, saw Courtney’s happy expression and suddenly realized that he might be abused again.

But it’s better this time. Luther will be on the sidelines to help record her own battle process, and then analyze it so that she can better review and improve.

“What’s wrong, Mightyena hasn’t used up strength yet, why is your Nidorino running out of strength.”

“Whismur, work harder, your voice Ability can’t even wake up the Eruption camel, it’s terrible.”

Zinnia’s Bewear is not easy at the moment, he is facing Luther’s Azumarill.

His training goal is only one, try to evenly split the strength of the collision with Azumarill.

Bewear at first also felt that I was successful in Alora training, and it was too simple to split the balance. This idea did not last long. In the process of wrestling, Azumarill used his terrifying Strength to overthrow his entire bear…

Jangmo-o’s sparring Pokemon is Chikorita. At this moment, he is struggling to resist Chikorita’s Vine Whip attack.

If you want to ask Chikorita what Ability is best, it must be Vine Whip.

Used for fishing, used to carry objects, used to swing on the swings, Chikorita uses Vine Whip Ability too many places in its daily activities, which also makes Chikorita almost the highest in the use of Vine Whip Ability.

Jangmo-o looked at the tentacles that were constantly whipping down from the top of his head, constantly biting them with sharp teeth, and then tried his best to break through to Chikorita, and took the opportunity to use Ability to complete the counter-kill.

But Chikorita smiled slyly and deliberately gave up the way in front of Jangmo-o instead of using Vine Whip to block it.

Charge with all its strength, like a cannon ejecting the Normal Jangmo-o. The target is directed at Chikorita, intending to smash Chikorita with Sturdy’s body.

But Chikorita’s Vine Whip was wrapped up in midair, wrapped around in layers, eliminating the force of his impact, wrapping him into a big dumpling, and making him a few centimeters in front of Chikorita’s nose impossible to move even a little bit.

Like a normal bomb, Chikorita Vine Whip waved and Jangmo-o was thrown out. After rolling on the ground several times, he returned to the position where he just took off.

Jangmo-o of covered in dirt looked up at Chikorita not far away, snorted unconvinced.

Chikorita doesn’t mind, but arrogantly raised her head and said with a smile: “You’re not doing very well now. You know, I’m the weakest group of Pokemon on the island, even me. Can’t beat, then you have a big problem.”

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