Pokemon’s Fifth Elite Chapter 770


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This is James’ first visit to Perch Isle. He has heard many people discuss this island in Sunyshore City.

Perch Isle on the east side of Lily of the Valley Island is now the settlement of Sinnoh champion Cynthia.

Yes, this is the first impression that most people outside of Perch Isle have and their entire impression of Perch Isle.

They didn’t understand why Cynthia went to live on an uninhabited desert island. The Trainer of Sunnycore City felt that Luther had cheated their champion away.

The rumors have long been flying in the sky, and there are several versions that just float to James’ ears.

It is said that Luther and Cynthia are lovers.

It is also said that Cynthia bought Perch Isle under the guise of Luther.

There are all kinds of strange versions, although there are many loopholes, but everyone just likes to listen, so the news gets more and more endless.

But no matter how the rumors spread, one thing is certain.

Perch Isle must be a very suitable place to live.

Cynthia has high requirements for the quality of life. She lives in Sunnycore City, a highly convenient city, because she can meet her life needs here.

But before going to the island, James and the others heard some bad news.

The news of the discord between Luther and the Sinnoh Alliance spread like wildfire, and the trio couldn’t help but worry about Luther’s situation.

James is the person who wants Luther the least to have problems. In his opinion, Luther is simply the best boss. He has full authority to trust him. He is only responsible for throwing money and checking accounts, changing to other people. Such a large amount of money has not been passed This family’s hand is something that cannot be tolerated.

It’s not just Luther, but also Miya.

James can clearly see that Miya is a savvy person, but she doesn’t comment on her high-risk investment at all. Instead, after having a surplus, she said that she could allocate more funds to them.

Jessie said that the couple Luther and Miya are not suitable for business. So the people below will be evacuated from the family property sooner or later.

Jessie was faintly proud when she said this. After all, her role is the one who will not vacate the Luther family property, but is playing great value instead.

Only James feels that Luther has fulfilled the promise that he said a long time ago that “play with you, I don’t have to ask”.

Several millions are entrusted to him. If he leaves the money, Luther can only do Leer.

Perch Isle Pier, Courtney greeted the trio.

After seeing the trio, she didn’t say much, and silently led the trio through the woods.

The curious James looked left and right, wanting to spread the outside world and get to know the slightly mysterious island.

When I went to the island, there was a big arch three meters high and about five meters wide beside the center of Pokemon. The wood on the arch was carved with a strange word.

“This is only halfway here.”

James paused in front of the arch to be silent for a while before comprehended its meaning.

“It seems that Luther is also a bit ambitious, not just hanging up on the island in a low profile.”

The Berry Tree on both sides of the cobblestone path has begun to bear fruit, and it is impressively red and blue.

In the other fruit forest a little further away, white fruits hang high on the branches.

Just a few dozen steps away, there are several completely different Berry Trees appearing, and they are growing well. This makes James more and more curious about what Luther is building on the island. Is it just a kind of Berry Tree to sell ?

There were a lot of Pokemons traveling through the woods. He even saw a Pokemon that he couldn’t recognize, like a butterfly, holding an oil pen in his hand to mark the trees.

An Azumarill, who is huge and fat as a large bowling ball, leads a group of Water Type Pokemon, and walks in the Berry Tree forest with Mira who gave them the Holiday Present, and judges while checking the status of the Berry Tree. Do you need watering?

Before leaving the woods, a shuddering Growl made the trio tremble and couldn’t help but look up at the source of the sound, sky.

In the sky at this time, an Aerodactyl and a Charizard flew by at low altitude. The wide wings brought a gust of wind, fanning the Leafage down, and even seeing some immature fruits falling overwhelmed. Ground becomes Mulch.

Courtney, who led James and the others, snorted dissatisfiedly.

“I owe it again. Last time Adu said that Cynthia can help him in the island as he pleases, just to have a long memory.”

Her dissatisfaction was answered by another Pokemon, tone barely fell, and a Garchomp suddenly emerged from the villa not far away that had already emerged. He flew high and quickly caught up with Charizard who was playing. And Aerodactyl, can’t help but two Dragon Breath.

James and the others were dumbfounded. He thought Garchomp came out to persuade the two Pokemon to converge, and didn’t expect to start the fight directly.

is it possible that I will see a very cool fight on the first day on the island?

However, what James imagined did not happen. After Charizard and Aerodactyl were beaten, they even reversed Garchomp to apologize, then raised Flying height and left.

Probably because of an occupational disease, seeing so many rare and powerful Pokemons haunt, Jessie and Meowth are habitually thinking about how to catch these Pokemon to catch everything in one net.

But it was also a passing thought. When the good and rich life began, they didn’t miss the days when they were pushed everywhere.

Already approaching the door of Cynthia’s villa, Courtney reluctantly stopped, facing a tree at the door and reminded: “This is a guest. If it is a prank, Mismagius will teach you tonight.” /p>

The three Misdreavus heard Courtney’s words and poked their heads together behind the tree.

The trick was debunked by Courtney, and they had to take the arranged, a paper box full of fine sand, from the branches that crossed the cobblestone path, and left angrily.

“Don’t mind, they have no evil intentions, they are very active and lively. Today, Acerola was given a holiday by Luther. They were fine, so they came out to play.”

The trap is also an expert in the trio. Their occupational disease was committed together this time. To Misdreavus, who had not left yet, the trap was too clumsy and there was room for improvement.

Courtney looked at the trio with a strange look at his head full of question marks.

“Their pranks will not interfere with your normal work. For example, Mira and I will not be pranked when we go out.”

“The people on the island are busy and they will play other things sensibly.”

“So after being pranked, we will praise them for doing a good job trapping, which makes them very satisfied.”

Courtney opened the door of Cynthia’s house for the trio and reminded: “When you leave, remember to let us warn Misdreavus, otherwise they will think you are provoking.”

“The trap will escalate. They are very professional in teasing people.”

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