Pokemon’s Fifth Elite Chapter 771


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“Charizard and Aerodactyl from your family have taught me a lesson, but they are a temperament who remembers eating or not, you can talk to them yourself, don’t hang up.”

Just entered, the trio suddenly stunned. Cynthia pressed the speakerphone and handed the phone in her hand to Garchomp in the courtyard.

Garchomp grabbed the phone and jumped up, flying out of sight in the blink of an eye.

As the outside world said, Cynthia lay lazily on the sofa, let Luther’s Gardevoir massage her back, and yawned comfortably, as if she might fall asleep at any time.

Courtney was not surprised, she stood at the top of the stairs and motioned for the trio to follow.

After talking to Ron on the observation deck about the commission, Luther has discovered that this is the best meeting place.

Overlooking the lush and green woods, overlooking the rippling blue sea, watching the birds spread their wings in the forest, and the nearby scenery taking in the entire scene.

Luther feels that there must also be one for his house that is still under construction.

As soon as Miya made the tea, Courtney opened the door of the observation deck, and the trio followed closely from behind and walked up.

Looking at the trio who was still feeling the sea breeze, Luther smiled and said: “It’s been a long time since I saw you. I only know that you did in a frenzy in Sunyshore City. Come on, sit down.”

Courtney saw that there was nothing wrong with him, so he jumped off the viewing platform, and the trio who had just sat down immediately stood up again, wondering why it came out.

Seeing that Luther and Miya looked calm, they couldn’t believe it.

“She… jumped down!”

“Oh, I saw it.” Luther took a sip of tea and pointed to the distance, “She just wanted to take a shortcut.”

Following the direction of Luther’s fingers, the trio saw a silhouette of Crobat Flying above the forest in the distance.

“It’s good to be used to it. Courtney is such a person. I always like to have some excitement.”

Luther is very used to it, but the trio is not used to it at all. They only think that the people around Luther are crazy and it is difficult to understand with common sense.

Drinking Miya’s scented tea with honey, the trio relaxed physically and mentally.

Luther gave Miya a color and told Miya that it was time for her to talk. After all, the protagonist of today’s conversation was not Luther, but Miya.

Miya waited for James to put down his tea cup and asked with a smile, “Did you come to Perch Isle this time to borrow money?”

James startled, Jessie and Meowth opened their eyes in shock.

They haven’t said anything yet, but Miya already knows?

How did you guess?

The reaction of James and the others confirmed Miya and Steven’s guess, so Miya then asked: “After you borrowed money, the next plan is related to Galar Region, right?”

Jessie was a person who couldn’t help but asked in surprise how Miya knew.

Miya did not answer.

In the trio, James is the brain, Jessie is the guarantee of execution, Meowth is the guy who combines the brain and execution, so Miya is waiting for James’ response.

James re-acquainted with Miya’s power after a brief consternation.

I heard that Miya was born in an extremely wealthy family, and I didn’t know why I broke up with the family, so I got together with Luther.

In the past, James thought he was someone who was in a similar situation to him, but he still felt that Miya was more like a vase.

It is only now that he is finally sure that Miya, who has been fascinated by her since childhood, can’t be underestimated. She has a sharp sense of smell in business, but she doesn’t shine with Luther.

Luther saw the trio’s expression and snickered in his heart.

Luther has been entrusted to leave home for a long time, and the entire Perch Isle is well organized under Miya’s leadership.

People’s trust and recognition of Miya is not because of the identity of “Luther fiancee”, but she won with her own ability.

She arranged Pokemon’s food, each Pokemon’s favorite taste, daily allowance, and even reserved a share of snacks.

When Luther was not at home, all of Luther’s formulation and recording of Pokemon were done by Miya.

Remember the tastes that everyone in the family likes. Everyday all has to work hard to get some non-heavy dishes to make everyone happy.

As long as I have spare time, I will learn Berry Tree planting like Nova and Taro, and share part of their daily work.

When Mira’s project negotiation went wrong, she also settled the matter by herself.

Perch Isle’s wharf broke out in a fight, and she quickly formulated new regulations and implemented them very decisively, avoiding subsequent troubles getting entangled in Perch Isle.

She can even find time to go to Sunyshore, Sunnycore, and Lily of the valley to find someone to learn the technique of raising Pokemon in order to keep up with the pace of Luther Pokemon’s growth and keep herself at the Help level for Luther. on-line.

This is Miya’s life that is invisible to everyone.

Behind Luther, the irresponsible Island Lord, is a conscientious Miya who is trying to keep everything up. It is also she who allows Luther to embark on every journey without any distractions. After returning home, look up and see the new Perch Isle.

It is also a child from the wealthy class. Steven and Miya just thought about it a little, and combined with the recent wind, they can see James’ plan at a glance.

Steven did not attend the meeting, but he has put down his words. If Miya thinks it is feasible, he will pay together and let James go to Galar to make a big deal.

“You should have a net profit of 5,000,000. How much do you want the rest?”

Jessie and Meowth cast their eyes on James, wanting to know if there is an answer to the question James struggled along the way.

James looked at Miya’s wise eyes and took a deep breath, and said: “6,000,000, 1,000,000 open the channel, find the venue, 2,000,000 trial and error, the rest is to deal with the loss of spare funds.”

“This time, I want to fight steadily, no longer just run after eating, I need more time and more trust.”

“I will not worry about the loss in one and a half years. If there is no improvement after two years, I can only stop supporting you, can you understand?”

James certainly understands that he hasn’t said his specific plan so far, and Miya has acquiesced in losing money at will for a year and a half. This is a great trust.

James didn’t expect to persuade Luther and Miya to invest a large sum of money so easily, and go to Galar for himself, until Luther held a teacup and clinked with himself, he was also dizzy.

This is the first time he has led such a large business.

James clenched his fists, this time, he wants to amaze the world with a single brilliant feat, let the people of Galar Region know his name.

After he becomes a more successful businessman than his own family, he can stand calmly in front of his parents, say no to all their arrangements, and reject Jessebelle who has been chasing him everywhere.

His life does not allow family members to continue to point fingers!

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