Pokemon’s Fifth Elite Chapter 831


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The handsome guy has the heart to remind Greystone that most of the fifty trainees who came to join Interpol after Greystone left, and 30 of them formally joined the Interpol at the beginning of this year.

All their impressions of Greystone come from the descriptions of Old Seniors, and Greystone’s image in Interpol has always been… scary?

Sure enough, the new gang looked at each other in blank dismay, but no one wanted to speak first.

“It seems that I have to call the name.” Greystone casually ordered a guy closest to him, “Let’s talk about it, what impression.”

After hesitating for a while, knowing that I can’t hide, the person named takes a deep breath, loudly said: “The other seniors of Interpol say you are like a monster.”


Luther thinks this evaluation is quite vivid.

According to Greystone, each of their squads had good personal qualities. Not only did he exercise his body so well, but he was the only one who maintained such a full mental state.

The person named was relieved after saying this, but then he carefully glanced at Greystone’s face, for fear of being missed by Greystone after telling the truth.

After all, during the special training period, Greystone is here to stand by one’s word.

The things he was worried about were not at all happening. Greystone looked calm when he heard the evaluation of monster, and seemed to miss it a little.

“The one next to me, you can also tell me what impression of me.” Greystone continued to call.

Someone started, the others let go.

“I heard people say in Interpol, you are like a code name, you are a hard stone.”

“Muscle terrorist…”

“Unsound prisoner maker.”

“An insurmountable mountain for the younger generation.”

One by one, the traces Greystone left in Interpol in those years were turned over by these people again.

This title makes Greystone feel very nostalgic. At that time, his style of doing things was not accepted by others, so he had many nicknames.

The hard stinky stone said he was more active in action.

What the muscular terrorist and the unsound captive maker said is that he uses articulation techniques on criminals every time he catches a person.

These guys often screamed in pain when they were transferred to others. Some even passed out in pain. Of course, this is not the worst. Some Interpol even traced the past for Greystone.

However, when he heard that the younger generation could hardly exceed this evaluation, Greystone shook the head, he did not let others continue.

“I let you say this to let people who don’t know what kind of person I am, Greystone.”

“What you hear is true.”

Someone raised his hand, Greystone nodded to him, indicating that he could speak.

“It is true that you interrupted people?”

“Really.” Greystone replied immediately.

“This kind of thing has happened more than once. If you are interested, you can go back and check my file after the special training is over. You can find the reason for yourself.”

“You may have doubts about my style of doing things, and you will also think about why the elite Interpol training should look for me, an Old Guy with a bad reputation.”

“The reason is quite simple.” Greystone smiled.

“Because other people may not have as many scars on my back.”

“They are not strong enough. On this island, what you have to learn is not only to become stronger, but there will also be a strong Trainer who will work with your handsome guy. .”

It is worth mentioning that the handsome Pokemon is not weak in combat. It can be said to be outstanding in any one after another Alliance. This is why he can be a lonely hero and deal with groups of enemies alone.

So in fact, Luther only needs to teach this group of people how to grasp the opportunity to fight.

Greystone talked about some precautions on Perch Isle, shouting the password, and took the group of newcomers to the campground in the southern district.

On the way, Luther observed the appearance of these newcomers and said quietly: “It seems that not everyone is convinced.”

The handsome guy put his hand in the trench coat and followed Luther’s sight for a while, lightly said with a smile: “It’s not surprising that you are not convinced. Most of these guys have only heard of the rumors of Greystone, and have not really seen Greystone is great, and it’s normal.”

Some rumors of Interpol are exaggerated. After the information is distorted, it will naturally bring some “fantasy” colors into these people’s ears.

After these people with independent thinking ability stripped off the surface fog, re-examining Greystone will often get the following content.

Being able to let go of Pokemon with bare hands and defeat them, it sounds very unreliable, not real.

Surrounded by a group of Interpol, you can still break through. Isn’t this too bad for those seniors?

As for fighting against murderous prisoners all the year round, they can do it with a certain amount of experience.

“It doesn’t matter, newbie? You will become obedient after eating flat, a little arrogant, and think it’s a good thing to do it by yourself, it proves that they are aggressive.” The handsome guy said disapprovingly.

But Luther always feels that when the handsome guy said these words like Senior in the second year and third year, seeing the freshman being tossed by the instructor, he was interested in holding a watermelon next to him and eating melon.

The campsite of Xinding is a woodland cultivated by Nova.

Nova ordered the new Berry Tree and has not yet delivered it, so it is relatively flat and far away from the residential area.

While everyone is setting up tents, Greystone warned all newcomers not to harass the Wild Pokemon living nearby at will, nor to harm the Berry Tree that was planted nearby.

“Whoever violated these two points, leave by yourself, don’t let me please.”

Hearing Greystone’s cold tone, everyone immediately responded, saying they knew.

In the evening, after everyone set up the camp together, Mira and Courtney took the Pokemon and pushed the dining car near the camp.

Although Greystone is very strict, it really wants these people to become the absolute elite of Interpol in the next few years.

Take the dinner shipped now, all dishes are made by Greystone according to nutritional standards.

There are still several such menus in Miya’s place, which are suitable for different training intensities and have different tastes to choose from.

The newcomers who hadn’t eaten anything until noon started gobbled up the lunch box they had divided up Chansey.

It’s not an illusion caused by hunger, the food distributed is really delicious.

The newbies were originally worried that they might not even eat the rice here, and might even only have a large pot of stew, or even a second-class, pig-level ration, but now they all put their hearts in their stomachs.

“It seems that this training is not as terrifying as I thought…” Someone couldn’t help thinking.

Seeing everyone was almost finished eating, Greystone stood in front of Xin Ding with his hands behind his back.

“After dinner, take a rest for half an hour and start the training camp. For those who are not able to train, Punishment is waiting for him.”

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