Pokemon’s Fifth Elite Chapter 832


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Interpol’s special training started off guard, so many people thought it was a joke made by Greystone. After all, they had only come to Perch Isle for a long time and had no time to adapt.

Change of an instructor will indeed leave Interpol some time to adapt, but unfortunately, they met Greystone.

Looking at their dumbfounded look, Luther seemed to see himself who had been told to train at night during military training.

Luther did not watch the night training to the end. He also had a special training arrangement for Darkrai at night, so after he notified the handsome guy, he left early.

On returning home, Luther discovered that it was not Darkrai who was training, but Cresselia.

It’s just that at this moment, Cresselia is very embarrassed, bruised all over, lying on the ground covered in dirt, quietly waiting for Chansey and Blissey to heal herself.

Darkrai was very happy, it turned out to be such a feeling, he understood, he was so happy.

I finally understand why a lot of Pokemon will be on the sidelines after my training is over. This feeling of watching others deflated is very wonderful.

Cresselia is training, but the intensity is much lower than his. This was originally Luther’s move to take care of her ability.

But Cresselia just doesn’t believe in evil, and stubbornly believes that Darkrai can be as strong as she can.

This is just jumping onto Darkrai’s face and dancing. I can’t bear it.

Darkrai waited left and right, did not wait for Luther who said to record data together tonight, and saw Cresselia have been watching, smiled and asked her to taste the difficulty of her daily special training.

Cresselia A went in.

Cresselia will fight and retreat.

Cresselia is in a dilemma.

Cresselia surrounded by enemies.

Cresselia lost to the battle…

In the end, Cresselia didn’t even get out of the training ground by herself, but was carried out by Mismagius.

Azumarill, no matter who started the special training, anyway, seeing it was a big beating.

Cresselia, who had eaten two old punches from Azumarill, grinned in pain, and now Tu Potion is all pumping.

Darkrai has never felt that Azumarill is so pleasing to the eye. At this moment, she is lying on the ground eating snacks, and she radiates rays of light in Darkrai’s eyes.

Luther came home and saw this scene, hoping that Darkrai would tell himself concisely and clearly what happened.

“Her food, this is it?”

Luther’s face is twisted, it is indeed simple and concise, but…

Strong enough to ignore the evolutionary gap and directly crush the opponent with overwhelming strength.

“Where is Acerola?”

Zinnia was not the only one who was taken away by Cynthia for training. Luther was even more curious as to which aspect of Cynthia’s guidance was given to Acerola, who is currently only a Shuppet.

“I just asked her to watch the match between me and Zinnia, and then resume the game afterwards.” Cynthia said.

“You must solve the problem of Arcerola Pokemon as soon as possible. What does it mean to have only a Shuppet!”

Luther only remembers that not long ago, Cynthia said that Zinnia and Acerola were her díscíple…

But Luther didn’t dare to choke Cynthia with this sentence.

“When Interpol’s training is on the right track, I will come to Arcelola to subdue Ghost Type Pokemon.” Luther assured.

Cynthia gave Luther a map: “Detailed maps of the mountain range near Mt. Coronet. The deeper you go, the more deserted and the more active the Ghost Type Pokemon.”

“By the way, the child never forgets a Dusknoir. Is that naive big man really so much like the child?”

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