Pokemon’s Fifth Elite Chapter 833


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Luther thinks this should be related to the sense of security, as I said before, like an Azumarill standing behind him, Luther feels particularly at ease.

A guy like Dusknoir who has the talent to restrain Ghost Type Pokemon is particularly reliable for Acerola.

Luther also went to see Cynthia and Zinnia on the 2nd day.

Zinnia is also difficult. After embarking on Trainer’s road, one opponent is better than one, and one is incomprehensible.

The only comfortable time was when Luther took her to the Alola Region to uncompress. It was also the first time that she released her emotions and happily enjoyed the victory.

After returning to Perch Isle, Clarice set foot on the road of travel, and Acerola’s Pokemon couldn’t make it together, and her challenge became Mira, Courtney and the others.

Luther appreciates Zinnia’s mentality. Normal people are beaten in turns in the world BOSS lair, and they should have been discouraged.

But Zinnia not only adjusted his mentality after Alola and his party, but also went to “be beaten up” with pleasure.

She visited Steven with her own Pokemon. She was caught in fours by Steven’s giant golden monster, but laughed that she learned what she learned.

Alder’s Volcarona used Fiery Dance to continuously attack the push team and happily discussed with Alder how to seize the opportunity to counterattack.

One after another, the people on the island were asked to fight again by Zinnia. She failed to win anyone, but she got unimaginable gains from others.

Luther didn’t know how amazing the day Zinnia would officially take off. He only knew that Zinnia might not be his díscíple.

After defeating Zinnia, Bertha once smiled and talked to Luther about the memories of the first time he met Cynthia.

In fact, Luther has heard of it a long time ago.

At that time, Cynthia came to the fore, Bertha was still the champion, but at a glance this young maiden was the new Totem of Sinnoh in the future.

She surpassed all opinions and paved the way for Cynthia to challenge the championship, and became the first stepping stone to pad Cynthia.

Luther knows the meaning of Bertha’s story.

“The time is up, I will do the same.”

“Being a Master, one day I have to fulfill the díscíple.” Luther said this, not knowing why he was so proud.

He is not at all interested in championships and even stronger positions. Perch Isle’s leisurely life is what he pursues.

If Zinnia really needs it, he will definitely help her.

Similarly, if one day Acerola also breaks through herself and chooses to compete for higher positions, he will do the same.

Because Zinnia has received more attention during this period, Luther always takes Acerola with her at night, telling her favorite strange stories, and by the way, talk about what happened during her journey thing.

“Master understands so well, isn’t it guilty?” After listening to the ghost story Luther told, Acerola pouted and said with a smile.

Acerola’s cleverness is not covered, and Luther does not deny it, nodded.

“Zinnia can now get Cynthia’s guidance every day, as well as my teaching, but you can only watch, and then continue to cultivate bonds with Ghost Type Pokemon.”

“Acerola doesn’t think Master is eccentric.”

Acerola had guessed what Luther wanted to say, so she said it first.

“At first, I was going to Perch Isle with Master. Master said, “must Zinnia Senior Sister finished apprenticeship can only teach me, but then I couldn’t help teaching together.”

“Even if you didn’t teach anything, Acerola did not complain, after all, this is something you said a long time ago…”

“After coming to Perch Isle, you handed over all the Ghost Type Pokemon on the island to Acerola, and started teaching battle skills in advance. By coincidence, Acerola is already very satisfied.”

It’s no wonder everyone on the island likes Acerola. Who doesn’t like a sensible and smart child?

“The Master seems to have been trying to find balance. Last time, after teaching Senior Sister alone, he immediately taught me alone for a long time, as if to make up for it.”

Luther smiled and nodded Acerola’s forehead: “You…”

Smart children are both pleasant and annoying. They can always guess your intentions.

“Yes, I’m looking for balance. I want to hold a bowl of water level. You and Zinnia are my díscíple. I will try to be fair.”

“Will it be tiring?”

“It’s very tired. How can you be a Master?” Luther saw Mimikyu stick one’s head around to look for behind Acerola and waved at it.

Mimikyu stopped on Luther’s shoulder, clearly invisible, but pretended to sit there.

“Then Acerola, Master can let it go for a while, I don’t care.”

Luther patted Acerola’s head and said with satisfaction: “But Master thinks it’s so important.”

“Holding a bowl of water level is difficult, but try to do it as much as possible.” Luther said, “In a few days, I will take you to conquer the Ghost Type Pokemon, and the Dusknoir you want to find will definitely help you find it.”

Luther was once a victim of an uneven bowl of water. Because he was injured, he knew how painful it was.

Being loved by that many people now makes me more aware of how important it is to be loved.

Luther was unwilling to accept two díscíples at the time because he was worried that his energy was not enough to support him in splitting his care between two people, which would lead to a preference for one person.

People from outside all say that Luther spends his days lazily on Perch Isle, but who knows that in order to be a good Master, Luther once again picked up the restless exercises, fighting against Greystone every day, just to learn physical skills with Greystone Zinnia has a good head.

Luther started buying books, and continuously obtained first-hand information and papers from academia through Susan.

He built a library at the fastest speed on Perch Isle, near his home.

One is to satisfy the feeling that I wanted to be surrounded by a sea of ​​books before, and by the way, let Acerola have memories of soaking in the library in the past.

The second is for Charge.

If you want to teach people, you must also keep up with the rhythm of this World, and the knowledge that comes through will only gradually become outdated over time.

It’s a big mistake to think that you can rely on the name of Lily of the Valley Conference for a lifetime.

“I really envy Senior Sister.” Acerola muttered, “I was taught by the Master for such a long time first. By the way, can this be played with the stalk the Master said?”

Luther had a bad feeling and asked carefully: “Which one?”

Acerola hugged Luther, laughingly Mimic Zinnia’s voice said: “It’s obviously mine first.”

Regret, you really regret it.

This incident told Luther that this group of people understood the essence of the stalker and played with the stalker much faster than you thought.

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