Pokemon’s Fifth Elite Chapter 834

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Luther was waiting for Interpol’s training to be on the right track, but Greystone and the handsome guy told him that they quickly took Acerola to play.

Don’t blame them for taking care of themselves. According to Greystone’s observations during this period of time, this group of people not only need to adjust their physical fitness, but also have to give in to battle skills and so on.

“The number of people with opinions is increasing.” The handsome guy drank an iced drink and said while looking at the new Interpol trainees below.

There are grievances, but it is more of a lack of understanding of Greystone’s training methods and gradually becoming unconvinced.

Luther is sitting on a stone bench and feeding Berry to Mawile. This guy is very clingy lately, always holding Luther’s arm to follow him around.

When I thought that after I took Mawile back, Luther did not take care of her. Luther led Mawile in activities during this time.

Mawile’s aggrieved face, naked eye, can be seen stretched out, and she can see that she is satisfied that Luther noticed the change in her mood.

There are too many Pokemons on the island, and Mawile also understands that Luther has to do a lot of things. He has to take care of people and Pokemon, and his energy cannot be allocated.

Mawile is really satisfied that my Trainer can be found when I am not happy.

When Mawile was full, Luther said helplessly: “His practice is very strange.”

Running lap leapfrog and so on is to practice Performance.

Rock Climb, tree climbing practice is to adapt to various special environments.

Combat training to deal with emergencies.

It’s actually understandable up to this point. After all, these newbies were thrown away by the headquarters with high expectations.

Before setting off, remind them that the training will be very strict. This psychological preparation is also necessary.

Now that I feel unconvinced is also because Greystone’s training and requirements are too outrageous.

Greystone recruited a group of Mankeys from a mountain range in the Eastern District under the help of Jumpluff and Whimsicott, and asked these newbies to try to defeat Mankey with their bare hands.

The newcomers have failed for three days.

If you don’t Assist Pokemon, you can only fight Mankey yourself, and the location is still in the woods. It’s a nightmare.

Whether they are teaming up or playing one-on-one, Mankey can always beat them easily.

And these Mankeys, after all, Wild Pokemon, don’t know how to save face. After winning them, it is common to dance in front of them and make faces.

You can’t win, and training won’t be interrupted because of this. Every day, everyone has a sense of depression in their hearts.

All the people who can be selected are those who are better at Interpol, who has been so angry.

If it is a normal training, they will pass through with their teeth and forbearance.

But when I heard that Greystone felt that Mankey was just a small assessment that didn’t even get started, and thought that if they couldn’t deal with Machoke this level Pokemon, it was purely a waste evaluation, these people broke out.

Suddenly, but Luther and the handsome guy are not surprising, they are even here specially waiting for this group of people to erupt.

Only after these people broke out, Luther’s sense of responsibility allowed him to take Acerola to leave Perch Isle.

These people’s emotions have reached the edge of losing control, and their self-esteem does not allow them to be repeatedly ravaged and whipped over and over again.

Because I lost to Mankey yesterday, Punishment today is a lap, that is, in this boring running process, someone started.

“I won’t practice anymore!”

The words of the first young man who stopped to shout seemed to be magical, and the originally well-trained team slowly stopped under this sound, panting.

Their eyes were full of hostility when they looked at Greystone, and the whole team refused to accept Greystone’s order at this moment, even though Greystone was still screaming and “running”.

Can be picked by Interpol. This group of people is generally of good quality. Although angry, they still have the basic respect of Senior and old man to Greystone.

There was no loud yelling, and no continued harassment, everyone was just silent.

Greystone stepped forward and looked at the inch-headed young man indifferently.

“Are you not practicing?”

“What’s the matter, dumb?” Greystone raised his voice, like a thunderclap blowing in the hearts of everyone, “You have the courage to shout, don’t you have the courage to reply?”

“I ask you, is it dumb!”

“No, report to Greystone Senior, I won’t practice anymore, say again, I, no, practice now!”

People are like this. When someone takes the lead, everything is logical. Complaints and anger are pouring out at this moment, and some people continue to echo the young people to express their dissatisfaction.

“What we have to do is to improve Performance, so that we are not easily injured in fierce confrontations, and deal with all kinds of enemy environments by the way. What we need is an improvement in the level of Pokemon battles!”

“What we mean is that if we are strong enough, we don’t need to defeat the other’s Pokemon by ourselves. Our Interpol should be a trainer!”

“It’s too ridiculous, just forget it against Mankey, and fight against Hitmonlee and Machoke?”

“Performance training and Pokemon battle should be the top priority!”

Before, their desire for expression was suppressed by the status of Greystone Senior and the prestigious status of the instructor, but at this moment they don’t bother to care about it.

Young people’s perspective on the world is different from that of old people. They are very clear about this truth.

Classify Greystone’s training method as old-fashioned, and the kind that should be swept into the garbage dump is what they think at the moment.

“You have plenty of martial arts, will your former subordinates directly challenge you during the training process?”

Luther was watching silently, and couldn’t help asking when hearing the newcomers’ words.

“This is the same as before and now. Greystone’s practice changes will be questioned at any time, but now the child’s attitude is more intense and the way of expression is more radical.”

The handsome guy didn’t mean to favor either side.

“Do you find it difficult for people to defeat Pokemon alone?”

Greystone’s eager inquiries finally made some newbies unable to help but fight back.

“If the battle is at a disadvantage, is it possible that you can reverse the disadvantage by yourself?”

“If so, what else does Trainer do?”

Greystone sneered, looked around all around, and shouted in a deep voice: “If anyone is dissatisfied, stand up, don’t just stand behind and make a sound.”

At this step, there is nothing to worry about. There is a bang, there are five more people in front of Greystone.

Greystone sneered, as if provoked by the laughter, suddenly several people moved forward.

“There are nine people in total, good, very courageous.” Greystone praised.

“You are not convinced, and think this training is useless, well, I will give you a chance, and it will just prove it to others.”

Greystone points to the forest in the distance: “After dinner and rest, the nine of you formed a team and entered the forest. You defeated me. If you win, I immediately apologized to the Old Guys of Interpol, and then changed to another training method. .”

“If you lose, I don’t want to stay. If you want to go, I don’t care.”

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