Pokemon’s Fifth Elite Chapter 835

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This proposal that was too Power Trip hurt the pride of nine young people.

Greystone will count as six Pokemons in full play, plus he himself will have seven.

They are nine people, not counting the Pokemon they carry.

Although they didn’t carry too much Pokemon due to special training, there are three standing Pokemon.

The nine young people have no retreat, and no longer think about what they would do if they accidentally injured Greystone in the game. They just want to win now.

You must tell Greystone, you can’t underestimate them!

After dinner, the showdown is about to begin.

Luther found Greystone. Before he could say anything, Greystone said first: “I can do it.”

“Don’t force yourself too much?” Luther was still worried.

He very clear about Greystone hopes to use a shocking victory to convince all the newbies.

But Luther was a little unexpected by Greystone’s approach. He actually wanted one to nine.

Luther never questioned the ability of Old Gramps. Adu said that even Bruno, who has been training himself in the mountains all day long, had to admire Old Gramps’ life and deeds, fierce person.

But Old Gramps is getting older after all, and Luther doesn’t want Old Gramps to be injured.

Luther gave Greystone a Poké Ball.

“What are you doing?”

Poké Ball seemed to be hot, and Greystone quickly threw it back to Luther.

“This is Mismagius. As long as it enters the night, at her speed, this group of newcomers can’t fight it.”

Greystone reprimanded: “This is cheating. I promised them. It is me and my Old Partners to deal with it. I want to use external forces to convince others?”

“I know you don’t think I can’t do it, you just worry about me. But it’s really unnecessary, because…even if they come to ten, it’s not my opponent!”

Everyone on Perch Isle is here. This is the first time that the newcomers on the island have seen so many big guys appear at the same time.

“The rumor is true, and Steven is also on Perch Isle.”

“Who is the person next to Cynthia, looks familiar.”

“Damn, Alder, the champion of our Region, why is he here too!”

“And Elite Four Caitlin…”

The Interpol from Sinnoh was the most shocked. They had long heard that Cynthia was not the only champion on Perch Isle, and now they can’t help but admire Luther’s methods after seeing them.

Greystone has already entered the forest, now it’s time for the nine newcomers to enter.

However, the nine newbies are now heart pounding. They didn’t expect so many big guys to watch before the competition.

“Never lose, if you lose…you will lose face!”

With this determination, the nine people rushed into the forest together, followed by Sigilyph released by Caitlin.

At night, the camera can’t work because I can’t see clearly. At this time, Caitlin’s Psychic is a big help.

Everything Sigilyph perceives will be reflected in Caitlin’s mind, and everyone can learn what happened inside through Caitlin’s description.

“Hey, someone is out already.” Caitlin cry out in surprise.

“What?” The crowd around Caitlin waiting for the news was frightened.

It hasn’t been five minutes since the nine people entered, and at most they were groping around the periphery of the forest. Why was one killed?

Greystone did not enter the deep forest to set up ambushes at all, and then waited for an opportunity to move, but directly hid near the entrance, waiting for the nine people to enter the forest and violently.

Greystone’s Strength rushed directly to the Interpol who had not had time to release Pokemon, forcing them to immediately take out Pokemon to respond.

Grumpig released the Mental Force, disintegrating Pokemon’s ability to protect the attacked.

It was just a face-to-face encounter, and the man was punched in the abdomen by Greystone, then swiped hard, flew out, and fainted.

After doing all this, Greystone leaves easily under the protection of Pokemon.

Luther’s Altaria found the fainted guy at the location described by Caitlin, with a Luxio guarding him.

The first person to lie down so quickly really caught the newcomers waiting outside the forest by surprise.

“Sneak attack is nothing but a group of eight people, Greystone Senior won’t be able to do it.” Someone said his judgment.

But many people think that things will not be so simple.

Greystone, who was traveling through the dark night forest, suddenly felt that he was alive, his body was constantly surging with fighting intents, his body was heating up, and he was hungrily looking for the next time to fight.

Luther said he was a fighter, a fighter who was stubborn to death.

Greystone has seen the early wars and experienced fierce battles with poachers. He never dared to call himself a warrior, because he was full of awe of this title, so he always felt that it was a kind of blasphemy to put on himself .

However, as he got older and older, he found that the word was indeed very appropriate.

Now he, an old warrior, wants to teach this group of children who think they have grown up to know what a real battle is, so that they can wake up from the fantasy of playing family.

Noctowl, who was secretly watching, was subdued by Grumpig before he could go back to report Greystone’s position. Dunsparce, who was sneaking over by Dig, was knocked out by Strength.

The two surveillance eyes broke, and these newbies suddenly didn’t know how to proceed.

Some people advocate going to the place where Noctowl emits Growl first. Some people advocate the Contest Category to speed up the progress.

Just when they were still struggling with the question of whether to hold a group or the Contest Category, footsteps sounded abruptly.

In the silent night, the footsteps became more and more rapid and dull.

“Here is coming!”

The vigilance made everyone throw out all the Pokemon at once to prevent the Poké Ball from waiting for a melee.

A silhouette suddenly appeared in the up ahead, and the new Pokemon filled the dense Ability all at once.

After Ability took effect continuously, the pace of incoming people not only did not stop, but accelerated.

“This is not Greystone Senior, this is Strength!”

I originally thought it was Greystone, and the Pokemon’s abilities have all converged, but I don’t know how to get it right.

Strength with no difficulty rushed to the place where everyone was two steps away, drew the Pokemon around them to rush to stop Strength.

“Be careful behind!”

Feint on the front, Greystone must be on the back.

A mosquito-repellent-repellent swimmer covered his Trainer’s back with Me First, and sprayed a water gun at Greystone.

“Are you at this level!”

One move, Greystone dodges the Water Gun and throws a punch at the mosquito coil swimmer who is close at hand.

This fist was in the mouth of the mosquito-repellent-repellent swimmer. The gushing water splashed all over because of the punch. The mist suddenly disturbed everyone’s sight.

One hand blocked Aipom’s attack, but Greystone’s other hand released a Poké Ball from his waist and lightly threw it into the crowd.

Aipom seemed to have an afterimage in front of his eyes. With his reaction speed, he couldn’t see how Greystone reached out to himself this slap.

When he came back to his senses, Aipom found that his tail had been caught tightly by Greystone, and his Trainer was also thrown directly to the ground with a blow and whip leg by Greystone, screaming in pain. .

Tranquill and Staraptor hurried over to relieve Aipom.

Greystone rounded his arms at the moment when Aipom was about to release Ability from Stockpile, and used Aipom as a sandbag to fling to Staraptor.

Staraptor was caught off guard and got a smashed face. Just after regaining his balance, all the high-speed stars used in Aipom’s panic hit him.

“The more people, the easier it is to deal with.” Greystone said coldly.

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