Pokemon’s Fifth Elite Chapter 836

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The Poké Ball dropped in the middle of the crowd was filled with Grumpig. The scene was chaotic, and the sight was interrupted by various abilities. No one noticed that the Poké Ball had passed through them and landed behind.

It was too late when they noticed something strange.

Grumpig still couldn’t completely lose the combat capability of the eight people, but he was able to use Mental Force to slightly oppress the remaining eight people, making them unable to smoothly give other Pokemon commands.

In just such a moment, Greystone broke through the defenses of Staraptor and Tranquill, and reached the front of the eight new Pokemon guards.

Tranquill used Air Slash on Greystone’s back in a hurry, just to delay Greystone for a moment.

Greystone heard the wind behind her ears, smiled and jumped a step, Air Slash rubbed Greystone’s body and flew towards the Pokemon group that was facing Greystone.

With a sound of “hong”, the Pokemon who were caught off guard from being hit by their companion Air Slash suffered pain, squinted their eyes and fell to the ground. Greystone as easy as blowing off dust crossed them to the front of the eight new friends.

The Ability Greystone released by other Pokemon in desperation does not look at it or hide.

Give your back to your Pokemon to guard it. This is the bond between Greystone and them!

Grumpig was conquered in the forest near Mt. Coronet when Greystone was at its worst. At that time, he was wanted by Interpol. He had to deal with his former colleagues all day and had to assist the power of the indigenous Pokemon.

Greystone bred a total of three Pokemon at that time, the elderly Fearow, Strength, Ursaring in the prime of life, and the last Gripig who joined the team to make up for Greystone’s last shortcoming, that is, the battle.

Pokemon, who is good at Mental Force, can help Greystone avoid most of the abilities when Sucker Punch opponents. This is the icing on the cake for Greystone who likes to solve battles by himself.

Unfortunately, early retirement, criminals failed to learn this trick.

However, it’s not bad. Now that Interpol has learned it, it’s not a waste of learning.

The Ability who was about to hit Greystone were all blocked, and Greystone successfully narrowed the distance close enough to subdue eight newcomers.

Grumpig’s Mental Force was finally interrupted, and a Scyther desperately returned from Strength, suppressing him, making the eight new recruits finally regain their mobility.

Greystone is near, and the Pokemon either fell to the ground because of the chaos just now or they were dealing with Strength and Grumpig.

There is only one Sawk between the eight new dings and Greystone.

As long as Sawk can delay for a few seconds, the fallen Pokemon can recover and stand up, so that Greystone will immediately be surrounded.

Greystone strode forward without fear.

Sawk didn’t dare to be careless, holding his breath, concentrating, his eyes firmly locked on the silhouette of Lock On Greystone, Thunder Punch shot out sharply.

Greystone saw that Thunder Punch didn’t retreat but moved forward, and a weird smile appeared on his face.

The smile made the eight people guarded by Sawk feel bad. The series of performances by Greystone made them tremble so much that they began to panic when they saw the expression.

Their panic is not unreasonable, Thunder Punch is about to reach the in a flash on Greystone’s chest, Greystone’s feet are heavily on Ground, and with the momentum, the toes are twisted slightly.

It’s such a light action. Sawk’s Thunder Punch hit the empty space, and Greystone took advantage of the trend to come to Sawk’s side.

Sawk has no chance to make a second punch. Greystone’s fist hit Sawk’s armpit from below.

The strength that Sawk had just gathered was broken with a punch. Before the sharp pain in his armpit eased, Greystone’s knee was pressed against his chest.

The eight new players just took out the Poké Ball, and they were all dull to see this scene.

Sawk was hit by this knee and flew directly, hitting the group of Pokemon who had just gotten up.

The moment they hit the knee, they clearly heard an extremely heavy muffled noise.

Thanks to this is Pokemon, if I change to anyone, my ribs are probably broken now.

It’s too exaggerated.

They know that there are indeed people in this World who have been able to fight Pokemon and defeat them through continuous training.

For example, Bea in Galar Region, which has been on fire recently, Indigo Alliance Bruno, which has always been low-key and off-line, and Maylene from Sinnoh.

These people are all models of constant pursuit of their own strength.

But it was the first time that they had seen someone like Greystone, who had one enemy and many, and so cleanly overturned the Fighting Type Pokemon who was good at strength.

Not only are the eight newcomers sluggish, but everyone who knows the live battle report through Caitlin is also stupid.

Everyone knows that Greystone is strong, but how strong it is depends on previous experience and files.

After coming to Perch Isle, Old Gramps enjoys a life in retirement, doing chores with everyone, and occasionally playing a treasure. Everyone almost forgets that he used to be in the Interpol and made the villain become terror-stricken at the news “Unsound Captive Maker”.

If these eight new people are criminals, then Sawk may be hit directly by Old Gramps now. In the course of his mission, he does not care about that many things, and everything is safe.

The lack of mercy towards the wicked is exactly what Greystone did during the Interpol period, and because of this, Lucian said that there are few people who can cooperate with him.

Greystone came to this distance, and let the Pokemon in the outer circle release Ability, which would only affect themselves. This is why Greystone tried his best to fight Close Combat.

The distance between each other is too close, then Pokemon’s release of Ability will only become indiscriminate bombing.

Greystone is well trained and able to carry it.

What about the newbies?

If you lose Poké Ball, you will be knocked down first. Only by going together can you stop Greystone’s horrific mowing behavior.

In this brief moment, eight people even reached a consensus.

The only way to win this competition now is to play together!

They don’t want to lose. Although they are in awe after seeing the horror of Greystone, their desire to win and their pride does not allow them to give up.

Greystone finally showed his approval.

If these eight people give in, there is only one way to go.

Is it terrifying or not, what is the difference between a person who is afraid to fight and a waste?

The wailing sounds of the newcomers continued continuously.

Some people are kicked by Greystone, and some people are punched by Greystone. The mid-abdomen does not raise again.

There are also people who just held the front door back by Greystone with their big hands, and hugged their heads and howled after falling heavily.

Eight people may not be as dangerous as the eight Mankeys in Greystone’s eyes. Almost one person will fall after one action is completed.

In less than ten seconds, people were lying around Greystone, moaning and wailing.

Pokemon who besieged Strength, Pokemon who fought with Grumpig, and Pokemon who was about to free himself from training. Seeing this scene, I didn’t know what to do for a while.

Greystone glanced at Sky and said: “Don’t look, let Chansey and the others prepare something to heal, I’m done.”

Seeing the whole process of Sigilyph shaking his body, Greystone talked to him just now, and for a moment, he thought Greystone was going to beat himself up…

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