Pokemon’s Fifth Elite Chapter 837


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Seeing Chansey and Yuzi treating the eight new recruits who were injured later, the person who was first thrown out by Greystone suddenly found that he seemed… lucky?

Greystone at first hit himself with just the right amount of strength, that is, fainted, simply not hurt, that is, a swollen bag.

Now these eight brothers have bloody nose and swollen face, and Potion grinned as soon as he put it on. The grapefruit shouted several times to hold back, but these big men couldn’t hold back.

The eight people knew that this was the result of Greystone’s restraint. If they used the power to deal with Sawk, they would have vomited blood now. It is estimated that they would not be able to recover completely without lying in bed for half a month.

Finally know that the criminals in Greystone’s previous missions are always unable to be escorted back. Except for the reason that Greystone will toss the vicious criminals, most of the others are unable to resist during the arrest Greystone’s offense was injured.

Greystone, who has fully entered the state, is a violent humanoid monster. He is more lethal than the Pokemon raised by an overwhelming majority ordinary person, and he is proficient in fighting techniques. Every move is a cruel move that may be crippled.

After getting the Greystone assembly order again, except for those who were still applying the medicine, the other Interpol newcomers lined up outside the woods immediately. This time they dared not come out.

Greystone did not show up immediately, but went to a place where Interpol could not see and fumbled for his pocket.

For a long time, he remembered that he had handed over the cigarettes to Miya for safekeeping for the sake of the competition.

A small square box flew to Greystone, Greystone took it with a smile, took out the cigarette elated and lit it, and took a fiercely inhalation.

Luther, a group of people returned to the scene immediately after watching the play, and they couldn’t help applauding as they watched Greystone smoking bit by bit.

“It’s okay. I haven’t exercised for too long. My body is very stiff. If it was before, it could end faster.” Greystone smiled and called to stop, he was a little shy.

“It’s hard to imagine that you are so powerful in Old Gramps, and you have left so many scars. How dangerous are those tasks before.”

Courtney is really convinced.

She was also a member of Team Magma before, and when she thought that if she was still in Team Magma, she might meet Old Gramps, she broke into a cold sweat.

I used to hear Old Gramps say that in the same batch, the Dark Zero Squad also had colleagues who were almost as powerful as him. Courtney, who was not imaginative, was just like that group of people, like Old Gramps, who was a better old man.

It now appears…The older generation of Interpol is really too powerful, and it’s no wonder that the evil organization of the overwhelming majority began to panic when hearing the name of Interpol.

“Scars? Some are to protect their own people, some are to protect Pokemon, and some are from sneak attacks. After several decades, the memory is blurred.” Old Gramps tried to remember, and soon afterward smiled and shook his head.

There are so many things to do that memories are a troublesome thing.

“Okay, I’m going to train people.”

Greystone got up with a cigarette in his mouth, but Miya grabbed the hand of the cigarette box.

“Old Gramps, as I said, you can get one in a day, so come back obediently.” Miya said with a smile.

With the power of Greystone, it is impossible for Miya to break his fingers and take the cigarette, but Miya did it.

Long ago, Luther and Miya stopped Greystone’s crazy smoking habit and limited one to one per day.

Greystone, yams, and even Bertha, who is getting old, are all babies of Perch Isle. It’s not good to not pay attention to your health.

“You, and Luther are a good match. They are both messy and worrying.” Although it was complaining, Greystone let go and let Miya take the cigarette box away.

Greystone seldom refuses the concern from Miya and Luther. He has not experienced the taste of home a long time ago. He felt this strange feeling for the first time on Perch Isle.

Seeing the appearance of Greystone, the people who were still in the treatment couldn’t care about applying the potion, gritted their teeth and got up and returned to the team.

“I know you have a lot of opinions on me.” Greystone said in a earnest voice, changing from the harshness it was before.

“You are right, Interpol is also a Trainer. If Pokemon can solve the problem, then leave it to Pokemon.”

“But you ask yourself, are you strong enough?”

Harrow in the team may be the only person who is confident that he is strong enough. Although he wasted talent, his foundation is still there.

As for the others, Greystone can only shake his head at them.

“If you are really good, I don’t ask you to compete with the Island Lord Luther on this island, or even to have the same strength as the Gym Leader, as long as there are Lily of the Valley Conference qualifiers and even the competition Strength is good.”

“Who dare to say now, he has this strength, I will ask Luther to take action and give you guidance on training.”

“Do you have any, think you can do it, stand up!”

No one is out.

“It is precisely because not everyone can have their strength, their own strength is particularly important.”

Greystone slowly took off his coat, the bulging muscles were densely covered with many ugly small earthworms, which were ugly scars left by the scabs on the wound.

One by one, one after another, as if telling a story after another, and like a medal of honor.

The awe of the newbies turned into pure respect after witnessing these scars.

They have protected people and Pokemon again and again in corners where the world has no way of knowing. They are silent, leaving only a sealed file.

When the younger generations pay their respects, they often look at ten lines at a glance, and those achievements are scribbled in a few sentences and they are summarized, as if what they did was ordinary, as if they went out to buy a dish, Normal.

But how many past events are buried deep behind?

“Although the world has changed over the years, there have been fewer disputes, and fewer wicked people, but I am not afraid of ten thousand, just in case.”

“I have seen madness you have never seen before, faced the disgusting darkness, and witnessed countless evil deeds…”

“Because I have seen it, I never slack off.”

“Because of this, I can stand in front of you and teach you, instead of sleeping in the grave.”

Greystone’s eyes are no longer sharp, but softened.

“Every technique I teach you is to enable you to return home safely after every mission.”

Greystone seemed to think of his old companions and smiled nostalgic.

“This is my technique, my experience, my Legacy, and now, I want to pass it on to you. I don’t know you, would you like to take it?”

There was no compulsory response, and no stern tone, but a vicissitudes of old man gently told his half-life insights, patiently waiting for an answer.

At some point, the hillside behind Greystone was full of people from Perch Isle.

Cynthia, Alder, Steven, they all watched silently.

They have stood up on various crises and protected peace again and again.

Their eyes seemed to ask, what about you?


at first the sparse voices gradually converged, and the firm voice echoed in the silent night sky.

“This is a difficult road, hot blood is easy to cold, justice is vulnerable, even so, should we continue?” Greystone asked.

“We do!”

The newcomers who were injured by Greystone also shouted excitedly.

Greystone laughed. Luther hadn’t seen Old Gramps smile so much, so happy for a long time.

“Take a rest for two days. After two days, start the real training.”

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