Pokemon’s Fifth Elite Chapter 838


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The newcomers of Interpol were finally completely overwhelmed by Greystone. Although the training intensity started two days later, they no longer complained and puzzled.

Having seen the power of Greystone, this group of young people understood for the first time how heavy responsibilities their seniors have been.

Admiration is not enough to describe their inner respect for the seniors of Greystone. Only by taking over their Legacy and inheritance is the greatest respect for them.

“Don’t worry, go out. In a short time, these newcomers won’t be able to enjoy your guidance.” The handsome guy said.

Luther nodded, but before leaving, he had a question that had troubled him for a long time, and it was really uncomfortable not to ask.

“Handsome man, is there only this kind of hemp Yellow windbreaker in your closet? I have seen you several times, how come it is a suit?”

Seeing Luther’s serious question, the handsome guy thought it was something important. It really made him didn’t know whether to cry or laugh.

“I just like this color, how about it, is my curiosity satisfied?”

Luther, whose curiosity was satisfied, took Acerola away happily.

This is the first time Luther has left Perch Isle after Alora’s trip, and this time, he finally didn’t have to rely on his feet to move with all kinds of vehicles.

Sitting on Altaria’s back, Luther looked down at the buildings on Ground gradually Minimize, and an indescribable joy spread in his heart.

Seeing Acerola sitting in front of him, Luther comforted, “Don’t worry, Alcremie and Mimikyu had a great time, and there are a group of Misdreavus with her, so you won’t be lonely.”

Luther didn’t let Acerola bring Mimikyu with him. There was a genuine ghost wandering around. It was indeed effective to attract all kinds of Ghost Type Pokemon to approach.

But this journey to conquer Ghost Type Pokemon is not just a simple journey with Acerola, it is also a test.

Aceelola and Mimikyu acted together before, and Mimikyu was the matchmaker in contact with Ghost Type Pokemon, but this time, Aserola no longer has a helper.

Since the dream is to become a Ghost Type expert, the ability to communicate with Ghost Type Pokemon alone is very important.

It’s time for Arcelola to show his experience with Ghost Type Pokemon in Perch Isle.

“Master won’t let me take Mimikyu. I mean I want to be assessed. Why don’t you want to talk about it?”

Can’t hide it from Acerola.

“Sometimes your smartness makes me feel headaches.” Luther smiled and sighed.

Acerola was very helpful to Luther’s praise. She smiled, and then quietly waited for her Master to say what she didn’t say.

“Mimikyu will leave this World sooner or later, you are so smart, you should have understood it a long time ago?”

Acerola’s eyes were a little gloomy when she heard Luther’s words.

“There are some ghost nemesis in Pokemon, such as Dusknoir. From their attitude the first time they met Mimikyu, she should know that her identity in this World is very ambiguous.”

“You saved him once, next time, next time?”

“The child has realized that he will cause you a huge trouble, and is slowly moving away from you. Didn’t you realize it?”

Luther is not alarmist, because of the existence of Mimikyu, Acerola is particularly popular with Ghost Type Pokemon, and also very popular with real ghosts.

“I’m sorry.” Arcelola lowered her head and said quietly.

Acerola knew that although the Master always praised her intelligence, she never concealed her thoughts from him.

It is a lie that she wants Dusknoir and sense of security. Although she does like Dusknoir, this is not the reason she has always emphasized that she wants to have.

She knows that Mimikyu may cause trouble to herself, so she hopes to have Dusknoir in advance to prevent it.

In order not to worry Luther too much, she lied to her Master for the first time.

The botched lie was quickly exposed, and Acerola was too guilty to look at Luther.

Luther rubbed Acerola’s head and held her in his arms.

Altaria seemed to feel the mood of the two on his back, slowing down the flying speed.

The wind no longer howls, but gently blows.

“You have always liked to hear me tell stories. This time I will tell you a story that has nothing to do with ghosts or ghosts.”

As Luther talked about it, Arcelola gradually became obsessed with it. It was long after Luther stopped before she slowly came back to his senses from the story.

“The woman named Natsume Rita finally…”

“Dead.” Luther knew that what Acerola wanted to hear was another answer, but unfortunately, no.

“The monsters she subdued…”

Luther smiled and corrected: “It’s not to subdue, she is just too lonely, playing with these monsters, playing with them, and some become friends.”

“Trainer…like us.”

Acerola’s inadvertent sentence made Luther stunned.

The two seemed to have thought of something and were silent.

Luther’s meaning is conveyed through the story.

Since Mimikyu has realized it and started to withdraw from Acerola’s life a little bit, then Acerola shouldn’t be forced to stay, let the fate be weakly tied, which is actually a good choice.

Don’t care about the future, enjoy the fate between the two individuals at the moment is what Acerola should do.

Luther’s eyes drifted away, and he was moved by Acerola’s words, and it was Groudon that he thought of.

Silver was extremely clingy after coming back from the Arora trip. It has reached the point of rolling around without sleeping in a room with Luther, without the restraint of mythical beast.

In order to figure out how Silver loves Charm so much, Luther had to ask Caitlin to come out.

Caitlin told Luther that Silver said one sentence the most back and forth.

“Groudon told me that you are credible, but short-lived.” (Chapter 643)

until now Luther always thinks that Groudon communicates with humans and is taciturn, cherish words like gold because of his personality, and now it doesn’t seem to be all.

Groudon said that in the past there were many outstanding people who could communicate with them. Humans and mythical beasts coexisted friendly in that era, and asked Luther, why are there fewer people now?

For a long time, Groudon has seen too many life and death, human time is so short, every time he wakes up, it is the blue sea turned into mulberry fields.

Someone is despicable and wants to control him.

Someone is noble and keeps helping him, but such a person disappears in no time.

Perhaps because of this, Groudon no longer expects communication.

Since the encounter is so painful, just use False Swipe.

It is good for human beings to fear themselves, so that no one will come close, and it will not cause disputes.

Thinking of the red orb in the storage room, Luther suddenly flashed a strange thought.

If my guess is correct, is Groudon really asleep now?

Or are you secretly observing Perch Isle?

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