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Cynthia was silent for a long time after receiving Diantha’s news.

“Persuasion failed.”

Cynthia had no hope for the success rate Diantha persuaded after learning that there were a lot of people behind it.

Although Kalos has a lofty position as a champion, behind Shinosuke are flying coins, which are flowing capital. They have pushed and ran away with Shinosuke.

Is it possible to persuade so many stakeholders to cancel the rally?

“When will he leave?” Cynthia asked, typing.

Diantha responded quickly.

“Next Friday.”

A week and a half?

“Zinnia can do it, right?” Diantha couldn’t help asking.

“Don’t question Zinnia’s abilities, her learning speed is very fast, and Shinosuke’s overdrafting talent and wasting talent will not work for Zinnia.”

Diantha, wearing sunglasses, looked back at the magnificent villa behind him, sighed, and turned into the car.

Nerium, with a lollipop in the driver’s seat, sunglasses, black suit and a single ponytail, turned around and asked, “Is this going?”

“It’s not right, people are treating us as a joke, don’t you stay and continue to be laughed at?” Diantha took the itinerary in Minami’s hand and checked it, and signaled Nerium to hurry to the next location.

Diantha turned down a business performance and came here specifically to make the last wave of dissuasion. She knew affection and moved with reason, but the answer was a polite and business smile.

Even though I know that Shinosuke is an arrogant person, Diantha still wants to see him in person and figure out what he really thinks.

However, Shinanosuke did not show up, but only asked the parents and servants to deal with Diantha and declared that he was ill.

Nerium patted the steering wheel dissatisfied, and the sound of the whistle frightened a car that was driving normally ahead.

“Can’t help it.” Nerium apologized.

“But now the matter is resolved, Cynthia will treat Sinnoh when he talks about it,”

Diantha wanted to help Shinnosuke before. After all, Cynthia had already noticed him. If he is still strong and with Cynthia’s style of work, Shinnosuke can leave Sinnoh with a smile and count Diantha as losing.

“It’s a pity, the talent is at least genuine, but the people who have it don’t cherish it.”

Mainosuke, this new star who is optimistic about a large amount of capital is standing on the balcony of his villa at the moment, looking at the direction Diantha is driving away, smiling.

Self-proclaimed as the next Kalos champion, he deeply doubted Diantha’s overly enthusiastic Help.

Like Luther’s previous joke of Normal, not everyone can interpret Diantha’s approach and try to rescue him.

In Shinosuke’s view, the only factor that makes Diantha so passionate is fear.

At such a young age, he has unlimited potential, and he will surely be able to easily reach the top of Kalos in a while.

Maanosuke felt that Diantha was anxious.

Child’s way of thinking is sometimes really weird. He treats things that others don’t care too much about, or even indifferent things, as treasures, and firmly believes that all those who dissuade him are lying to him.

At this time, he couldn’t distinguish between right and wrong. He judged things completely based on his own emotions.

Diantha did not see Shinosuke, but it is not difficult to tell from the performance of his family that Shinosuke lives in a huge fantasy.

Everything that happened in this dream revolved around the point that he fulfilled his talent and moved towards Peak.

The arrogant style of the family, the various Reporter and partner representatives who keep coming and going in and out of the villa, are fighting around in order to become famous.

The “dream” created by the arrogance and swelling of the young man, Shinosuke, has attracted more and more people.

Diantha walked so fast because she found out that not only could she not stop this uncontrollable dream, but she might also be hurt by this dream.

Luther didn’t know all of this, and at this moment he was walking through the jungle with Acerola.

The deeper the Mt. Coronet vein, the darker the light. Even in the afternoon and the scorching sun, Luther could only see a few sparse light spots falling.

The giant trees here are connected together, and the dense tree canopies are clustered together, resulting in the fact that although it is daytime, it looks like night.

For this reason, Acerola has seen a lot of Ghost Type Pokemon that can’t be seen on Perch Isle.

Acerola will see Drifloon, Sableye and Shedinja in a while.

This is too new for Arcelola. There are not many Ghost Type Pokemon on the island. After so long, she finally saw other Ghost Type Pokemon besides the Gastly family and the Misdreavus family.

Seeing these active Ghost Type Pokemon all gathered together to look at himself, Luther stopped and patted Acerola’s back.

Acerola knew that her test was coming.

She took a few deep breaths, patted her cheeks, holding the Pokemon food she made, and slowly walked towards the rustling discussion and so on Wild Ghost Type Pokemon.

Too far away, Luther couldn’t hear what Acerola said, only to see the Ghost Type Pokemon, which was a little wary, unprepared under Acerola’s three words, and gathered together. Acerola’s side.

Darkrai is near Acerola, Luther is not worried about safety, but worried…Acerola’s mistakes are not enough.

These Ghost Type Pokemon are really clever. They use Mental Force to hide the food thrown by Acerola while eating, and then pretend to have finished eating and float over to ask for it.

Acerola didn’t pierce through, let them ask back and forth to feed these naughty Little Brat.

It wasn’t until this time that Acerola started to touch these Pokemon.

Acerola’s kindness released by these Pokemons responded. The Pokemon who were full had each one, and they did not refuse Acerola’s stretched hand. A few of them fell affectionately Pull on the shoulders.

Luther was looking for signs of the powerful Ghost Type Pokemon being active. Acerola brought two Duskulls on his shoulders, and a team of Drifloon behind his ass approached.

These Little Brat Aserolas are not afraid of people at all with just a little comfort, and even gave up the idea of ​​pranks and followed all the way.

Acerola, who consciously handed out a satisfactory answer sheet, held her head up with a smile, the meaning was obvious, asking for praise.

No matter how clever or childish, Luther met Acerola’s request and praised her fiercely.

The used Acerola smiled and held a Duskull and turned around.

The Ghost Type Pokemon who followed by me obviously didn’t know the meaning of this action, but the emotion of this thing was contagious. Seeing that Acerola was so happy, they all Mimic, incarnation spinning tops in place.

Seeing so many Ghost Type Pokemon spinning around in circles, Luther smiled.

This is really simple, pure happiness, there is no reason, just look at it and feel happy.

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