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If you want to find the Pokemon you need in an unfamiliar place, you need Help from the native Pokemon.

After making these Ghost Type Little Brat happy, Acerola finally got a lot of useful information from them.

Every time at this time, Luther always feels that it is so convenient to have a darkrai telepathic. Although it is not smooth, the main meaning can be translated in place, which is too much trouble.

According to the description of this group of Pokemon, there are indeed many strong Ghost Type Pokemon nearby.

Gengar guarding the Gastly family.

The Drifblim family that basically doesn’t communicate with other Ghost Type Pokemon.

Trevenant, evolved from the abandoned Phantump, shelters the Pokemon of two Attributes, Grass Type and Ghost Type.

As for Dusknoir…

Darkrai translated into confusion after repeated inquiries: “Dusknoir, weird guy.”

It was Duskull who was talking to Darkrai. Dusknoir was also a member of their family. How could you describe it like that?

Under questioning, Duskull explained in detail.

It turns out that it is not only Duskulls who think so. Misdreavus, Drifloon, and Gastly living in this area all think Dusknoir is very withdrawn.

He doesn’t intersect with other Ghost Type Pokemon. He always takes advantage of the night. Mt. Coronet drifts out after the night, and he doesn’t know where he is going.

This behavior is very regular. He will often leave his place of residence once in 5-6 days, and he will often return late at night on the 2nd day, staying outside for a whole day.

Duskulls want to play with him, but Dusknoir always pretends to be absent.

But Dusknoir has a good temper and is kind to people.

Because this Mt. Coronet line is close to the continuous forest of Eterna City, people who lost their way in Eterna Forest often enter it by mistake.

At this time, Dusknoir will quietly point them back to the main path.

This also made him an object of hatred by the Misdreavus. After all, teasing people is their favorite thing to do. Every time Dusknoir coaxes people back, they can only achieve pranks by running back to the Eterna forest.

For this reason, Misdreavus and the others teased Dusknoir once, and they almost triggered a battle between Mismagius and Dusknoir.

“We secretly stole the Black bag he brought back from the outside and hid it. I don’t know why he has such a bad temper…” The Misdreavus seemed aggrieved.

There are also many Misdreavus on Perch Isle, so Luther has an intuitive understanding of the mischief of Misdreavus. He feels that Dusknoir’s things are not just as simple as being hidden, but also as it should be by rights.

Withdrawal, lone ranger, seems to be a collector?

I can’t figure out what he brings back from outside every time, is it possible that it was stolen?

The decision is in the hands of Acerola. Just looking at the existing information, this Dusknoir is not a very good type of dealing, although the information also shows his friendly side to humans.

“Take us to see.” Acerola thought for a while and said to Duskull above her head.

Duskulls looked at each other in blank dismay, and finally threw this task to the one lying on Acerola’s head.

“It seems that these Ghost Type Pokemon are really reluctant, nor dared to deal with that Dusknoir.” Luther said.

After Luther left, the Ghost Type Pokemon suddenly hugged each other, and continued to learn the same as Acerola just now and turned around. It seemed that Mimic was very interesting.

Acerola and Luther, led by Duskull, went around in the gloomy forest. It took nearly half an hour to see the big tree hole Duskull said.

It was a towering Camphrier, and just below Camphrier was a tree hole hidden by branches and some vegetation.

Before he had time to get closer, Darkrai suddenly turned around and extended the hand to grab Luther’s back. The power of Shadow Claw was already contained in this blow.

“Darkrai, stop!” Luther’s instinct was also very keen, and he turned around when he was cold behind him and found Dusknoir who appeared quietly.

This is Dusknoir’s resting area. Breaking in without authorization will naturally arouse his alertness. If you attack rashly, it will only make it more unexplainable.

Darkrai deflected Ability at the last moment and hit Ground.

I don’t know if it is an illusion. Luther felt that Dusknoir in front of him seemed to be only a circle smaller than Miya.

Perhaps seeing Darkrai end in time, Dusknoir’s attacking posture was closed, replaced by confusion and confusion.

“Dusknoir is asking, why are you here?” Darkrai tried to translate.

Luther deliberately didn’t speak, wanting to see how Acerola would say this.

Acerola seemed to be prepared for a long time. She spoke without thinking for too long and said: “We found that you have been returning from Mt. Coronet’s veins with human items, so I want to know why you did this.”

Luther couldn’t help but clap Acerola inwardly.

If you want to subdue a Pokemon that suits your own heart, you need to understand the opponent first, and if it is impossible, you will lose the ball directly.

The information I just got from other Pokemon came in handy immediately.

Though those Pokemon only saw Dusknoir carrying Black’s bag and bringing things to the place where they lived again and again, no one had ever seen what those things were.

In any case, it is good to insist that it is a human thing. If it is not, Dusknoir will take him to check it for explanation. If it is, the topic can continue.

Unlike the expected reaction, Dusknoir panicked.

His big hand waved back and forth, expressing that I am not. I did not wait for the negative meaning. After Darkrai’s translation, I realized that he said “I didn’t steal, that is what humans don’t want.”

So suspicious…No one said he stole it. Is he eager to explain or a clumsy denial resulting in self-exposure?

Furthermore, you are a Ghost Type Pokemon, stealing something and making fun of humans is not a major event.