Pokemon’s Fifth Elite Chapter 841


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Now not only the curiosity of Luther and Acerola is aroused, even the Darkrai can’t help but want to know what a Ghost Type Pokemon secretly brought to their home.

Luther and Acerola still wanted to persuade Dusknoir to lead them in, but seeing Dusknoir rather die than submit, Darkrai knew that the probability was not great, so he decided to be more direct.

Luther was still doing psychological construction for Dusknoir, and a black shadow flashed in front of him, turning his head to look over, Darkrai had already rushed to the tree hole.

Dusknoir was in a hurry and hurried over in a hurry.

Dusknoir knew when Darkrai made an attack just now that he was not an opponent at all, but now he didn’t care about the consequences. He hit Darkrai Ice Punch without thinking about it.

Darkrai didn’t even turn his head, stretched out a hand backwards, and released a light as a feather Shadow Ball.

This Shadow Ball was soft and weak, just for intimidation. Taking advantage of this gap, he slipped into the tree hole.

Dusknoir was sluggish, and he didn’t follow into the hole of the tree. Seeing Luther and Acerola walk in without stopping, the whole Pokemon became pale.

“This…is this reasonable?” Acerola looked at the piles of things stacked in the wide tree hole, shocked.

With the Flash released by Shuppet, Luther could see the Decorate in the cave.

Now I know why Dusknoir is so resistant to come in.

A variety of illustrations and comics are stored in an orderly stack in the corner.

The covers of these books are wrinkled, some pages are even yellow, and some even the title pages are already torn and disappeared.

Luther opened a book at will. It turned out to be a children’s book. The story told is also very easy to understand. Pokemon saved the people in trouble. The two lives recognized each other and became good friends.

Open another book, oh, new tricks.

This comic is not just Pokemon as simple as it is. It focuses on the story of two Pokemon brought together by their own Trainer. The main point of view is Pokemon.

Acerola looked at the paintings on the wall, then at Dusknoir outside the door.

At this time, Dusknoir sticks one’s head around to look for at the door of the tree hole.

Luther also saw the painting on the wall, and he called good guys right now.

If you guess right, it’s basically the big color inserts that come with the comics.

There is a Togekiss stretched out its wings to drag Togepi, surrounded by an illustration of a Pokemon egg that has not yet hatched.

There are illustrations of two beautiful girls kissing among the flying petals.

There is an illustration of a muscular hunk doing a Bulk Up pose to show his muscles.

There is a romantic illustration of a young princess hugging a girl.

No, Dusknoir, what exactly are you, and what illustrations are hanging in your home?

It’s Chef Lily. It’s the fencer who gives you a precise number. It’s hard for you to check the ingredients.

And what is the meaning of the one-person-sized, crookedly carved “paper” on the wall next to it? Is it a new-style dumb puzzle?

Just when Luther and Arcelola turned through these old comics, and after deciphering the meaning of the paper words, Darkrai made new discoveries.

Darkrai, holding two beautiful girl figures, suddenly appeared in front of Luther.

Swimwear, big European style, the fabric is so little that one wonders whether it can play a blocking role.

Dusknoir finally came in, quickly snatching the beautiful girl from Darkrai’s hand at a speed that was not in line with his bloated body, and kept sounding warnings.

Darkrai just didn’t hear you, you can’t beat me again, yelling twice, it’s up to you.

Seeing that Darkrai continued to search in the small dark corner, Shuppet sensibly chased after him. Help illuminated.

“He said, let us, be careful, don’t break it.”

Darkrai’s sentence is as uncomfortable as always, but the meaning is accurately conveyed.

Dusknoir is very precious to his collection, for fear that Darkrai and Luther will be damaged.

Not only that, he immediately ran to check the manga that Luther put back in place just now to check for damage. After reading it, he rushed to Darkrai’s side and continuously told Darkrai to handle it gently.

Luther thinks it doesn’t matter if you don’t handle it lightly. Most of the figures Darkrai found in the recesses in the corners of the wall are defective.

Some have their heads severed, some lack arms and legs, and some have lost their color.

After staying with Luther for a long time, I haven’t seen anything that is poorly made or even defective. Darkrai can’t see the treasure of these things at all.

But he respected Dusknoir, and after reading it, he took these things and put them back in place.

Luther noticed that this Dusknoir is the dead house in Pokemon. No wonder it is so difficult to enter his room and take a look at him.

The reason is simple. I am afraid of being executed in public.

I can also instantly understand why Misdreavus would get angry when the things he brought back were hidden by Misdreavus. According to his performance just now, things that others think are tattered are very valuable in his eyes.

“Ask and see.” Luther said to Darkrai.

Darkrai also knew what Luther wanted to ask, so he continued to talk about it when he was outside.

Since they have all been executed, it doesn’t matter, Dusknoir said frankly.

Dusknoir really didn’t steal the things of the owner. What he stole was garbage that nobody wanted. What he did was more like a trash picker.

A few years ago, Dusknoir found a backpack in the forest that I didn’t know which traveler had dropped. There were many books in it, which should be used to relieve boredom.

The densely packed text is the Heavenly Book to Dusknoir. He couldn’t understand it, so it was very boring.

But those multi-colored illustrations are very attractive to him. Although there is an ugly blank in these paintings, there are words that he can’t understand, but he can understand the content of the paintings.

Because of this, he began to collect all kinds of illustration books and comic books.

However, not every traveler is so carefree, leaving his own things behind, and the addicted Dusknoir can only try to explore the forest.

By chance, he crossed the mountain range and went to a place near the outskirts of Eterna City. There is a garbage disposal plant nearby.

Everyday all, there will be all kinds of garbage that are sorted out and sent here to wait for processing.

After a long period of exploration, he knew that there were things he needed under the category “paper”, but he was afraid that he would forget it afterwards, so he engraved the word paper on his wall.

Because the garbage sent is simply sorted by the person who throws the garbage, few can be perfectly sorted, and the secondary sorting process takes time, so Dusknoir’s garbage stealing has never been discovered.

Because of this, Dusknoir was able to find his first plastic villain in a bag of paper garbage.