Pokemon’s Fifth Elite Chapter 842


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Dusknoir fell in love with these three-dimensional figures at first sight. They are no longer the patterns in the picture album, but the tangible joy.

Although the first figure he found was a defective product, it lacked a leg and couldn’t stand without a stand, but he just made a wooden stand by himself and made her stand up.

The legs can’t help, his ability is limited after all.

Defective products did not affect his enthusiasm. He was not satisfied with the paper classification, but secretly searched for missing figures in other categories.

Can be abandoned, most of them have various problems, so for so long, the only two that have been intact in Dusknoir’s hands are at first Darkrai.

Dusknoir doesn’t like to tease people, his biggest hobby is a Pokemon staying.

Duskull’s companions were no longer willing to play with him after he evolved into Dusknoir, and over time he got used to being alone.

There used to be a lot of Grass Type Pokemon active in this area. Dusknoir can also watch Oddish parties, Bellsprouts dance, and see Volbeat and Illumise couples dancing at night.

But as Ghost Type Pokemons become more and more active in this area, Grass Type Pokemons either went to Trevenant for shelter or left the neighborhood.

Without daily pastimes, lifespan is so long, Dusknoir quickly indulged in these things as soon as he touched them.

For this unique hobby, he has a greater sense of distance from other Ghost Type Pokemon. When it comes to him, he only leaves the impression that Dusknoir always carries a Black bag to go out.

In fact, Dusknoir doesn’t need a large Black bag. After all, every time I steal trash, I filter it out and I don’t need much.

He just found out that he would feel plentiful harvest when he returned to the trip with a big bag, so he chose a big bag specially.

Even if he gets nothing, the big bag hanging on his body can give him comfort.

The joy of finding a large color insert is the same as finding a favorite picture album and turning to a new figure.

They are like gems buried under sand, and the joy of harvest is hard to describe when they are unwittingly discovered.

Dusknoir’s 1st color insert slipped out while reading the book after taking it home. After unfolding it, he discovered that it was a painting several times larger than a small book.

However, many color inserts were crumpled by the trash thrower and couldn’t be seen. Dusknoir could not find much.

The taste and so on, he really doesn’t know.

Lily, fencing?

He is not qualified to pick, he will be happy if he can find it for a long time.

Darkrai was silent, and he decided to apologize for what he did just now.

While speaking, Dusknoir looked at the hand-made hand with a soft expression, and a clear smile could be seen in the red one eye.

He has regarded picking up trash as a pleasure, the only bright color in his boring and monotonous life.

He doesn’t make fun of people or hurt the weak Pokemon, and each minding their own business lives his own dead house life, and uses the cheapest way to get an overwhelming sense of happiness.

Luther wants to know, what is Acerola’s plan now?

Does this Dusknoir’s character fit her liking?

Acerola is still reading the comics.

“I also read this book in the library at Alora, and read it to the children at the time. I like the ending.”

Dusknoir glanced at the title page, and suddenly moved to Acerola with excitement, repeatedly nodded.

Immediately looked towards Darkrai awkwardly.

He wanted to convey what he meant.

Darkrai readily helped him.

In this way, Arcelola and Dusknoir struggled to discuss the ending with the help of the poor translator, Darkrai.

There were not a few words together, but the two sides talked about two minutes.

“I said Dusknoir…” Acerola closed the comic and put it back in place, “Would you like to go to the outside world with me to see?”

Dusknoir was startled, as if thinking carefully about the meaning of this sentence.

“You want to visit the outside world, right?”

“This World is huge, not only Mt. Coronet, but also the garbage disposal plant in the suburbs of Eterna City. The story in the comics is far less exciting than what is happening.”

“Don’t you want to know what interesting things are written in the text-filled books you discarded?”

Acerola smiled: “I will tell you later.”

“You don’t need to go to the trash bag in the future. I will help you buy it. There are many interesting cartoons and beautiful illustrations in this world. You have never seen too many.”

“We can make money to buy the figurines you like. They are no longer incomplete, but they will appear in front of you in the best look.”

Acerola’s smiling face suddenly matched an illustration in Dusknoir’s head.

That is also an enlightenment story. It is about a boy leading his Pokemon back home after a series of trips.

Not very passionate, and the rescue is also very plain. It means to talk about a slightly turbulent but mediocre journey on the whole.

At the end of the story, the boy said with such a smile to Pokemon who was traveling with him, fortunately you have been by my side.

The difference is that the boy’s smile signifies the end of the story.

Acerola’s invitation at this moment is about to begin.

It’s like a story, reflected in reality.

Dusknoir is reluctant to look at the tree hole, the home where I have lived for almost ten years.

Acerola smiled slightly: “I will help you move the things here, don’t worry.”

Dusknoir was silent for a while, and squeezed the two figures into Acerola’s hands. He didn’t want to use Darkrai to convey his intentions, but wanted to express himself.

The most precious thing is handed over to Arcelola, which means Dusknoir has been persuaded.

Acerola took out the Poké Ball, stuck it on Dusknoir’s forehead, and knocked it lightly.

Without shaking, Dusknoir entered the Poké Ball like this.

When he appeared again, he was already helping Luther and Acerola to carry the collection in the tree hole.

After three big bags were hung on Altaria, the tree hole was empty, and only the wall engraved with “paper” was left to tell people who came here.

When Luther and Acerola asked if Altaria felt too heavy, Dusknoir was looking back at the tree hole, still missing something.

“It’s time to go,” reminded Acerola, who was holding a Poké Ball.

Dusknoir froze for a moment, and quickly floated to Acerola.

At the moment it was taken back by Poké Ball, Dusknoir couldn’t help thinking.

What will the story of him and Acerola look like?