Pokemon’s Fifth Elite Chapter 845


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People who die often do not feel that what they have done is unreasonable.

Most of them firmly believe that there is nothing wrong with their choices and practices.

This is how Shinosuke is now. He is about to board the plane to Sinnoh and he is surrounded by the media at the Airport.

He is from a good background, and he is able to cope with such a scene easily, and he even has the mind to build momentum for Sinnoh’s trip.

But he is a little suspicious now.

His eyes crossed the Reporter, and cast him on Nerium who was leaning on Ninetales in the distance and eating potato chips.

“Why isn’t Diantha here yet?”

As early as an hour ago, he saw Nerium standing there when he first arrived at the Airport.

As Diantha’s follower Nerium, Normal followed Diantha.

Maanosuke has long thought about it. If Diantha comes to persuade herself again, she will simply pull Diantha to build momentum. If Diantha can give any promises, he would be happy to cancel this trip.

The media should be looking forward to such a scene, right?

But for an entire hour, the boarding time was almost up, and there was still only Nerium in that position.

Slightly disappointed, Shinosuke waved to the reporters who were taking pictures behind him, turned and walked into the boarding aisle.

Nerium stuffed the finished potato chip packaging into the trash can, wiped the powder from his hands with the fur of Ninetales, and stretched elated.

“If you want to rely on Diantha to build momentum, let’s dream.” Nerium said disdainfully.

She was here because Diantha instructed her. The things Diantha had sent to advise were publicized by Shinosuke in the form of gossip.

But this kind of unproven thing, Diantha’s side naturally bites to death. This is a rumor.

Shinosuke’s self-marketing is very good. Any resource that can be used and the heat, he must go up, even if it is Diantha’s kind reminder, he must follow the heat.

Nerium appeared here just to disgust Shinosuke and make him wait for nothing.

This is not enough to relieve her anger, but Diantha no longer cares about what Shinosuke will look like in the future. Cynthia has never been a very offensive guy. It is impossible to be pushed by her and want to leave Sinnoh as if nothing is wrong.

“I don’t know if I return to Kalos next time, will Shinosuke look like this proudly?” Nerium smiled.

In the first-class cabin, Shinosuke watched his parents sorted out the list of trainers who had been in Sinnoh Region in the past year or two. The list of trainers was very boring.

His strong dominance among peers has made him less likely to look down on players of his age.

Jinosuke very clear about How many promoters behind him want to take advantage of fiercely’s marketing this time, this kind of infinitely close to the act of being a normal person should be very worried.

But Shinosuke is so happy, what he likes most is being all the stars cup themselves around the moon.

Being a Trainer must be the most influential and topical one. What’s the point of being obscured?

I heard that Cynthia, the champion of Sinnoh, has been so low-key that she hasn’t even gone out on the island where she lives in the past year.

Waste, shameful waste!

With so much money, how much can you do?

You can spend money to consolidate your fan base, and you can spend money to allow the media to create infinite momentum for yourself. No matter where you go, it will be the focus of the audience.

Listening to his father reading the information of those peers one by one, Shinosuke got a headache, he interrupted: “Pick the top-notch ones, I’m not interested in miscellaneous fish.”

If it weren’t for the pushers behind the scenes who need a hearty winning streak and a crushing battle effect, he doesn’t want to put on the ring and defeat the challengers one by one.

I went to a city to set up an arena where all cats, dogs, and cats could come up and fight, and I really reduced my identity.

Shinosuke’s father wanted to advise his son to be humble, but when he thought of his record in Kalos, he also agreed with him.

“Recently, a girl named Clarice is in the limelight. It is said that she is the díscíple of the former Elite Four Bertha. Since traveling alone, she has defeated many Trainers, and there are many participants in the former Region Conference.”

“There is also Veilstone City Gym Leader Maylene, which has faint signs of rising. The current Sinnoh Normal Type Elite Yoel has personally trained in Veilstone for nearly two months, and has defeated many powerful Trainers in the warm-up match. /p>

“Are they all in Sunyshore City?” Shinosuke asked.

Shinosuke’s father shook the head: “None, Sunyshore City, as our first stop, seems to have no notable characters.”

Shinosuke suddenly felt that winning 30 consecutive games in Sunyshore City is not too difficult.

Don’t want to waste time, after Shinosuke landed at Sunyshore City Airport, the entourage immediately searched for the venue in the name of discussion.

However, the personnel of Sinnoh Alliance suddenly found the true group.

“Ha, let’s go to Perch Isle for a competition?”

Mainosuke thinks the name of this island is very familiar, and only recalled when the people around him reminded him that this is the island where champion Cynthia lives.

The spokesperson of the capital behind Shinosuke suddenly attached to Shinosuke’s ear and said something quietly.

After listening carefully, Shinosuke smiled and turned his head to replied: “Well, I’ll think about it.”

After entering the hotel, the entourage who learned about the visit of Sinnoh Alliance hurriedly asked if it was necessary to cancel the reservation of the battle venue.

“Cancel, why cancel?” Shinosuke was puzzled. “The public in the Ocean Park in Sunyshore City are playing against the War Zone. You guys will arrange the venue tonight.”

“But, didn’t Sinnoh Alliance send out an invitation?”

As a spokesperson of capital, Elsie wearing glasses looks at the person asking this question like a fool.