Pokemon’s Fifth Elite Chapter 847


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Cynthia got the news a little too late.

In less than three hours, Shinosuke won 30 consecutive victories with no difficulty, and defeated the active Trainers in Sunyshore City who came to hear the news.

The Trainer of Sunyshore City failed miserably.

If I was unprepared in the early stage, I was beaten a completely unprepared, and trainers of any level wanted to try it, and the quota was wasted for no reason.

Then the later stage is simply the problem of insufficient level.

Machinosuke didn’t use any fancy style of play, and only two Pokemon played.

A Noivern and a Death God coffin.

Noivern is the main battle strength, and the Death God coffin is used to provide rest time for Noivern.

At the later stage, there are no Trainers who can’t distinguish the importance and the importance, and play at will. Each of them has been watching for a period of time, and they will be challenged on stage with certainty.

Even so, Noivern still defeated them with no difficulty with only three or two Ability.

Sunyshore City Gym Leader Volkner watched the second half of the match, and he couldn’t stand it after watching it for a while.

Sunyshore City’s often active Trainer has most impressions. Few Trainers who are about the same age as Shinosuke are as good as Shinosuke.

This powerlessness is very desperate.

Although Shinosuke is crazy, he is really strong.

You hate him, you keep playing and want to overturn him, but you only increase the number of wins for him and keep him close to 30 consecutive victories.

The closer you get to your thirty consecutive victories, the less anyone is willing to stand up against Shinosuke.

It’s really too heavy, too depressing.

No one wants to be a stepping stone for Shinosuke to complete his winning streak, nor does he want Shinosuke to wipe out the entire Sunyshore City.

But no one challenges will only make Sunyshore City a laughing stock.

In the midst of suffering, no one knows what mood the thirtieth challenger took up to fight.

But the trainers of Sunyshore City admire him very much. Not everyone has the consciousness that they know that they might be blamed and still has no hesitation in challenging him.

There is no miracle. At this age, Shinosuke’s strength is dominant for peers.

Today’s Sunyshore City did not wait for a new star who could save them, pulling strongly against a crazy tide, and left thirty bitter losses.

Volkner didn’t expect that the first time Volkner came to Perch Isle was because of this kind of thing. He had no time to pay attention to the beauty of Perch Isle. After describing the situation on the scene, he stared at Cynthia stubbornly.

“You said Shinosuke is an easy-to-handle Trainer, but his performance is not as weak as you said.” Volkner decided to correct Cynthia’s opinion.

But Cynthia shook the head.

“I think Lucian is a very easy opponent, but does this have anything to do with the little Gym Leader in the place?”

Volkner was silent.

“I know you are not reconciled. You are the Gym Leader of Sunyshore City anyway. The young Trainer in your city wants to pull the other party off the stage as if they were given away. On the contrary, they have achieved the other party. You are not comfortable.”

“So, among the younger generation, Shinosuke is a well-know figure?” Volkner asked.

Cynthia drank his saliva and slowly said: “He has just passed his birthday, and is 14 years old this year. Under the premise of being plus or minus three years old, there are really not many cards he can play.”

“You have to say that he or the capital behind him has not specifically studied the trainers of each region, and set this rule specifically, I don’t believe it at all.”

“He has already set off for Sunnycore City. There will be a ring in Sunnycore City tomorrow morning. I think the people in Sunnycore City can’t stop it.”

Volkner is anxious: “Then you still take your díscíple to the rescue, is it possible that you want Shinosuke and the capital behind him to continue to expand their influence unscrupulously?”

There was silence for a while, and Volkner heard something he couldn’t believe.

“I am not going to Sunnycore City.”

Volkner was angry. He didn’t expect Cynthia, who was a champion, to say such things.

“Enough, are you still not Sinnoh’s champion? Well, it’s the city where you lived for many years!”

“It doesn’t matter if you usually stay on the island, and I also agree that it is really unnecessary for you to take care of the sesame garlic peel, but is it not worthy of your appearance?”

“Didn’t you plan to bring people to the island and let your díscíple go out?”

It seems that the fiasco of the young Trainer in Sunyshore City really made Volkner a little unacceptable. He used to be so calm that he raged with a series of questions and was very annoyed.

When Volkner said that he was tired and sat back on the sofa, Cynthia said helplessly: “Will you let me explain?”

“Then explain it!”

“The news of Shinosuke’s challenge has spread out. You can check the report online. Trainers from all over the world are constantly visiting Sunnycore City to support them, and even recommend themselves.”

“Sunyshore City failed miserably. There were many people who were not convinced. They all sighed and planned to prove themselves and win glory for Sinnoh.”

“Zinnia won without a big problem, but it also cuts off their chance to prove themselves.”

Cynthia said: “I plan to give them another chance.”

“Shinosuke is like a big fish that stirred the entire pond. All the fish in the pond were awakened. Although the current region barriers have disappeared, many Trainers still know very little about other regions.”


“Thanks to the fermentation of this matter, this group can stay in the comfort zone with a bit of success. Trainer, who was beaten back to its original form after the Conference, understands that this World is huge.”

Volkner heard Cynthia’s words, his anger faded, and he thought about it carefully. Cynthia’s considerations really have long-term significance.

Since people have already raised public opinion, if you don’t use it a little bit here, isn’t it a waste of rhythm?

“I heard that Sunnycore City has a goal of 40 consecutive victories, let’s wait and see.” Cynthia said, “I really like what Luther said to Zinnia…”

“Some failures, the sooner you come, the better.”

While speaking, Miya ran over to inform Cynthia that the people at Sunnycore City Gym wanted to know if she would attend.

“The original story told him that Cynthia said she was not at home.”

Miya pondered for a while before she understood what Cynthia wanted to tell Sunnycore City Gym secretly.

When Miya left, Cynthia looked out the window, leading Zinnia from Bewear and their training, and said to Volkner with a smile.

“Remind you, Zinnia is not my díscíple, she is Luther’s díscíple, I just think she is very interesting and taught a little.”

Volkner was amused: “I heard Bertha and Lucian say that you and Luther disputed the name díscíple, why don’t you recognize it now?”

“You don’t know Luther very well. If you play with him, he will give you some unexpected feedback from time to time. So I like to tease him. I can hear some rare things that I have never heard before. Things, fresh words.”

“Then what new things did you hear about díscíple?”

Cynthia pu chi smiled.

“He said that there must be my teacher for the three-person line, and forcibly said that Zinnia is also the Master of our two.”