Pokemon’s Fifth Elite Chapter 848


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Elsie always felt that Shinosuke was too anxious, and he had been fighting all day in Sunyshore City. Both people and Pokemon should be exhausted and not suitable for directing to Sunnycore City.

“You are their spokesperson, you are an expert in marketing and profit, but you are just a layman in terms of battles.” Shinosuke said, “I know better than you about the current situation.”

After staying in the Sunnycore City hotel, Shinosuke is already preparing for the 2nd day competition.

After the Sunyshore City battle, he has figured out the level of strength of most people in Sinnoh’s age group.

Sure enough, as predicted, not much dazzling.

Noivern didn’t suffer any injuries for the whole day. At most, he accumulated some fatigue. There is no need to rotate at all, and he can continue to play tomorrow.

Opening Sinnoh’s local discussion community, Shinnosuke laughed.

As I expected, my speech was fermenting on the first day, but the atmosphere was quite different.

After seeing his 30 consecutive victories in Sunyshore City, coupled with his own strong battle strength, Trainer has shaken his original views and began to agree with what he said.

Nowadays, there has been an online drama.

If you win, there will be more people willing to speak for you. It’s that simple.

Mu powerhouse exists everywhere.

“A lot of Trainers are rushing to Sunnycore City Snipe Shot?”

“Say my name is not true, impossible to withstand a single blow?”

14 years old, Shinosuke is not calmly like a person of this age, he is not irritated, but smiles faintly.

“People who can’t beat me, everything they say is nonsense.”

Sunnycore City is just a transit point that’s all for him to challenge Veilstone City. His goal is Maylene, who is known as the rising star.

This night, trainers are constantly coming from around Sunnycore City and camping near the open venue where the game will be held tomorrow.

Some of them are self-aware that they are not good enough and come to support the trainer players.

Some of them came here to vent their breath for the trainers in Sunyshore City.

There is also someone who can’t bear the arrogance of Shinosuke and intends to teach him.

All major discussion communities are staring at Alliance, hoping that Alliance will come out and say something and do something, but Alliance is extremely quiet, as if it didn’t notice that Normal.

Zinnia, who is following the development of the situation, is very excited. This guy called Shinosuke should have been her target for training. Now he jumps up and down, but he can only stay on Perch Isle. What is this?

Find Cynthia, but Cynthia asks her to continue training, wait.

Look for Luther, Luther people don’t know where they are.

Acerola, who told the story to Dusknoir and Misdreavus, looked at Zinnia, who was still training and helplessly persuaded: “Anyway, you have to face him, so don’t turn around in front of me, these Little Brat I can’t concentrate on listening to the story.”

Zinnia said sorry, and simply sat beside Acerola.

“You know where the Master is, right?”

According to Grandma’s grandmother, Master has been staying with Acerola recently, to make up for the fact that she had taken too much attention to herself and ignored her some time ago.

Acerola didn’t mean to conceal it, and blunt said: “He went to Sunnycore City. I heard that he wanted to get a closer look at what kind of person Shinosuke was.”

“Why didn’t Master take me there” Zinnia puzzled.

Acerola had guessed why Luther did this, but she didn’t say it. Instead, she told Zinnia crafty that she didn’t know.

Zinnia on the island was depressed because he couldn’t play, but Luther who was watching the game was depressed because of Sunnycore City Trainer level.

Compared to the Sunyshore City Sucker Punch-style Captain on the first day, Sunnycore City has no doubt received the news this time and is well prepared.

There are also surrounding cities and Trainer support during travel. It stands to reason that even if there is a gap in talent and level with Jinosuke, as the battle progresses, the strength of the trainer that appears should also increase.

But what Luther saw was that the top ten people who took the stage to challenge Shinosuke’s decline were as fast as a certain country raising the white flag.

Abandoning the prejudice against Shinosuke, there is no doubt about Shinosuke’s personal strength. The battle is solved cleanly and without wasting a bit of his physical strength when playing Pokemon. Very clear about how to play the game in pursuit of winning streak.

It’s not that no one can shake his Noivern. The Skarmory carried by the Trainer who played just now is very close to causing Noivern to be hit hard.

However, Pokemon, who was quickly replaced by Shinosuke, released the Death God coffin.

The Death God coffin has a very disgusting Characteristic Trait, a mummy.

A contact attack on him will invalidate the Characteristic Trait. After figuring out the opponent’s lineup, sending a Death God coffin can effectively target some Pokemon who are used to playing close-up output.

The Death God coffin of Shinosuke is a full-fledged fleshy coffin. It has a solid skin and is resistant to beatings. It even ate several shots of Ability from the front, even if it was hit by the key, it could continue to fight.

After this Trainer carrying Skarmory was defeated, the surrounding crowd shouted regret.

I don’t know when their requirements have become very low.

Just defeat one first.

There are so many Trainers here, how can you win the wheel fight to the end.

Shinosuke’s ring battle is considered to give the challenger the advantage of choosing the rules by himself. Just now, Skarmory chose three to three, no limit.

However, Luther was helpless when he heard their discussion. After the fierce collision, many people were convinced or scared by Shinosuke’s strength.

Cynthia and Luther had an argument yesterday.

Luther said that he really doesn’t care about fame, because as long as he hits and hits, he will naturally have a lot of supporters.

Cynthia doesn’t believe it. In her opinion, Shinosuke’s practice in Sunyshore City is very annoying, and the Trainer in Sinnoh Region should be very disgusted.

Now it seems that the locals in Sinnoh Region are very excited, and the Trainer group is indeed shaken.

Cynthia thinks too much as it should be by rights. The bottom-level Trainer has always followed the wind to worship the powerhouse. It can be understood immediately by thinking about how Galar Leon’s worship trend emerged.

“The 23rd person.” Luther shook the head, except for the Trainer who carried Skarmory, the rest of them couldn’t get into his eyes at all.

After playing this game, no one played for a long time.

Maybe it is the psychological pressure on the challenger from winning streak streak, or it is about to come to the end, so whoever loses may be pointed fingers by outsiders. In short, the scene is silent.

“Since no one comes up, I’ll take a drink and take a break. It doesn’t matter, right?”

No one spoke out to stop Shinosuke, and his suppressive force also won him the right to speak.

If this is the first day in Sunyshore City, Shinosuke will definitely be stopped by the people below.

“The wind has become so fast.” Luther sighed.