Pokemon’s Fifth Elite Chapter 957


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According to Ron, although there are other voices in the top of the Sinnoh Alliance, the main theme is still sitting and watching Galar Alliance jokes.

If you want to host a tournament, you need multiple Alliances to work together and part of their rights.

“If the transfer of this right allows the Trainers to have a better fighting atmosphere, it is worth a try. After all, some blueprints described by Galar Alliance are still very attractive.”

“It’s just that what Galar has revealed through the press conference at this stage makes us feel that they are hiding selfishness.”

The eight-master finals are scheduled to be held in Galar Region Wyndon, and it was not stated in the press conference that this Top Rank Conference will be held in each Region in turn.

Everyone is old fox. Do you really think you can’t smell it if you play word games?

So Sinnoh Alliance now responds to all questions about the new competition system in a unified way, “The specific details should be explained by the Galar Alliance before we can answer.”

This answer has become a model essay for the Region Alliance.

Indigo Alliance followed up, Hoenn Alliance copied, Unova Alliance seconded.

Kalos Alliance smiled and said that he did not read the news, and suggested that Galar Alliance bring its own plan to explain it.

Alora Alliance, which has already established its embryonic form, has also followed the pace of other Alliances in a large area.

Furthermore, their collision with the Galar Alliance on talent plundering made them impossible and Galar aside.

In the lobby of Cynthia’s villa, people gather.

Steven doesn’t clean the ruins of Diancie, Cynthia doesn’t play games anymore, and Caitlin is even more sleepy.

Alder and Bertha used to fight comfortably at the Stadium, so they had to put down the match after hearing the news and ran back.

All Alliance executives in various regions are discussing intensely. As the champions of the Trainer group, the Elite Four are naturally also discussing the ranking system of the Galar Alliance in their own channels.

Diantha held her hands and watched the recording of the press conference that night, with a disdainful smile on her lips.

Steven wiped a piece of amethyst that had just been unearthed from the ruins of Diancie, his eyes swept across the faces of other people from time to time, but he didn’t comment.

Alder rubbed his chin, looking at the current list of news about the competition system printed by Acerola, lost in thought.

Adu got stuck in the sofa, throwing a Poké Ball in his hand, he wanted to say something, and then he closed his mouth.

Cynthia is as indifferent as ever.

She is the only one who expressed her opinion.

“It is Alliance’s business to change the Alliance. I am Trainer. I only care about whether this competition system is good for me or not.”

Finally polished the amethyst to the floor, and Steven smiled and greeted Zinnia to her side and stuffed it directly into her hand.

Zinnia took it happily and left, completely forgetting the important things, and was pulled back by Luther and pressed his head to say thank you to Steven.

Steven waved his hand, then turned his head and looked towards Cynthia.

“I think Cynthia is right. Our identity is Trainer. If this matter is good for Trainer, we should support it instead of looking at Alliance.”

Adu finally clarified his thoughts and said: “If the information provided now is the pure Integral Points system of the eight masters, then the original unwritten rules of the Alliance will be broken, and we can also be in public It’s a public battle.”

“On this point, I think this format is still good.”

“If you want to divide it up, Perch Isle’s Big Stadium has exactly the same effect.” Yoel held up his notebook.

He then quickly wrote: “Moreover, there is no harassment from the public opinion environment. No matter how you play outside, there will eventually be off-court factors. This is not the case here.”

Adu was nodded and laughed loudly: “So, if this competition system is announced before the big Stadium comes out, it is still very attractive to me, now it is not attractive at all.”

“The eight masters still need to play Integral Points to maintain their rankings, and they need to show up continuously in public.”

“I take care of the championship. The investigator is already busy, and I have to be distracted to do something. It’s too tired.” Adu spread his hands and said, “I want to play rankings, why not play in Perch Isle?”

“Just a few people, eight masters per capita.” Adu said with a smile, “Depending on the number of people, we can have ten masters and twelve masters.”

Amused by Adu’s words, Mira covered her mouth and smirked.

Diantha, who has not spoken all the time, turned sideways and glanced at Luther: “Don’t tell me, if it weren’t for the big Stadium you made, I’m really moved.”

“Wait a minute, wait a minute, isn’t this what you suggested? I just helped you plan a bit and provided the venue by the way.” Luther decided to remind everyone in front of him.

Luther also recollected after listening to the dialogue. He was able to play freely, divided up and down, and perfectly hit the strike zone of each Region Elite Four and champion.

Originally, because of the Alliance unwritten rules, everyone could not be serious, which made them feel uncomfortable.

The new competition system of Galar Alliance pierced that layer of window paper, which is a great thing for them.

“so that’s how it is, every news revealed in the press conference is their thoughtful consideration.” Luther frowned.

The bottom trainer needs more intuitive feedback, and the qualifying system can provide rankings so that they can easily know their level.

Many Trainers need a similar level of opponent, and the battle mechanism makes them rank almost the same as their own.

For Peak Level Trainer, Galar promises to provide a stage where you can enjoy a battle without interference.

It’s no wonder that Trainer, both in forums and in reality, find this format very interesting.

The news that Galar has given at this stage is all positive for Trainer.

Diantha, who had been silent, met Luther inadvertently.

“The next step should be good capital.”

“Hey?” Luther was stunned at hearing this.

Diantha pouted and laughed and explained seriously.

“After gaining extensive support from Trainer, it is estimated that the major Alliances cannot ignore the demands of their own Trainers. This must be one of the reasons for the Galar wave six months ago.”

“Through the Galar trend, more people will have a deeper understanding of Galar and pave the way for the reform of the competition system.”

“But just having Trainer support is not enough. Each Alliance needs to transfer a portion of its benefits, which is very difficult for the Region Alliance to accept.”

“Not to mention that the tournament system may destroy the foundation of the Region Conference. Everyone’s resistance will be obvious.”

“At this time, capital is needed to enter the sweet jujube.”

Diantha said with great certainty: “In the future, you will see that the new competition system is good for capital and news that will help Trainer to pursue dreams.”