Pokemon’s Fifth Elite Chapter 958


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In Perch Isle, Diantha is the most sensitive to public opinion.

In Vanity Fair for many years, I am familiar with various public relations incidents.

In recent years, Diantha has also served as a champion and walked in the show business world. Rumors have appeared from time to time, and the public opinion environment of Kalos can be said to be more severe than other regions.

It was such an environment. Diantha stepped down from the stage of making gods, but there was not much trouble.

Even Luther deliberately searched for relevant reports. Most people took the initiative to take Diantha’s side and began to reflect on the fanatical self in the past.

Luther didn’t know what Diantha and the team behind her did to curb this fanaticism and finally relieved her burden peacefully.

This kind of ability and method can only make Luther say, admire.

And once again proved that Perch Isle is only a waste.

Diantha’s words were quickly verified.

The Galar Alliance did not rush to negotiate with other Region Alliances, but began to announce the rewards of the qualifying system.

“The top 1000 trainers are rewarded with Alliance coins.”

“The higher the rank of Trainer, the more rewards you get.”

“The higher the rank of Trainer, the higher the reward algorithm will be.”

Courtney was a little moved while reading.

“Good guy, according to the current public reward standards, if I saw it back then, I would not go to Team Magma. I dreamt that Groudon couldn’t have a qualifying excitement.”

Mira squeezed Courtney’s face: “Wake up, Groudon is still nearby, and ah, I think you would go to Groudon back then even if you had a ranked game.”

“You person, if you don’t suffer a loss, how can you look back obediently and honestly and live a down-to-earth life.”

“It hurts, it hurts, I will get angry if I pinch it again, believing or not I pinch it back!” Courtney shouted.

This threat has no effect on Mira. After pinching, she ran back to tease her Gengar casually.

I don’t know when, when discussing the new format of Galar, everyone will not be absent.

After Miya and Mira collected enough information, everyone gathered together, and it was already routine to conduct a wave of analysis.

In this team, there is Diantha, a big hand who can smell the traces from the wind of public opinion.

There are Steven and Miya who are experienced in business and capital operations.

In addition, Alder and Cynthia are very familiar with Trainer’s psychology.

Adu who understands the needs of Peak Level Trainer, or it can be said that all the great trainers in Perch Isle.

Today’s news is very informative. Caitlin uses Psychic to control the large display on the wall of the hall.

Reading back and forth several times, she exclaimed: “So courageous.”

The Galar Alliance has lost its capital. The first thousand Trainers received rewards enough to support themselves, and they also promised to further expand the scope of commercialization and accelerate the pace of commercialization in the future.

The funds introduced will continue to be invested in subsidies to Trainer, and will assist Trainer in connecting with sponsors, so that they have a better environment to improve themselves.

After a thousand trainers, it’s not just about watching others eat meat and soup. Galar Alliance may have made a promise that it will gradually increase other incentives to benefit them.

And some awards that can keep Trainer’s name are even more exciting.

For example, the selection of the best matches on a weekly basis and monthly basis.

The best matches of the week selected will enter the selection of the best matches of the year.

Who doesn’t want to win the beautiful and exciting battle scenes to be known to everyone?

With this combination of punches, it’s no wonder Courtney said he was very interested.

Most Trainers are generating electricity for love, and those who can really enjoy the benefits of Trainer are mostly in the upper middle class of this group.

And those who are really well-known are often only a few people.

Sinnoh, a huge population, has a population of 100 million at its peak. Excluding those hermits who may be really capable but unwilling to participate in the Alliance Conference, only a small group of people like Cynthia can call it Peak Level Trainer.

Placing the data will break the Bubble named Dream, and the numbers are so intuitive that it makes people feel cold.

Every year, countless children go out of the house and embark on a journey for their dreams.

They sang songs, recalling the stories sung in the mouths of their parents and elders on TV.

Walk across mountains and rivers with Pokemon, climb over the snow-capped Snow Mountain, walk through steep hills, and cross rugged woodland.

Some people recognized themselves in the process, or lost their fighting spirit, and returned sadly. The rest of their lives looked at the silhouettes standing on the stage, just smiled, and then buried their dreams deeply.

They will listen to the words of their elders, choose a job silently, learn to tolerate plainness, cherish the impulsive and passionate Pokemon with them, and grow up slowly.

Until I had a child, I talked about the interesting things during the journey again, reminiscing about the passionate life that was intense but quickly withered.

Not to let children learn from themselves, nor to let them really embark on a journey.

It’s just that the flame that has dimmed in my heart reignites unwillingly.

It’s obviously just a little fire star, but I just want to ignite the child too, and want him to be enthusiastic.

“I can’t, maybe he can.”

This is the mentality of countless parents at that moment.

They understand the cruelty of this road, but they also understand the beauty of this road.

For a long time, becoming a Trainer and embarking on a journey, having an encounter, learning to grow, has become an experience for children to grow.

He gave birth to countless children with dreams, and made countless people feel sad. When he grew up, he talked about nothing but emotions, or smoke rings spit out of his mouth, and alcohol on the wine table.

Some people didn’t give up, they kept going, they kept going.

I have seen the scenery of this World surging forward with great momentum, and I have encountered many living beings.

Every beautiful encounter between life and life has made a beautiful story after another, and it has become a conversation at the bonfire one night.

When I met Furrret, I gave him a few Berry, and smiled at his greedy and vigilant appearance when he ate Berry.

Seeing Zangoose and Seviper fighting against each other, they stopped and watched from a distance. Smoke and dust were everywhere, and the red-eyes were staggered in the air like lightning and separated.

Watching Goldeen from the stream, following the seaking upstream, flying over the man-made bridge like leaking over the dragon’s gate.

Standing in the woodland, see Ariados and Beedrill, the jungle bullies fighting for an inch of territory.

Between green sea and blue sky, Wingull flew high with the gull and followed the passenger ship on the vast sea.

The sea is turbulent, and Wailord confronts the Thorn Dragon King, and the heaven overflowing giant wave can be set off only after a short while.

The top of Snow Mountain, the chill is biting, the biting cold wind penetrates into the collar and pierces the skin, but it can’t kill the boiling blood at that moment.

Because you are lonely, between Heaven and Earth bleakly, in the vast snow, I caught a glimpse of the moment of Absol’s activity.

You look at each other silently, as if you have a spirited heart, and then in the next moment, you will leave.

You and him just met by chance, maybe there is only this moment in this life to have an intersection.

You didn’t say a word, but at the moment your eyes met you knew the other’s intentions.

In the dark cave, Flash’s sudden light awakened the residents in the darkness.

The sound of flapping wings, the noisy sound of ears, the headless flies, the normal flying Zubat, squeezed towards you like a tide. Before you can drive them away, they attacked each other in chaos, making you look confused. .

As you go deeper and deeper, Geodude, who gnaws on rocks and minerals, grabs the rocks in his hands and begins to protect the food.

Diglett, who is boring and punching a hole, is very wary of you. After a while, Dugtrio rushes forward aggressively, using threats to hide his timidity.

The shy and fearful Dunsparce has just been irradiated by light, and there is only a big hole left on Ground, nothing else.

Your Poké Ball at first only received one partner, followed by the second one, the third one…

More and more partners gather around you, and there are more and more shining “hardwork” lying in your Badge box.

Seeing the vastness of this World, you stand tall and move towards the highest position.

There is only one at that position.

Under that position, there are not many Trainers worthy of recognition.

After many hardships and obstacles, you think you will never lose again.

But didn’t expect, people who came here also thought like this.

The person who loses the game, no matter how exciting the experience, will not be heard.

Luther is the one who climbed up. He is very clear about the difficulty of the road.

The trainers who chase dreams have no income. Many times they are just for a love, and for a belief that pops out of their heads when they meet during a trip, and they persist until the end.

If you fail, your anger will vent.

From the standpoint of Trainer, if the rewards Galar promised can be implemented in place, more Trainers will have the confidence to stick to that elusive dream.

Because the rewards they provide, according to the standard of normal people, not only can ensure a warm and saturated living, but also have a surplus.

They will not suddenly say “I’m tired, go home.” when climbing a certain mountain.

Nor will it be impossible to say nothing except “dream” when parents ask about the future.

This piece of information from the Galar Alliance gave countless Trainer dreams a sigh of relief.

Even Alder, who laughed at Galar Region and other Regions for organizing the new competition system, has to say that it is good for Trainer.

This is just the first sweet date that Galar Alliance has commercialized in qualifying. This sweet date is full of Captivate.

Such rewards can be given out by Galar alone. What if other Alliances join forces?

It’s definitely not just the people in Perch Isle who have divergent thinking. Trainer who sees Galar’s new news at this moment will definitely subconsciously dream about it.

There are more Alliances supported. This reward may not only be 1000, but 2000, or even 3000…

Every time I expand back a little bit, I feel a little more hopeful.