Pokemon’s Fifth Elite Chapter 960


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Steven sat quietly in the auditorium of the Big Stadium, watching Darkrai and Garchomp two figures flash and fight in the field at high speed, and looked at the giant golden monster beside him from time to time.

“Cynthia is well raised. I don’t know who else can breed such a Garchomp.”

tone barely fell, the small wings on Garchomp’s forearms turned into sharp blades, Fury Cutter Darkrai counted his knives, curled his tail, three-pronged approach, hitting Darkrai too far.

Darkrai placed the Ice Beam with both hands, but Garchomp freely shuttled out between the two white lights.

Before leaving, I didn’t forget to extend the hand. The knife scraped Garchomp again, as if to mock his Ability for being slow.

Darkrai was very angry, staring at Garchomp before him, and remembering the days when he had just met Luther.

At that time, Garchomp used the experience of the battle to crush himself mercilessly, so that he could not fully display his power.

Time has passed so long, he not only understood what the fetters in Garchomp’s mouth meant, but also accumulated a lot of experience around Luther.

But why did he still have to fight Garchomp with a close result.

He wanted to win, he wanted to give him a violent beating against this guy who always preached to him.

Darkrai doesn’t want to be teased by Azumarill, even Garchomp can’t beat it.

He got a headache when he heard Azumarill boast that he could leave a wound on Garchomp’s back during Marill’s time.

I thought it was a lie, but when combined with Jumpluff and Gardevoir, it turned out to be true.

How is this possible?

Untrustworthy, absolutely untrustworthy, you are all lying to me!

Darkrai got angry and found Garchomp to confront.

“Yes, I was injured by Marill. It’s true.” (Chapter 193)

Darkrai thought Garchomp was angry with him, but seeing his jokes and extremely firm eyes, Darkrai exploded.

It’s the round balloon, you can’t see your legs even when you lower your head, and you can blow it up with a rope.

Just that silly, stupid, makes people wonder if she is a stubborn second-hand?

Just the fatty that Snorlax possesses besides eating and sleeping?

Just her, can you hurt Garchomp?

Originally, Luther looked for Steven and asked the giant golden monster to provide training, but Darkrai refused to ask for Garchomp by name, otherwise he would…he would…

He won’t translate what other Pokemon said to Luther!

Luther listened to Darkrai telling a threat like a joke, the muscles on his face twitched constantly, afraid that he would laugh out loud.

Absolutely didn’t expect Darkrai to be so humorous.

In order to prevent Darkrai from telling such jokes, Luther invited out Garchomp, who was supposed to be added to the lineup during special training to make Darkrai difficult.

Darkrai very clear about, one-to-one, that is, each depends on ability.

If it is a special training, there are two guys Mismagius and Chansey, and I only have to be beaten by Garchomp.

Such a one-on-one collision has been going on for more than half a month, and the two sides have always been regardless of the strength of the battle.

But with experience, Garchomp still stabilizes Darkrai.

Darkrai looked at Garchomp and squinted his eyes with a smile every time he won a challenge.

“Why did Azumarill leave a wound on his back!”

Darkrai yelled depressedly, he was going crazy.

Garchomp moves extremely fast, guards against his fragile back, and will not be exposed easily.

Darkrai moved behind him several times, but was interrupted by Garchomp’s early warning release of Ability, and he was almost in the attack range.

Azumarill should have been a little blue in Marill’s time. What killing move does she have to do this?

“Make do.”

After seeing Luther nodded signal that today is the end of the day, Garchomp dropped two words at Darkrai, then glanced at the giant golden monster in the distant stand, spreading his wings and flying away from the Big Stadium.

Playing with the Sapphire ring that symbolizes Perch Isle’s identity in his hand, Steven stretched out his patted pleated pants and got up and walked over to Luther.

“Very good, but Darkrai is a little impatient and feels pissed.”

Luther also noticed that during this time, Darkrai played very hot against Garchomp, as if holding back his energy.

Ask Darkrai, but Darkrai is reluctant to say, trying to hide his little secret.

Darkrai hearing this, still silent, turned his head proudly, snorted.

Luther got interested, and deliberately detoured in front of Darkrai, forcing him to look directly at himself.

“If you don’t tell me, I can go to Caitlin to ask other Pokemon, when the time comes, I can execute the sentence publicly…”


Darkrai reacted quickly. Knowing that he could not stop Luther from looking for assistance outside the court, nor could he stop Caitlin’s mouth, he quickly spoke.

After listening to Darkrai’s description, Luther has a stomachache.

He laughed so much that his stomach twitched, and put his hands on it, and he couldn’t breathe all of a sudden, so that his chest was tight.

“Ha…Ha…Darkrai, haven’t you asked other Pokemon for details?”

“Details?” Darkrai rolled his eyes, always feeling like…

is it possible that was fooled by that blue fatty?

“Cynthia deliberately played in a mess in that game, which encouraged me to be confident.”

Thinking of this, Luther is always grateful.

On the way to grow up, Cynthia is not as instructive as to other people, but she often helps herself in subtleties.

“Garchomp was so dizzy under the command of Cynthia, he would be chased and beaten by Marill, and he was injured even after being hit.”

Darkrai was stunned in place, as if everything around him was drifting away from him. It took a long time before he heard another smirk.

Steven was holding back in pain, he absolutely didn’t expect, Luther’s most powerful Pokemon, turned out to be so irritable to be angry with Azumarill.

But he was angry about something that was distorted.

Darkrai’s face is very dark. Although it is pitch black and there is no difference, Luther can feel the wonderful and changeable expressions under his dull face.

Everyone told the truth to Darkrai, but only half said it, and he just limped Darkrai.

The anxious Darkrai raised his hands high, the Dark Void gathered, and wanted to launch Lash Out.

But when I looked up, it was Luther and Steven again. It was not appropriate to hit anyone, so I had to hold back my breath.

For a long time, under Luther’s comfort, Darkrai gradually agreed with Luther’s statement.

“Azumarill has not really hurt Garchomp anyway, so you who have already had this record, can you show off?”

Darkrai suddenly enlightened, and Luther smiled and gave Steven a thumbs up.

“The Pokemon on Luther was pretty good. If you and Lairon were so good at the beginning, I wouldn’t have a headache.”

The giant golden monster glanced at Steven, and didn’t give Steven any reaction, as if he hadn’t heard it.

This move made Steven couldn’t help knocking him on the body.