Pokemon’s Fifth Elite Chapter 961


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“The Galar Alliance announced the tournament format so far, and it has received a large number of trainers from various regions. The calls for increasing award seats and awards are very high, which makes us flattered.”

“The Galar Alliance has listened carefully to the feedback from each Region Trainer. In order to take care of the trainers’ feelings and provide more room for growth and benefits to outstanding Trainers, the Galar Alliance will carefully consider the feedback and discuss the feasibility of reward changes.”

“The Galar Alliance promises to spare no effort to improve the growth environment of the bottom trainer, accelerate the pace of commercialization, and benefit more trainers with aspirations and dreams.”

The voice of the Galar Alliance spokesperson on the TV echoed in the hall.

The eyes of everyone are twisting orchid fingers, here is Diantha drinking tea elegantly.

Although there is a slight discrepancy, this set of words is almost the same as Diantha said here not long ago.

Adu Encore said: “Great, Galar Alliance should hire you as a spokesperson in the past, so that everyone will only have more confidence in the new competition system.”

“Diantha launched the ability to predict the future.”

Lucian blew a whistle, still facing Caitlin.

The tea cup in Lucian’s hand flew out all of a sudden, an acceleration flew back again, the water in the cup was thrown on Lucian’s face, and the tea leaves were hung on that expensive suit.

Espeon looked left and right, and decided to continue chasing his tail in circles.

Instead of worrying about your second-hand owner’s accident because of the fire, you might as well find yourself happy.

Bronzong catered to Petilil’s idea, working on Mimic’s other Pokemon voices with a deep voice.

Girafarig didn’t know how to play in the snow in the courtyard.

In short, I just ignored what happened just now.

The annual vacation is coming to an end, but no one wants to return to their Region.

A’du has already handed over a lot of the affairs of search officers years ago, and things that don’t require him to do his own work are becoming more and more, and he finally doesn’t need to run around the whole year like last year.

As for Johto, Kanto Region’s Indigo Alliance, I’m afraid I won’t have the energy to pay attention to major events outside of the Galar Alliance.

Adu decided to take a leisurely trip too, and look at the wind on Perch Isle before making plans.

Unova Alliance was so troubled by Galar Alliance before the Vertress Conference was held, but it was a bit embarrassing. Even with Alder, he could only watch the changes.

Diantha asked Nerium to tidy up some of her curled hair. Hearing other people’s decisions, she was very envious.

Because of business activities, she can stay here at most half a month and will leave.

Sometimes Diantha is quite envious of Cynthia, just staying on Perch Isle, occasionally going to the Alliance to show her presence, and going out to get a wave of reputation when there are things that are difficult for the government to solve.

Unfortunately, Diantha still hopes to leave more marks on the screen, she can’t be so comfortable.

Time flies like a white horse, fleeting, every stage of life has the beauty of every stage, it is impossible to keep that moment forever.

In this world, nothing is immortal. Even the classics that have been handed down to this day have the risk of being bitten by insects and ants due to improper preservation. It is more likely that natural and man-made disasters will be completely wiped out.

The spirit will also be misinterpreted over time, and will be decorated with different meanings by people from different positions.

Understand these, only then will I become more aware of the preciousness of the present.

Diantha and Pokemon continue to leave their marks in film and television works, hoping to freeze the most beautiful moments.

If you can’t keep it, please remember as much as you like.

Lysandre thinks that beautiful things should be made beautiful forever. It was just a joke in Diantha.

However, Lysandre’s determination at the moment of the conversation, and the enthusiasm in his eyes, made Diantha startled.

Like Luther reminded myself, be careful with Lysandre…

Back to Perch Isle this time, Diantha wanted to ask Luther a few times when she was alone, what he knew about Lysandre.

However, she never asked.

Intuitively told her that Luther said clearly that it was not because he didn’t treat her as his own.

It’s because she wouldn’t believe what she said, even if she was an acquaintance or friend.

With this kind of EQ, her strong intuition made her wary of Lysandre Peak.

Coinciding with the Galar Alliance’s new competition system for ranking competitions, Kalos Alliance has a high degree of commercialization, and it is very likely that the smell of the smell will depend on Galar’s announcement of capital cooperation.

“Is it possible that Luther said that Team Flare, where Lysandre is located, will turn around in this matter?”

This is also the reason why Diantha needs to return to Kalos Region as soon as possible. She is the champion, and she has to deal with some things.

Luther missed Diantha’s eyes, and he picked up Espurr who was playing on the ground and was playing with cats.

Listening to Espurr’s comfortable “snoring” sound of the emperor’s engine, Luther took her in his arms and felt the touch of the fluff.

Diantha talked a few times and then stopped, Luther already vaguely felt what she meant.

I didn’t say it before, it’s really because Lysandre has deep roots in the Kalos tree.

Moreover, such a local tyrant who helps the poor, develops high technology and benefits Kalos is an approachable and good person in front of anyone.

Luther, the prophet, is quite tangled.

You grabbed Diantha and said that Lysandre intends to rebel and destroy the world after the conference held by Kalos Alliance…

Diantha probably only patted Luther on the head, then told him that the joke was not funny, and described Lysandre’s charity in detail.

Even if Diantha takes it seriously, go back and inform the Alliance to search… Good guy, a beat the grass to scare the snake, Lysandre might not decide to make it more concealed, when the time comes is even worse.

He had to let Diantha leave the impression of “Lysandre has a problem” through the identity of a friend, and hope that she could detect the abnormality of Lysandre in daily communication, and finally achieve the purpose of Diantha’s own inquiry.

Now Diantha doesn’t know why she is suspicious of Lysandre, but it is a good start.

Coming to this World, so many things have changed. He doesn’t believe that he can’t bypass Lysandre’s image of “Entrepreneur of conscience”, which makes Kalos Alliance react.

“Luther, what are you thinking about, so fascinated.” Adu pushed Luther, “Galar has something new again.”

On the computer screen, a message once again Aftermath joined the Trainer group.

“There are already five regions, and more than forty sponsors are optimistic about the holding of the tournament, and they have decided to issue additional rewards to the trainer who ranked above 1000 for the first time.”

A very simple announcement, the content is also listed, thank those companies.

This announcement is very lethal, because in the list, Luther and the others have found regulars who used to support various Region Conferences.

This shows that the capitals who smell meat are constantly moving closer to the Galar Region.