Pokemon’s Fifth Elite Chapter 963


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“No, I absolutely disagree with any world tournament system to join, where do they come from, and where do they roll back.”

A middle age person stands up, refuting the previous speaker’s remarks with emotion.

His eyes were red, as if he wanted to devour that life Normal.

The top executives gathered in the Sinnoh Alliance Conference in Lily of the Valley Island.

The proposal of the Galar Alliance world championship, the various policies that have emerged, and the special envoy of Galar Alliance came secretly to negotiate the content.

These things forced them to have an emergency meeting.

The conference room with dozens of people gathered Elite people from all aspects of the Sinnoh Alliance. They are the backbone and soul of the entire Sinnoh Alliance. Every decision made will have a huge impact on Sinnoh.

This time is no exception.

As for whether to join the world championship system advocated by Galar, everyone in the Conference Hall will come and go, each airs his own views, but no one can convince anyone.

Zong Zhi, who is in charge of Lily of the Valley Conference events, has just denounced an Elderly who is a Galar platform. His words are fierce, and he does not give the face of a little bit because he is older.

“Zongzhi, this is not your department in charge. Don’t yell here. We are not your subordinates. We are controlled by you. Everyone each airs his own views, is it possible that you still want people to shut up. !”

Someone immediately responded to the old man who was angered by Zongzhi.

“At this stage, the Galar Alliance is very sincere, and it has also given a bargaining chip and rewards that are difficult to refuse, and this move will help the major alliances to be twisted together.”

“Older people have experienced the chaos of the early years, time passed, and the region has been inherited for a long time, and they have forgotten that chaotic history.”

“Regions have strong barriers and attack each other. Pokemon is only a tool of war, and Trainer is only a soldier. The war continues year after year, morality is degraded, and law is corrupted.”

“Our older generations worked so hard to make the people happy and settled today. Trainer is no longer prejudiced because of the Region, and it is the result of being able to travel everywhere.”

We don’t talk about Galar every sentence, but every sentence rely on age to show of age, Ron on the seat is silent, watching all this quietly.

“The youngster only sees the right to let out, but can’t see this step that is about to be taken, my humble opinion, my humble opinion!”

“Although this cooperation is a small step, it is indeed a big step across the era. If it can be achieved, it will be an epic Normal initiative for all Trainers and even all Alliances in the region.”

“Imagine that the Alliance within the region eliminates the final boundary, fuse together, and the line is consistent. Isn’t it the prosperous age that everyone has imagined since childhood?”

Zongzhi’s subordinates got his eyes and stood up, pointing to the old man who had just spoken loudly.

“Sheshan Senior, I respect you Senior, but I didn’t let you rely on age to show of age!”

“Junior, pay attention to your words!”

“I didn’t pay attention, what can you do with me?” Zongzhi’s younger brother was also stiff and directly pushed back.

“You people are immersed in the eternal illusion of the prosperous age every day, where you fantasize about the alliances as one, and now you use this illusion to talk nonsense on today’s occasions, it is stinking!”

“Lily of the Valley Conference has been the stage for Sinnoh Region Trainer to prove himself since ancient times. It has never been cut off even when the wind and rain are shaking. He is the flame in Sinnoh Trainer’s heart. Light!”

“How many Trainers constantly hone themselves in order to get the highest honor, travel around, and stay warm and cold.”

Zongzhi’s little brother got more and more excited as he spoke, pointing at the man and shouting, “And you, trifling will leave this glorious stage aside in a few words, and for your fantasy, admit what world championships are.”

“I would like to ask you, what is your intention? Could it be that you have collected black money from Galar Alliance!”

One sentence caused an uproar.

For a time, many people stood up.

“Zongzhi, this is your subordinate who came out of discipline. Not only does he disrespect the old, but he also wantonly slander people and splash dirty water.”

“The conference discussed today is a major event. How can you tolerate such bad words? I want to ask you what your intentions are.”

“Zongzhi, you are the event manager of the Lily of the Valley Conference. I know that Galar’s actions have hurt your interests, but you can’t make such remarks. Kindness makes money, and kindness makes money.”

Ron was eating potato chips and wanted to see if there would be a fight, but after the peacemaker appeared, it was obviously not.

But the argument continues.

Because Zongzhi himself broke out even more fierce news.

“You said we splashed dirty water, then you can take a look at these photos!”

On the big screen, the special envoy of Galar Alliance and some Elderly chatted happily in the teahouse, and some of the faces inside were the ones who had just been assaulted.

“Dare to ask a few seniors, what did you talk about with Galar’s envoy team at the teahouse?”

“I am familiar with the people in the special mission. I am a friend. It coincides with her visit. What’s wrong with meeting and reminiscing about the past?” The old man Sheshan patted the table and stood up, “I do not hide everything, just and honorable , Zongzhi, are you going to forcibly discredit me!”

“At what time is it, you just and honorable meet with them privately to reminisce about the past, you have been in Alliance for so long, do you want us Junior to teach you to avoid the two words?”

“Don’t be bully intolerably, Zongzhi.”

“Don’t overdo it. People are doing it, and the sky is watching. The future of Sinnoh Trainer will be cut off by you. I fight for them. Every sentence is true. How can you do it!”

The two groups who had been separated from Shi Lao got together again.

Those who did not join the battle were silently weighing everything that the people on both sides advocated. Silence is the main tone of this meeting.

Zongzhi’s subordinates suspected that they were collecting black money, but Ron didn’t think so.

Some older people have unrealistic fantasies about the unification of Alliance within the region, and the unity, with strong cohesion, will eliminate disputes invisible.

There is no way to have such an idea. After all, in that era of war, the education of these people and the environment made them believe that this would make such a peaceful and prosperous era emerge.

The only way to continue after appearing.

At an older age, this kind of thinking is even more ingrained, so much so that Galar’s ​​words quickly spread the idea and wantonly Growth.

Sinnoh must not only have such a scene.

Hoenn, Unova, Quartz, Kalos should all be on stage.

Maybe it’s for the unified concept in the old man’s mouth, maybe it’s for the secret trading of power and money, or for other unfathomable mystery things.

The shot Galar fired is messing up more and more things.