Pokemon’s Tomb Raider Chapter 317

Such a scene reminds Jiang Sheng of a mythical monster in the depths of his memory: the world annihilation, the dragon that devours the World Tree-Black Dragon Nidhogg.

Niederhogg is Black Dragon, Poison Dragon, and is a symbol of the arrival of All Gods turn to Dusk.

It and countless Vipers gnaw the World Tree roots together. When the World Tree roots are eaten up, life will wither, the world begins to die, and All Gods turn to Dusk will also come.

This situation and scene are so similar, but unfortunately this tree is not a World Tree, at best it is the center of a different space.

Jiang Sheng is also unclear about whether there is any support for different spaces.

Although the ancient arbor monster looks evil and powerful, it is not Black Dragon after all.

Besides, it just sleeps under the tree, stealing Space Power.

As for whether you have ever gnawed a tree, if you want to have a fresh blood supply every month, it should not be able to do something vegetarian.

The hand involuntarily touched Poké Ball on the waist. The expression on Jiang Sheng’s face was full of evil and fun.

I heard that changing your name is like changing your life?

Would you like to change the name of your arbor monster and call it “Ned Hogg” in the future?

Ada probed forward, with doubts in his small eyes, looking at the bluestone altar.

It senses the breath of massive ancient energy, but the bluestone altar Sky is nothing, so where are all the antiquities?

Jiang Sheng saw his thoughts and slapped his head:

“Don’t worry, there should be Heaven and Earth in the altar, and the antiquities should be stored in it. It’s all yours, you can’t run any of them, don’t worry!”

Behind Bronzong, there was a Psywave movement.

“I’m going up, finish the call and go back soon.”

It was another urge.

Jiang Sheng seriously suspects Bronzong may have an otaku Attribute at this time.

Or is Metagross disappointed after death and don’t want to stay in the world? Now it’s only for the face of the two Metangs?

“Don’t be so hurry, discuss the plan, I still want to keep this different space for my own use.”


The plan will be discussed soon .

Ada cried out, cautiously out of the bushes.

It looked at the aura floating on the bluestone altar, as if it might break through the Gym-class ancient arbor monster at any time, and then looked back at his unscrupulous Trainer.

At this time, Jiang Sheng and Ah Da looked at each other, the corners of their mouths turned up to show a smile, and he raised his hand and clenched his fist to make a (ง•_•)ง movement to Ah Da.

The five little ones on the side are also crazy.

One of their paws wiped their eyes, pretending to be wiping tears, and the other paw was lifted up and swung, to say goodbye to their old ways.

If you give each of them a handkerchief, you can completely shoot the male and female heroes in the youth idol drama…Bah, brother Yiyi farewell.

Ada called out: Good fellow!

Five little bastard, wait for me to come back, see if you guys dare to hide!

Ada turned his head and looked towards the purple serpent on the top of the altar, spreading his claws, his face full of helplessness.

See you in my pity!

Although the level of the ancient energy tempering body has increased rapidly during this period, it is now only Level 44, and the degree of “ancientization” has only reached 75%.

The power gap between it and this 59-level ancient arbor monster is still very large. If it faces the ancient arbor monster, I am afraid that it will not be able to catch even one move.

After looking down at his shadow, Ah Da no longer wastes time, put the jade cane in his mouth, and trot into the bluestone square.

It restrained aura as much as possible, gently climbing the steps of the blue stone platform, approaching the purple serpent at the most peak of the altar.

According to the urinary properties of ancient Pokemon, during their cultivation, unless the ancient energy supply is cut off, or they encounter life and death threats, they will not easily wake up in Normal.

The hanged ancient Pokemon didn’t want to waste his limited activity time.

And young people like Ah Da and the others are affected by the addictive effects of ancient energy, and they will be deeply involved in cultivation.

Under the gaze of everyone and Pokemon, Ah Da successfully climbed the last step and stood at the same height as the ancient Arbor monster.

The huge tree canopy covers the sun. The Ground is very humid, covered with emerald green moss, and the unpleasant stench comes out, making Ah Da wrinkle frowned.

It dared not look at the ancient arbor monster, for fear of awakening it, lowered its head to slow down its breathing, stabilized the heartbeat and converged the killing intent, cautiously walked around behind the ancient arbor monster.

After arriving at the destination “by car”, Fat Gengar got out of the shadow of Ah Da and went to his location as planned.

According to its old temperament, immediately after coming out, it will definitely make a grimace at the ancient arbor monster.

But not this time.

Perceiving the strength of the ancient Aberdeen, it dare not laugh, and it is serious about doing what Mo Li asked.

According to the requirements of the plan, the two have gradually established their positions.

The fat Gengar is in front and Ah Da is in the back, surrounding the ancient Arbor monster back and forth.

Ada grabbed the jade cane on his paws, probed left and right, adjusted his position slightly, and turned towards the fat Gengar on the opposite side.

Wait for it to open a huge portal behind Aberguai, and now it is best to practice it in advance.

But it does not dare, for fear that a little ancient energy fluctuation or space fluctuation will wake up the Arbo Monster.

Fat Gengar stands at the top edge of the altar, with Jiang Sheng’s back against them.

After getting a signal from Ah Da, it turned around and waved to the jungle below.

Bronzong Levitate stood up, suppressing his own breath as much as possible, and kept a safe distance from the ancient arbor monster that would not wake the other party.

“Are you ready?”

Jiang Sheng asked side Mo Li.

“Well, it’s okay.”

At this time, Mo Li’s face was cold, and the breath he exudes caused the Mental Force in Jiang Sheng’s brain to warn wildly.

Behind her, a clearly visible black shadow appeared in the shade of the trees.

The shadow is twisting, letting itself take on a strange shape, resembling a human shape but like a candle.

A black line spreads under the shadow, such as running water Normal, flowing out of the bushes, entering the bluestone square, and going upstream along the steps. The target is the fat Gengar standing on the top of the altar.

Although they are far apart, the process is not slow.

In Jiang Sheng’s view, the black line is linked to Fat Gengar, which is just a matter of breath.

However, the situation on the court suddenly changed, and the sleeping Arbor monster appeared to change, and his breath continued to rise.

At the moment before it was put into action, it was actually going to break into the Gym level!

Bronzong immediately gave up restraining aura, the strong Elite-level aura was exposed, and Psychic fell into a frenzy, and the void rippled.

Jiang Sheng heart shivered with cold, secretly thought as expected!

The strength of the different space is not enough. If the energy level of the battle continues to reach the Elite level, it may be possible to burst the different space.

But Bronzong didn’t care about this, and still broke out unscrupulously.

Considering the location of the Arbor monster, in order to make the plan go smoothly, Bronzong chose to use the Psychic this move style.

A massive amount of Confusion leaned out, and the brain area of ​​Strikes Aberguai wanted to pound the stuffing in its skull into a paste.

This is the promotion that Arbor Monster has accumulated for many years. From the moment there are signs of promotion, it has been where water flows, a canal is formed, and no one can destroy it.

The Elite-level arrogant aura hangs high above the head, the nasty Psychic aura makes it like a man on the back, and there are two act recklessly small things on the front and back.

You don’t need to open your eyes to see, the Arbor monster has clearly understood everything!

The life-threatening attack firmly Lock On its own head, it has not had time to adapt to the strength after the breakthrough.

Aboguai suddenly opened his indifferent snake eyes, greatly mobilizing the ancient energy under the altar, and black light appeared on the black pattern around his body.

Remove the normally restriction and show the true majesty of ancient Pokemon!

Aboguai’s body suddenly soared, turning into a prehistoric giant beast of more than 20 meters long entrenched on the altar.

Ada see power is far from good, already jumping off the altar, looking for a safe place to hide, waiting for a time to open the door.

Everything happened between Spark Flint, without Jiang Sheng’s reminder, Mo Li responded immediately.

She acted decisively, increased her energy output, and operated at a high load with her special ability, which made her look sickly pale.

The speed of the black line spreading from the shadow skyrocketed, rushing to the highest level of the altar, linking with Fat Gengar.

In an instant, a large amount of Ghost energy poured into the body, and the fat Gengar’s body was like a balloon Normal, inflated in a big circle.

The Arbor monster’s figure soared, and the snake’s body twisted, trying to hold the fat Gengar.

But after receiving the blessing, Fat Gengar is confident, and there is no need to stand in place to restrict the position of the Arbor monster.

It levitate up, avoiding the huge and flexible snake body of the Arbor monster.

Under it, the black line has not been broken, and it is still connected to Moli, making it like a large kite being manipulated.

Even though the Arbor’s figure has skyrocketed, Bronzong’s Psychic still accurately strikes the Arbor’s head.

The arrogant snake head it lifted was smashed down heavily, and the violent Mental Force measured the brain area of ​​strikes to turn it into an idiot.

Under the impact of Mental Force, the black pattern on the head of the Aber monster appears purple.

Under the altar, a large amount of ancient energy has been tuned and flooded into the head of the Abel, protecting its brain area on the verge of collapse under the Spiritual Storm.

Abo is dazed, his brain is dizzy and he has no time to look after him for a while, focusing on the amount of Mental Force that is raging in his mind.

Although there are changes, the plan is proceeding as scheduled.

“Night Shade!”

Mo Li gave instructions to the fat Gengar in midair, and then gave a force to the fat Gengar.

A massive amount of pure Ghost energy poured in again, and the fat Gengar’s complexion was grim, and his scarlet eyes turned into golden under the impact of energy.

It looks like this, and it fully complies with the idiom “gaze as if a torch”.

It is in the same predicament as the Arbor monster. The brain is down and unable to react. It can only make the body move by instinct.

Night Shade, start!

The dark ghost shadow emerges behind Fat Gengar. It is about ten meters tall and looks exactly like the shadow behind Mo Li.

Different from last time, this Night Shade actually has eyes on the head, which are the same as Fat Gengar’s golden eyes, like two little suns.

This kind of momentum reminds Jiang Sheng that this method must not appear under the eyes of the public in the future.

Such obvious signs will inevitably arouse some people’s greed.

Night Shade reached out and grabbed the serpent entrenched on the altar, like a dark giant fighting the Antiquity Giant Beast.

The brain of the Arbor monster was affected by Psyshock and was still in a downtime. He could only instinctively twist the snake body Struggle.

The plan is still proceeding in an orderly manner, Jiang Sheng is waiting for this moment.

He yelled: “Ada, at this moment, open the door!”

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