Pokemon’s Tomb Raider Chapter 318

Above sky is the battle between Elite, Gym, and Hang B. Ah Da does not get involved.

But it didn’t just cat in the corner, but was always preparing to open the door.

At this time, Ah Da has activated his half-hearted “ancientization”.

Stimulated by ancient energy, the upper body swelled in a small circle, and the arms, torso, and neck were all covered with black lines.

It does not hesitate to consume it, mobilizing the ancient energy in the collar to supply its own needs at all times, so that the Black pattern on its body is the same as the Arbor monster, glowing with a purple halo.

The jade cane is held tightly in his hand, it is waiting for an opportunity.

When Jiang Sheng gave an order, Ah Da acted immediately and injected ancient energy into the jade vine.

A dazzling green light shone on the jade vine, Ada squinted his eyes and grabbed the jade vine and stroked it forward.

in midair cracked a vertical gap more than two meters long, but this was far from enough for the ancient arbor monster.

In response to the ancient energy under the altar, Ah Da clenched the teeth made up his mind, such as opening the gate and releasing the water Normal, mobilizing the ancient energy in the collar to inject the jade vine in his hand.

The cracks previously drawn are long in the wind, stretching to more than 20 meters in length, and the horrible cracks open, like a Dark Abyss.

In Ah Da’s hand, Yuteng got out and plunged into the crack.

With the injection of key elements, the rift began to expand to both sides, forming a ten-storey wide portal in the blink of an eye.

From the expansion of the crack to the formation of the portal, it only took a few breaths.

During this period, the Arbor has calmed down the Spiritual Storm in his mind. Although he is still drowsy, he is no longer vague and can react.

It twisted its body desperately, trying to break free from the constraints of Night Shade.

Obviously, it is a shadow of nothingness, but its binding force is extremely large.

It feels like a monster. The person holding it seems to be an ancient Pokemon of a humanoid group.

Simple power is useless, so use moves!

It has seen the different spatial door just opened and knows the other party’s next plan.

But it must never leave another space!

Faced with the Elite Pokemon, it uses the altar as a “Charge Treasure”, which can completely fight against the opponent and even defeat it.

This is the confidence of being an ancient Pokemon, even if it faces Bronzong who restrains it and is immune to its Poison Type damage!

The ancient arbor opened the mouth of the blood basin, revealing sharp teeth like a sword.

On the white fangs, there is a dark mist, which is the domineering Dark Type energy, which is attached between the teeth to form a unique move.


Condensation of Ghost energy?

See if you can withstand the erosion of Dark Type energy!

Dark Type moves-Crunch!

Facing the arm of Night Shade, the Arbor bite down.

Chi…chi chi …

The sound of energy erosion sounded, and the Ghost energy that formed the Night Shade wrist began to dissipate. Seeing that the Arbor monster was about to break away from the big hand that was holding his neck.

“Take it for granted!”

After coldly shouted, Mo Li increased his energy output again.

At this time, Fat Gengar has been unconscious by the massive Ghost energy, completely like a puppet Normal, controlled by Moli, playing with the ancient arbor monster.

Above the air, Fat Gengar’s pair of mutated golden eyes lit up, and the golden eyes on the Night Shade also lit up.

New power gushes from the Night Shade within the body, covering the whole body, and the wrist that is about to be broken is being reborn.

At this moment, the three-dimensional effect of Night Shade is stronger.

In Jiang Sheng’s eyes, it looks like a living Pokemon!

Jiang Sheng touched his chin. The guy’s main line is the Fighting Type, and he is very good at controlling the power of Fighting.

Aboguai didn’t know it, he didn’t care about his new wrist under the snake mouth, and continued to increase Crunch’s strength to bite it off and break free.

But this time it was dumbfounded.

The Dark Type energy attached to the teeth was actually dissipated, and it bit on with the sharp teeth.

This bite seems to be on the body of steel!

ka beng!

A fang like a long dagger fell from the sky, and the Aberguai was dumbfounded for a while.

“Cough…cough cough…”

Mo Li suddenly coughed violently, staggering and almost fell to the ground.

Jiang Sheng has eyesight and quick hands, and hugs her to help her stabilize her figure.

“It’s okay, don’t fight it, throw it out quickly, Gengar’s task is not to entangle it.”

Mo Li barely opened his eyes, nodded.

But before he waited for the action, Mo Li couldn’t stand it anymore and he fainted.

For the loss of important battle strength, Jiang Sheng feels cold in his heart and has already made the worst plan.

Although you can play without Moli, Elite Bronzong and normal Gengar can also hold up the sky.

Don’t go on your own arbor monster.

To play against the super-sized Pokemon, you still have to rely on the special attacker, and the strongest physical attacker, due to their size, will always go up as a gift.

But the battlefield is bound to be unable to move, and can only be fought in a different space. It will inevitably be a tragic battle.

The Arbor monster entrenched on the altar, obtaining sufficient ancient energy supply, and perfectly displaying the strength of Gym-class ancient Pokemon.

Bronzong is also fully outputting, the void tremor of every blow.

It is estimated that when the battle is over, even if one side runs out of the ancient energy under the altar and successfully kills the Aber monster, the strange space is not far from collapsing.

The thoughts in his mind turned, Jiang Sheng thought about how to break the game, while taking out the blanket from the [backpack] and spreading it on the ground, laying Moli flat on it.

He looked towards the battlefield not far away. Fortunately, the Night Shade did not disappear due to Mo Li’s fainting, and he was still restraining the Aber Monster.

It may be that Fat Gengar still has the energy transmitted by Moli, which supports the operation of Night Shade.

However, because Mo Li fainted and Fat Gengar was in a coma, Night Shade’s movements were a bit sluggish, just repeating the previous command to “limit the arbor monster”.

Jiang Sheng secretly sighed in relief and joked.

To be reasonable, it’s like opening up a Gundam. If possible, he really wants to exchange his Psychic and Mo Li’s special ability.


In the battlefield.

The Arbor monster has come back to his senses. Seeing that he can’t break free from the shackles of his two big hands, the snake body moved and coiled on the Night Shade.

It is like a dog-skin plaster, sticking to the Night Shade to prevent the Night Shade from throwing itself out.

Bronzong didn’t just watch the show either. It released Mental Force and almost condensed the Psychic energy into substance.

Then, regardless of the enemy and me, they smashed the Night Shade and the Arbor together.

Different from before, this time it is Psyshock!

To make an analogy, if Psychic is aimed at the soul, then Psyshock is aimed at the fleshy body.

The Arbor relied on its longer body to entangle the Night Shade, but it was also eating its own evil.

A Psyshock that Elite Pokemon exploded in full force, was eaten by it most of the damage.

si si …his!

The body is corroded by Psychic energy, and the Arbor screams in pain.

The purple halo on the black pattern is brighter, a lot of ancient energy is consumed, and the Help Arbor will offset the damage.

Abo strange a pair of snake eyes are red, staring at the altar below.

It must fall on the altar, replenish ancient energy, and wrestle with them with “resource points”, otherwise this battle will undoubtedly be defeated!

But Night Shade is still tightly binding its neck, how can it break free?

Under Psyshock’s strikes, Night Shade staggered back a few steps.

Fat Gengar came back to life after being hit hard.

Mo Li fainted and was unable to output energy anymore. The “protection mechanism” in Fat Gengar’s body had been turned off for the almost consumed previously sent.

After waking up, it looked at the Night Shade entangled with the Arbor underneath it, a little confused, not knowing what happened.

But I found that the black line that had previously linked me and almost burst myself with Ghost energy had been broken. Fat Gengar’s first reaction was not surprise but panic.

Without the help of the ruthless lady, does it take the lead to fight the opponent?

Snakes have to hammer their heads!

Fat Gengar’s awakening is like giving Jiang Sheng a booster, he quickly shouted:

“Send it out!”

A loud roar , Awaken the ghost in the dream.

Fat Gengar just remembered that he should continue to fight. While there is still enough energy, he must deal with this big snake as planned.

Mo Li is absent, Fat Gengar regains control of the Night Shade.

Due to the lack of energy supply, the ink color on Night Shade body has dimmed a lot, and the pair of golden eyes disappeared.

Look at this, not just the golden eyes, but it will soon disappear!

With the fat Gengar himself, it is absolutely impossible to replicate such a powerful Night Shade again.

We must hurry!

Under the control of Fat Gengar, the Night Shade jumped up abruptly, taking the Abel monster into the wide portal opened by Ah Da.

The Arbor noticed something wrong, and hurriedly stretched out the snake body that was twisting on the Night Shade body, twisting frantically, trying to affect the balance of the Night Shade and make it deviate from the track.

I have to admire the brains of this monster, it is indeed effective.

Seeing that there is still more than ten meters away, the Night Shade on the verge of collapse can’t get into the portal

What’s more terrible is that the Night Shade at this time is like a thin group Haze, almost transparent before and after!

In a few breaths, the Night Shade is bound to disappear!

Aboguai saw the hope of breaking free, with a grinning smile on his face, he increased his strength to twist the snake’s body.

Just then, Bronzong moved again.

A Psyshock, it does not distinguish between enemy and me, and strikes on Night Shade and Arbor monster.

Like a sports car starting, a strong sense of pushing back came, and the shadow and the snake were knocked into the door.

At the same time, Fat Gengar also lost control of Night Shade.

It is clear in its heart that the energy is exhausted, and the Night Shade has disappeared.

Fortunately, the Arbor monster was also thrown out of a different space, and the plan for Perfection was successful.

Fat Gengar was about to breathe a sigh of relief, but suddenly realized something was wrong.

According to the plan, Ah Da closes the portal at this time. Why is the portal still open? Is it waiting for the strange guy to return?

Fat Gengar looked towards the portal with a dissatisfaction look, but found that the Abel monster had another head sticking out of the portal.

It was this snake head that made Ah Da unable to recover the jade vine and close the door.

At the last moment, it actually reacted in time, bite the door frame with its mouth, and didn’t let itself fall out of the different space!


Outside, Li Lan looked at the huge snake body suddenly falling out of vortex in surprise, and she immediately realized that this might be what Brother Sheng was going to hunt this time. aims!

But… Brother Sheng wants the snake to leave the different space? Still want to keep the escaping snake?

She is not clear about Jiang Sheng’s plan, so she can only feel anxious in her heart and dare not act rashly.


Without the constraints of Night Shade, it is finally free!

Aber’s monster has a hideous meaning on his face, his upper and lower jaws are deadly on the Bite door frame, his neck is forceful, and he wants to throw back the snake body that he has fallen out of.

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