Pokemon’s Tomb Raider Chapter 319

According to the previous plan, the Arbor monster must never stay in a different space!

Fat Gengar is well versed in Jiang Sheng’s ideas, dragging his tired body, forcibly gathering Ghost energy to form a super-large Shadow Ball in his hand.

Ada also knows the truth that the ancient Abos could not leave behind.

Let’s not talk about the painful price it would pay if the opponent came back from the portal.

As for the ancient energy under this altar, when the battle is over, I am afraid there is not much left in the club.

Thinking about this, it fully mobilizes the ancient energy in the collar to deepen its “ancientization” characteristics.

Not only the upper body, but also Black lines appear on the tail, and the purple light all over the body makes it especially evil.

Relying on the previous contact with Yuteng, Ah Da had to forcibly retract the Yuteng that was holding up the door and forcibly close the door.

Moreover, it is best to let the sharp Space Crack cut off the head of the Arbor monster.

This time Ah Da is a bit whimsical, even if it outputs ancient energy with all its strength, it failed to cause Yuteng to respond.

After all, what Abo blames is the real ancient Pokemon. When its Bite door frame, the dead thing like Yuteng has already fallen into its control!

Fat Gengar raised his hand and held up the Shadow Ball, which was a lap larger than it, aiming at the snake head of the Arbor monster and wanted to throw it away.

But there is a stream of light ahead of it!

Bronzong moved, Fighting energy envelops the clock body and slams forward, like a meteor Normal, falling from the sky and hitting the head of the monster!

Aboguai is still twisting the snake body, trying to threw away the part below his head from the portal.

At the same time, it is also paying attention to the other side’s movements.

A professional-level Gengar Shadow Ball, it seems that it is not at all threatening, and it is not a concern.

An ancient Pokemon that has not reached the professional level, is it still trying to master the portal in front of itself?

I’m crazy about dreams, I will eat it later, I haven’t tasted the taste of ancient Pokemon yet!

Suddenly it noticed Bronzong falling like the meteorite Normal, and was shocked by the imposing manner of the majestic charge.

For a moment, it came back to his senses, and there were only two paths in front of it.

First, let go of the door frame, and fall into a different space.

Secondly, bear this body press with your head, and live and die in peace.

Its snake body has been found out of the different space to the point of effort, as long as it is carried down, it can pull the snake body out of the portal!

In this case, you can only bet!

The cold snake eyes of Abo blame revealed the meaning of very ruthless, mobilizing most of the ancient energy stored in the body to gather on the snake head.

Unfortunately, it will not use Headbutt and other moves. It cannot turn passive into active. It can only increase its defense. Forcibly bear this Body Press.

Of course, it will not sit still, and spit out chunks of deep Yellow mud at Bronzong, who is falling and swooping at a rapid speed.

Bronzong didn’t dodge and ran straight into it.

A piece of yellow mud glued Bronzong, and quickly wrapped it into a large mud ball. The circular eyes were sealed in the mud, making Bronzong lose his vision.

But Bronzong can not only rely on its own eyes, it also has a move that does not belong to it.

A mysterious eye with a colorful halo opened from behind Bronzong. The mysterious eye seemed to be alive Normal. After a few rotations, it firmly Locked On the position of the monster.

At a distance of more than ten meters from the portal, Bronzong fine-tuned his position, still slamming into the head of the Arbor monster.

The Arbor monster did not panic at all, the effect of Mud Bomb is much more than that!

It thoughts move, with a “bang” explosion. Dust burst around Bronzong, and the wind and sand covered it, making it difficult to see the internal situation.

Just now, the Arbor monster detonated the Ground Type energy in the yellow mud, and the Bronzong that was about to explode was completely unprepared!

In the bushes, Jiang Sheng, who is watching the battle, looks strange.

Does Arbor really make it happen?

Even if Mud Bomb has been deeply developed by ancient Arbor monsters, it is mixed with ancient energy, which greatly improves the formidable power of the bomb explosion.

Ground Type moves can cause high damage to Steel Type’s Bronzong.

But what can it be?

Bronzong’s Characteristic Trait is 【Levitate】. Unless you fall into some special state, you are immune to Ground Type moves.

Sure enough, the explosion caused by Mud Bomb had no substantial impact on Bronzong.

It rushed out of the dust, without a slight deviation in its position, and hit the snake head on the door frame of the Aber Monster Bite.

For a time, Arbor Guai couldn’t describe that feeling.

Time seems to have slowed down, its thinking has become lazy, and there is a tendency to recall its life.

It forcibly stops thoughts and takes into account the present.

It only knows that the forehead is painful, and there is a warm feeling, as if Scald is flowing down the top of the head.

Is it your own blood?

Once the “little” Takele smashed himself as an ancient Pokemon?

The arrogant Arbor wanted to laugh, but he couldn’t.

Its vision gradually blurred, Bzz Bzz in his head, as if there were 10,000 Combe spinning around.

My mouth is sour and numb, when my tongue touches all around, I feel baldness, and there are few snake teeth missing.

Aboguai underestimated Bronzong’s hardness and overestimated his own strength. A heavy Physical hit under the Body Press made it faint.

The blood-stained snake tooth fell, and it could no longer bite the door frame, and could only let itself fall into the door.

Bronzong immediately followed and flew into the portal.

Gengar’s mission is completed, but it hasn’t yet. According to that guy’s order, it will put Abel to death!

It’s just a small job, without the ancient energy blessings, an ordinary Gym-level Poison Type Pokemon, it is not worthy to “lift shoes (wiping the clock body)”!

Bronzong entered the portal together with Aberdeen and left the alien space. Ah Da re-mastered the jade vine and closed the portal of the alien space.

Leaving Yuteng to fall to the side, Ah Da sat on the ground.

It is not yet an ancient Pokemon, and the degree of “ancientization” on its body is too high, which will cause a lot of burden on it.

But it is far from being able to rest.

Kadabra suddenly appeared behind Ah Da, pressing his palm on Ah Da’s shoulder, launching Teleport, and taking it to where they came from at the beginning.

There is also a portal, which must also be blocked, so as to prevent the possibility of the ancient Arbor’s return.

After the portal is closed, Fat Gengar’s work is temporarily over. It disperses the Shadow Ball in his hand and falls to Ground, sitting on the ground like Ah Da, panting heavily.

After resting for a while, Fat Gengar took out a tube of Gym-grade genetic potion from the abdominal space and poured it into his mouth to supplement his own consumption.


After hitting a full hiccup, the Ghost energy in Fat Gengar’s body surged.

The person concerned turned his head and looked towards Jiang Sheng, trying to explain (sophistry) something.

Jiang Sheng’s eyes are weird, and he moves unsteadily between Fat Gengar and Mo Li behind him.

Sure enough, giving Fat Gengar to Mo Li for training is the most correct choice.

Just now, Fat Gengar’s strength has improved a bit, and he is already at the same level as his Arbor, and he has reached Level 57.

Jiang Sheng’s eyes made Fat Gengar very wronged, his anxious tears were almost left behind, frantically gesturing and making facial expressions, hoping Jiang Sheng could understand what he meant.

(Listen to me…explain, this upgrade really has nothing to do with Mo Li, it is my own credit.

I beg you, don’t put me on The ruthless lady is there.

I’ll come again a few times, maybe someday I will be like a balloon, and I will blow up with a “bang”.

wu wu wu…I am wronged. !)

But Jiang Sheng was taking care of Mo Li, he didn’t care about Fat Gengar at all, letting Fat Gengar sing a one-man show there like a actor.


Teleport was launched continuously and jumped twice. Kadabra took Ah Da back to the portal where they had entered before.

After landing, Ah Da did not dare to stop for a moment, reactivating his “ancient” state.

His arms are covered with purple black lines, and his body shape is completely different from the previous ones with only minor changes. This time, its height and body shape have skyrocketed by a large amount, and it is the same height as the door.

The Secret Power on the small paws is surging. Press and hold the door frames on the left and right sides of the portal, gritting your teeth and squeezing towards the middle.

Secret Power invades the portal, it must close the portal forcibly, cutting off all the possibility of the ancient Arbor’s return!


Outside, Li Lan stood on the beach and looked at the main peak, feeling anxious, not knowing what to do.

The next big snake body that fell in the vortex has already clung to the main peak at this time, and the action should be to go back into a different space.

Gym-class powerful imposing manner radiated from the most peak of the island, and the arbor snakes and arbor monsters leaned down, afraid to move.

Li Lan looked around, shook his head and sighed, not daring to go up and intervene.

My own patchwork team can’t compete with the opponent at all, so I can only look at the four pillars here and do a good job of logistical support.

Suddenly, the red snake blood in the vortex dropped, and the snake head finally appeared and fell into the mountain.

Follow closely from behind, Bronzong also flew out of the vortex.

As soon as it came out, it took advantage of the victory and pursued it. When the Arbor was dizzy and dizzy, Confusion leaned out and pressed the Arbor firmly to the ground to prevent its movement.

The snake’s head hit the mountain, the raised sharp Rock rubbed the scales of the face, the purple snake scales peeled off, and the pain of pulling made the Arbor’s consciousness a little clearer

He raised his head, opened his eyes angrily, and stared at the Black vortex of Sky.

There is still a chance. The portal above has not been closed, and things have not yet reached the worst point!

Aboguai desperately twisted his body to break free of Bronzong’s Confusion shackles.

Don’t look at the big difference between the two, but it does have the cost to break free.

That is a huge body more than 20 meters long. To restrain it by Confusion, you need to tilt a huge amount of Confusion.

Suppression of Bronzong for a short period of time can still be done, but every second of the suppression time increases exponentially for Bronzong.

It doesn’t take too long at all, the Black vortex in the air has begun to shrink.

Abo strange witnessed this change, Struggle even more desperately.

For more than ten breaths, its upper body has broken free from Confusion, only the second half of the snake body is firmly pressed to the ground by Confusion, unable to move even a little bit.

The change of the vortex caught Li Lan’s attention. She turned and looked towards the pillar behind her, and found that only a half of the liquid in the stone pillar was consumed.

But combined with Bronzong’s actions, she guessed that Brother Sheng should close the door, which was sighed in relief.

Under Rage’s gaze, the Black Vortex Minimizes until it disappears completely.

The laser shot from the stone pillar of Sifang went out, the Sea Territory was turbulent again, and the stone pillar slowly sank into the deep sea, waiting for the next awakening.

Aboguai’s Struggle action Minimize, his face is ashamed, and things have reached the worst point!

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