Pokemon’s Tomb Raider Chapter 320

Ancient Pokemon are very strong. They have huge bodies and omnipotent power. In Ancient Era, they are like the gods and demon Normal, and they are called “civilization destroyers”.

But God is fair, giving them power beyond belief, the possibility of immortality, and also setting limits for them.

This limitation is ancient energy!

The precipitation of time and the sustenance of thoughts will breed ancient energy. The ancient energy is like the essence squeezed from the years, and it is very precious.

With ample ancient energy supply, fighting higher ranks was as simple as eating and drinking for ancient Pokemon.

If there is no ancient energy, some ancient Pokemon will not dare to crawl out of the grave.

Aboguai dared to contend with the veteran Elite when he first entered Gym, and suffered restrained heavy blows many times but only minor injuries. This is the result of ancient energy.

But for the Arbor monster, without the ancient energy supply, it will not be as miserable as other ancient Pokemon, and it will still maintain combat effectiveness.

Although the arbor monster has lived for 60 or 70 years, it is far from the time of decay, and it coincides with the breakthrough Gym level. The strength is still in the peak period and is very capable of playing.

But without ancient energy, it is just an ordinary Gym-level Poison Type Pokemon, absolutely impossible as an opponent of Elite-level Bronzong.

The way back is blocked, and it has no way to open the door. There is still a small amount of ancient energy in the body. It’s time for cutting off one’s means of retreat No Retreat.

It is clear in its heart that choosing to fight is just breaking the pot, and there is absolutely no chance of victory!

However, things still have a turning point. Below the mountain is the boundless Sea Territory. This is the second chance God has given it!

As long as it jumps into the sea, it will be like a dragon into the sea, and it will definitely escape alive!

Thinking of this, the Aberguai immediately began to act.


This is not a formal battle, it can only be regarded as a game.

Jiang Sheng’s goal is to make full use of the “chess” in his hand to force the ancient arbor monsters out of different spaces, so as to obtain the greatest benefit from this battle.

Slay the ancient monsters!

Harvest massive amounts of ancient energy!

Taking ownership of the different space!

When Ah Da, who looked tired, was brought back by Kadabra, Jiang Sheng knew that the overall situation was set.

If Bronzong can’t kill a Gym-class ancient Poison Type Pokemon that lacks ancient energy supply, then it simply digs a hole and buries itself on the spot.

Don’t go back to guard the tomb for Metagross, it’s too shameful!

Because of his confidence in Bronzong, Jiang Sheng paid no attention to the situation outside. He would take the Pokemon to fix it, and then it was time to harvest.

The “Fighting Snake” Arbor monster was released from the Poké Ball, Jiang Sheng asked it to be on guard.

Aboguai glanced at Jiang Sheng and a group of Pokemon, then looked up towards the big tree on top of the bluestone altar.

It also wants to participate in the battle just now!

But it knows its own strength, and in front of its huge body, it will have no power to fight back.

There was a duel a long time ago. It was obviously not weaker than the opponent, but when the opponent used strengthening methods, it was defeated in an instant.

When can it gain such a powerful force!

Abo Guai had a longing for him, but he knew that he couldn’t achieve it with his own strength, so he could only pin his wish on Jiang Sheng.

Jiang Sheng doesn’t know the mental activities of Aboguai at all. He is busy checking the status of Mo Li and other Pokemon.

Mo Li did not have a high fever this time, so Jiang Sheng sighed in relief. He guessed that the problem should not be as serious as the last time.

Mo Li breathed smoothly, as if he was asleep in Normal, Jiang Sheng had no other way for a while.

If Skiddo is here, you can also ask it to use Grassy Terrain Help to restore energy.

Now, he can only watch the changes, call two Furrrets, let them stay with Mo Li and take care of him.

Fat Gengar nestled under the tree with a grieved expression. He was thinking about why he was suddenly greedy and how he should spend his future ghost life.

Jiang Sheng didn’t worry about the fat Gengar’s condition at all, and the Gym-grade genetic potion that was gluttonous had already made up for its consumption.

However, Jiang Sheng still checked Fat Gengar’s physical condition with his wristband.

The report shows that the fat Gengar is unstable and has a vague breath, and needs to train well to adapt to the increased strength.

Jiang Sheng said that this is simple. When Mo Li wakes up, just leave it to Mo Li and do it.

Ada’s condition is worse. There are strains of muscle tissues in his shoulders, chest, and back, which are the injuries left when he mobilizes ancient energy to stimulate his body.

Jiang Sheng applied Potion to Ah Da according to the position marked in the medical examination report, and fed him a little Pokéblock, so Ah Da was a little bit energetic.

The rest can only rely on rest, or find a medical Pokemon to help.

Apart from this, Jiang Sheng has no good solutions for the time being.

Let Ah Da and the others rest in the woods, Jiang Sheng led the Arbo Monster to explore on the bluestone square ahead.

Not to mention the bluestone altar that occupies the center of the square, just look at the Hiroshi field below.

The bluestone square occupies a large area, and it is a regular circle. The azure masonry on the Ground is of uniform specifications and neatly arranged.

In contrast, some squares in modern cities are also just this.

Jiang Sheng believes that humans should help when constructing this alien space, otherwise Venusaur and Ivysaur alone would be difficult to build such a building.

A hundred meters away from the edge of Bluestone Square, it is the Level 1 step of the Bluestone Altar.

But this step is not prepared for people at all, and of course it is not prepared for Venusaur. The Level 1 step is more than one meter high.

Jiang Sheng had a lot of gadgets in his mind, and he deliberately looked for a tape measure to measure it, and found that the height was less than one meter, only a few milliseconds away, but it was exactly the number of three feet in ancient times.

After climbing to the top of the altar, Jiang Sheng stood on the edge of the altar and looked at the ancient tree in the center.

The waist circumference of the ancient tree is extremely thick, and it takes about two adults to hold it hand in hand to enclose it.

At a height of four or five meters above Ground, thick branches began to spread out on the trunk of the ancient tree. The broad tree cover faintly covered the bluestone altar.

Aside from being tall and sturdy, this tree seems to be not at all surprisingly?

But Jiang Sheng would not jump to conclusions so hastily. He took a lap around the edge of the top of the altar. After checking the conditions under the altar in all directions, the corners of his mouth curled up.


The root system of the giant tree at the top of the altar at Growth is restrained. There is no mechanism that destroys the altar when the root system travels underground to absorb nutrients.

In addition, he sensed the breath of ancient energy under the altar, and it was obvious that the root system of the tree should be restricted, and there should be Heaven and Earth in the altar.

Jiang Sheng found a dagger from the [backpack] and grabbed it in his hand, walked around the tree trunk and pierced it with the tip of the knife.

The thick bark was pierced, and when Jiang Sheng pulled out the knife, a black liquid flowed out from the wound.

This reminds Jiang Sheng of Rubber Tree, but compared with the juice of Rubber Tree milk-white, its juice is slightly evil, just like the venom Normal.

There is a strange sweetness in the ink, which is very attractive.

Just took two mouthfuls, Jiang Sheng secreted body fluid in his mouth unconsciously, as if it was Qiongye Yuye in front of him.

Abo is so brave, he leans his head, sticking his tongue out, wanting to taste it.

Jiang Sheng slapped it angrily and slapped it in the face.

“Don’t kill me, who knows if this thing is poisonous?”

si si …his…

Kadabra just flew up, let’s see Jiang Sheng What are you doing? Take advantage of the trend to act as an interpreter for Abergua.

“It says that it is not afraid of poisons, and poison is its growth material.”

Jiang Sheng did not speak, looked around the trunk and found that the roots of the giant tree were bitten Traces of the past.

Co-author Ned Hogg?

Do you really have a habit of gnawing roots?

Since the ancient arbor dared to drink the sap, his arbor must be fine.

After Jiang Sheng nodded agreed, Aberguai stepped forward and took a breath.

After the ink-colored sap entered the mouth, Abogua burped a full, sweet Fragrance puffed his nose, Jiang Sheng covered his nose and stepped back, not wanting to touch the smell anymore.

After Belch, the arbor monster became abnormal, as if he had drunk fake wine, a little bit up, and the snake’s body shook.

Jiang Sheng keenly caught the change in Aberguai’s cheeks. The color of the scales was not normal purple, but purple shiny.

After a sip of the juice, Arbor blames this Poison Type Pokemon for being poisoned?

Fortunately, how long this extremely unreasonable situation didn’t at all lasted, the Arbor shook his head and woke up, the strange color on his cheeks had also faded.

si si …si si …

Kadabra helped translate the taste of Aboguai:

“This is a very unique food, it With sufficient life force, it replenishes my energy when I drink it and makes my body cells full of vitality. But at the same time, it is a poisonous venom, very dangerous.”

Jiang Sheng nodded , Understand the meaning of Aboguai.

In summary, this Black ink is a precious Poison Type cultivation resource!

Isn’t it true that the ancient arbor monsters usually take a bite?

“Let’s go, let’s go look for the organs and see how to get into the altar.”

Considering the relationship of poison, Jiang Sheng does not intend to let the five small students use Dig only. Break in from the top and prepare to enter the altar in a regular way.

Jiang Sheng, Kadabra, Aber Monster, and three Furrrets who had nothing to do, all went to the bluestone altar to look for the mechanism.

Under the circumstances, Little Liu found a movable floor tile on the level 9 step, and under Jiang Sheng’s signal, it pressed it down.

ka-cha …ka-cha …

The sound of mechanism operation came from under my feet, and the dull sound of bluestone bricks moving.

Standing on the altar, Jiang Sheng quickly discovered the clue.

On the east side of the square, a few tiles collapsed and a “cellar” appeared!

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