Pokemon’s Tomb Raider Chapter 321

The “cellar” is damp and cold, and the stone steps that stretch down are covered with moss. You need to pay special attention when you walk. If you are not careful, you may fall to the ground.

At this time, Jiang Sheng is wearing a gas mask on his face, and the exposed skin on his body has been protected.

There may be something “poison” in this underground space, Jiang Sheng dare not crack a joke with his life.

The first time in Marowak’s tomb, the Master had asked him to take precautions.

Don’t look at hehe haha ​​when he went to the tomb these few times, but he kept the Master’s warning in the heart.

When he saw that the sap was mixed with toxins, even the professional Poison Type Pokemon, the Aber blame, had temporary signs of poisoning, he became serious.

Fat Gengar melted into the shadows, and ran to explore the way ahead, in case there is a means left by Li Family, hit them completely unprepared.

Aboguai walked in front of Jiang Sheng, with a large chest and abdomen like a shield, enough to block any attack from the front.

However, for its size, it is quite difficult to descend stairs.

The large upper body accounts for too much weight, and the body tends to lean forward when going down the stairs. Fortunately, the slope of the stairs is slow. It is also trying its best to control its body so that it does not roll off unexpectedly. Go down.

Since we are going to find antiquities in the “cellar”, nature will not be absent.

In the game just now, it consumed a lot of ancient energy, and I can’t wait to replenish it.

As the knowledge of ancient energy and ancient Pokemon increased, Jiang Sheng realized how precious the [ancient fruit] he had obtained before.

The ancient Arbor monster used the entire bluestone altar as a “resource point” to replenish ancient energy for itself.

As long as the ancient Arbor monster is separated from the bluestone altar, as the ancient energy is exhausted, it will soon become a toothless tiger.

And Ah Da used the collar made of [Ancient Fruits] as a “Charge Treasure” to supplement the ancient energy he needed to inspire “ancientization” every time.

In this way, the judgment will be made.

Ada has a higher degree of freedom and is less restricted. As long as there is inventory in the collar, Ahda can unscrupulously explode power anywhere.

A Da followed Jiang Sheng, holding a ball of light condensed by Shiny on his small paws, illuminating Jiang Sheng all around.

There are also colorful murals painted on both sides of the downward corridor. Jiang Sheng was very curious. He walked down and looked at the contents of the murals.

The content of the murals is not at all special. They are all praises to the ancient Venusaur.

It’s stalwart and heroic when it “splitting heaven and earth apart”;

It has the sublime mystery when it guides the evolution of younger generations;

It’s Rage time Huanghuang Heavenly Might of the poison rain;


When Jiang Sheng was obsessed with parsing the content in the mural, Fat Gengar suddenly crawled out of the shadow and poke Jiang twice Sheng’s midfielder awakened Jiang Sheng.

“jié jié Jie…”

Fat Gengar said with a weird smile, while pointing forward, making gestures.

To be reasonable, it is very difficult to communicate with Pokemon, who can’t speak human words. Kadabra was left on it to look after Mo Li.

(Gengar: Haha, it’s tiring to communicate with people who don’t speak nonsense!)

“Is it here? There is no danger anymore?”

Fat Gengar nodded, and got into the shadow of Jiang Sheng again.

“Ada, light up the front!”

Ada, the ball of light on the handle threw away, illuminating the road ahead.

Indeed, there are about a dozen steps left, and we are about to descend to the flat ground.

Jiang Sheng hastily glanced at the remaining murals, then walked down the steps and entered a corridor nearly three meters wide.

The corridor is more than ten meters long, and at the end there is a heavy iron gate with two bronze statues of Ivysaur.

At this time, the iron door has been opened outwards, and the thickness of the door is close to more than thirty centimeters.

If it is really made of solid iron, the two thick gates should have a terrifying weight. Normal Pokemon can hardly pull these two iron gates.

Comparing the statues on both sides, Jiang Sheng found that on the back of the Ivysaur statue on the right, a leaf drooped down.

He stepped on his shadow and pointed to the door in front of him and asked:

“Gengar, did you open the door?”

Fat Gengar is here The head is exposed in the shadow, nodded.

Jiang Sheng couldn’t help smacking his tongue for a while, and these little cuties under his hand learned very fast!

Kadabra will analyze the structure of the tomb. Ah Da and Wu Xiao are only good at treasure hunting holes. Now Fat Gengar will find the mechanism by himself and open the mechanism.

Can they go to the tomb in the future, just sit in the office and wait for the ancient energy?

The corridor is about five meters high. A ball of light formed by the Shiny technique is hung on the top of the corridor to illuminate the entire corridor.

Jiang Sheng then discovered that there are also murals painted on the walls on both sides, and the contents on both sides are exactly the same and symmetrical.

The content on the mural is different from the previous one. This time it is about Venusaur combined with a giant tree in an attempt to blend into nature and achieve immortality.

Needless to say about the development of the situation, the result is just now.

The giant tree on the top of the altar outside is still in good condition, but Venusaur lost control of the different space and was occupied by the ancient Abel monster dove.

Behind the iron gate, it was pitch black, only the sweet smell passed through the filter of the gas mask to Jiang Sheng’s nose.

Is fat Gengar reliable?

Isn’t it dangerous?

With such a pungent sap smell, how does he feel like a poison cave inside?

Aboguai stuck his tongue out, felt the smell of a tonic, twisted the snake body and stepped into it first.

Ada followed, forming a ball of light on the small paw again. After entering the iron gate, the ball of light was immediately controlled to illuminate the inner space.

Jiang Sheng stepped into it and looked at the surrounding environment by the light.

The things that enter the eye are all tree roots of varying thickness.

Some tree roots clung to the wall and spread down to the Ground.

Then the roots of the trees are intertwined with each other to form a wooden carpet woven from the roots and spread on the Ground. The end of the roots is plunged into the pond in front.

Some root systems hang down from Sky and plunge directly into the pond.

The shape of the pond in front of you is quite strange, with a concentric structure.

The outermost ring is more than five meters wide, and it is not water, but an unknown liquid in purple and black.

The Arbor squeezed a path among the densely packed tree roots, leaned to the edge of the pond, staring at the purple black liquid and salivating.

Don’t have to guess too much, it should contain a pool of venom, or call it the essence of Poison Type.

Jiang Sheng found something very interesting.

At first, the Arbor monster began to stir the purple Black liquid and seemed to want to take a sip, but stared at the liquid in the pool for a while, and did not dare to open his mouth to taste it.

It’s persuaded!

How much venom should a Poison Type Viper dare not taste?

Jiang Sheng dare not try anyway.

Looking over the Poison Pond, it is another circular pond with a width of about three meters.

This time it was filled with emerald green liquid. Under the irradiation of Shiny technique, it seemed to be shining with green light and full of vitality.

It doesn’t just look alive, in fact, there is a pool of life in the pool.

The root system inserted in it, under the nourishment of sufficient vitality, actually pulls out the twigs and grows thin leaves, just like newborn wicker Normal.

Even, Jiang Sheng suspected that the sweet Fragrance was emitted from this pool of green liquor.

After all, he smelled for a long time without any discomfort in his body, which shows that the smell is not toxic.

At the top of the altar, the sap from the cut bark should be a mixture of the essence of the Poison Type and the essence of the Grass Type.

It not only has the destructiveness of Poison Type, but also has the vigorous vitality of Grass Type.

The line of sight spreads to the depths. Inside is the center surrounded by two circular ponds. On the raised stone platform, there is a toad-like wooden sculpture more than four meters high.

If it hadn’t been prepared before, Jiang Sheng couldn’t believe that this would be a wood carving made by Venusaur.

The big flower blooming on its back is gone, and the trunk similar to a palm tree no longer exists. At this time it is a toad.

There are countless thick roots hanging down on the dome, and Ingrain is on its back, like squeezing its vitality.

Jiang Sheng thought of the mural at the hallway at the door, and guessed the whole sequence of events.

The cause of the matter should be that Venusaur wanted to get rid of the limitations of ancient energy and obtain an alternative longevity.

It suddenly has a thought, it wants to combine itself with trees, relying on the power of nature to achieve longevity.

Although I don’t understand what Venusaur is thinking and what preparations he has made, Jiang Sheng knows that it is a whimsical sky, and he paid the price for it and buried his last life.

As the years go by, in the spacious underground space, there is only one old tree that laughs to the end, a toad-shaped wood sculpture that can be used as a memorial, and the essence of Attribute energy in two pools.

Sad! Sigh!

Relying on the alms of ancient energy, is it not good to be alive while struggling on whilst at death’s door?

Do you have to clean up yourself?

It’s all right now. Not only is he dead, but there are only two or three big cats and kittens left outside the clansman.

Wrong… The remaining Bulbasaur may have been put in by Li Family later, maybe its clansman also disappeared in the years.


Looking at Ah Da who was anxiously spinning around the Poison Pond, Jiang Sheng suddenly remembered that he seemed to have forgotten something important.


Ancient energy!

Jiang Sheng’s eyes widened, and then quickly scanned the underground space, but did not find an antique.

Something else?

You can’t do things so freely!

With the birthmark on the wrist’s induction of ancient energy, Jiang Sheng’s sight and Ah Da fell in the same position-Poison Pond!

Jiang Sheng gnashing teeth, I can’t wait to fly to the city right now and tear Li Wentao alive.

These godsends actually sank all the antiquities into the pond of poison!

I don’t know the depth of the essence of poison, who should I go and salvage?

I haven’t seen the professional Viper, dare not to taste the venom alone, only dare to drink with the essence of Grass Type which is full of vitality?

On the edge of the pond, Ah’s brain twisted and suddenly realized something.

It turned its head, with a teasing smile on its face, looking at Jiang Sheng weirdly.

With the connection between the root system of the ancient tree and the pond, it can sit on the top of the altar to absorb ancient energy and deepen its “ancientization”.

Therefore, the inability to get antiquities affects it not at all.

On the contrary, Jiang Sheng cannot absorb ancient energy if he can’t touch the antiquities, so no one will compete with it. These ancient energy are all itss!

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