Pokemon’s Tomb Raider Chapter 322

Read the meaning in Ah Da’s eyes, Jiang Sheng sneered, and ignored it.

It’s just a little troublesome, it’s not a tricky thing for him, this bastard is still too young.

that’s all, just make it happy for a while!

Although the essence of a pond of poison looks more permeating, there is still a way to go down and salvage the antiquities.

If you work hard and move the crowd a little bit, you can let Bronzong take action;

If you don’t want to trouble Bronzong, you still have two Metangs in your hand.

This is just the essence of poison left by Venusaur. In addition to being a bit more toxic, It shouldn’t be has other special features.

If the essence of the poison in the pool is left by Salandit and Salazzle, Jiang Sheng will think about it.

This family has [corrosion] Characteristic Trait, which can poison Steel Type and Poison Type Pokemon. Their poison is not so easy to deal with.

Jiang Sheng called Ah Da over, and seeing its triumphant appearance, Jiang Sheng frustrated his head and said:

“I got it now What you want, are you happy? Go outside and replace Kadabra with Mo Li.”

Ada just wanted to be nodded, suddenly looked at Jiang Sheng vigilantly, doubting Jiang Sheng I want to ask Kadabra to come and salvage the antiquities.

Jiang Sheng slapped his lips helplessly, and slapped Ah Da on the back of his head with his backhand.

“Go, you guy, you still suspect me, I can do what I say, when I lied to you, it should be yours.”

Said Afterwards, Jiang Sheng bent over and patted Ah Da’s back, lowered his head to his ear, and said softly:

“Besides, Kadabra can’t find the following antiquities, but that doesn’t mean I’m completely lost. Way.

If you procrastinate, I will call Metang over.

You don’t know the characteristics of Steel Type Pokemon, right?

Baby, you still have a lot to learn. Next time, remember to be fully prepared and be clever again. Now remember to finish your work!”

In this scenario, quite a gangster threatens the informant the taste of.

Finally, the young Ah Da left the ground in tears, and changed Kadabra for Kadabra as requested by Jiang Sheng.

After a short while, white light flashed, Kadabra appeared next to Jiang Sheng.

“What did you do? Why did Ah Da feel so wronged?”

Jiang Sheng shrugged.

“It just shuddered with me, I just took the opportunity to scare it, let it understand that the universe is uncertain, don’t get too premature.”

Kadabra made a long hiss, Feeling irritable for Jiang Sheng’s bullying of Ah Da.

“By the way, Mo Li is awake.”

“Is she okay? Did you leave repercussions?”

“It’s okay, not like last time Seriously, the special ability is still there, it’s just a little weak, just rest for a while.”

“It’s fine if it’s nothing.”

Jiang Sheng sighed in relief.

Afterwards, Jiang Sheng and Kadabra came to the edge of the Poison Pond, stood with the Arbor monster, and looked at the purple black venom at their feet.

“Abo, don’t you dare to touch these venoms?”

Abo is nodded first, then suddenly shook the head, sticking out his tongue and Jiang Sheng to explain it Views on this pool of venom.

Aber blamed a lot, but Kadabra didn’t relay all of it to Jiang Sheng. The useless repetition was deleted and the main information was extracted.

“I just don’t dare to drink it, or let the body absorb it.

It is too toxic, very targeted, specifically to eliminate life force.

But short It’s okay to go for a swim within time, such a violent toxin, a small amount of intake is good for health.”

The essence of poison is specifically aimed at life force?

The essence of the grass in the pond is full of vitality. The Old Master Li gave birth to the Berry Tree because of the help of the essence of the grass.

As for the death of Old Master Li, why Li Wentao could not maintain the state of the orchard? I am afraid that the ancient Arbor wouldn’t let him use it.

After all, the two pools of liquid are mixed to drink, which is an item of great nourishment for Poison Type Pokemon.

Old Master Li is its Trainer, it is naturally obedient in every way, and Li Wentao does not take much weight in Aboguai’s heart.

In addition to the essence of grass, Venusaur will also guide the evolution of Bulbasaur and Ivysaur, which is a life transition.

It seems that it has a very deep understanding of life, and was once a genius Pokemon.

“Kadabra, take me to the grass pond in the second ring.”

Short-distance Teleport, Kadabra does not need to be positioned by the Psychic mark, just move it directly.

It immediately pressed Jiang Sheng’s shoulders, activated Teleport, and brought Jiang Sheng to the grass pond.

Standing on the edge of the pond of grass, Jiang Sheng is finally convinced that the previous sweet Fragrance belongs to the essence of this pond of grass, which makes people have the desire to drink.

He knows that he is an individual, very different from Pokemon. Even though it is a pool of vitality, it may not be harmful, but he dare not try.

(Did you forget that you eat Kadabra’s Pokéblock every day? You still treat yourself as a person?)

Kadabra bent over and took a sip, closed his eyes to feel After the physical changes, he replied to Jiang Sheng:

“A good thing, it can relieve fatigue, heal injuries, and nourish the body. It has the same effect as Grassy Terrain under the sheep tree, but the effect is better than Grassy Terrain. Much stronger.”

Jiang Sheng raised his brows and immediately took out a large beverage bottle and filled some.

Ada still has internal injuries on his body, so I just drink some of this to treat his body.

In addition, you can exchange some shares with Li Rongyu, share dividends every year, and cherish the massive supply of Berry. Isn’t it beautiful?

While filling the bottle with the essence of grass, Jiang Sheng divine light flashed in his mind and asked:

“Do you think this thing is useful for people?”

Kadabra pinched his beard and fell into silence. After thinking for a while, it replied ambiguously:

“It should be useless for the ordinary person, otherwise the Old Master Li you mentioned earlier should be able to live. It takes longer.

It’s not clear whether the special ability is effective or not, I doubt it might be effective.

To put it mildly, the ordinary person is a Muggle, and the special ability is basically It is equivalent to Pokemon, knowing how to control energy, the two are not on the same level.”

Jiang Sheng slightly nodded, I didn’t care much.

After receiving the drink bottle filled with the essence of grass in the [backpack], he said to Kadabra:

“Go to the center and remember this big toad.”

Even without the trunk and large flowers on the back, the wood sculpture transformed from the remains of Venusaur is more than four meters high.

Jiang Sheng doesn’t know if this is his height after activating “ancientization”, or if he is born like this, and his body is so stalwart.

It’s a pity that the frog is already not in, so it’s meaningless to investigate these.

In this wood carving, Jiang Sheng perceives the breath of ancient energy.

Not many, there are about 800 points, maybe this means that Venusaur died more than 800 years ago.

Jiang Sheng worked hard to pull apart the densely packed root system that had spread from the sky, and circled “Venusaur”.

He was surprised to find that in addition to the roots of ancient trees on the back of “Venusaur”, more than a dozen Vine Whip grew on its back, and the half of the jade vine in Ada’s hand It is the same material.

However, some Vine Whip is purple black, and some Vine Whip is emerald green, both of which are inserted into Ground.

Jiang Sheng took a knife and cut off a section of emerald green vines, imagining the situation where the essence of grass spewed not at all appeared.

But wait for a while, there is indeed a small amount of green juice from the incision, let Kadabra taste it, it is sure that it is the essence of the grass.

Jiang Sheng originally wanted to take away the ancient energy of “Venusaur” within the body, but now it seems to be forgotten.

Maybe ancient trees, Venusaur woodcarvings, and two ponds have reached a balance between the four, causing the essence of grass and the essence of poison to become a renewable resource?

It’s not like he thought before, use a little less?

The value of this different space has increased a lot, it can fully support an Aristocratic Family specializing in Poison Type and Grass Type Pokemon!

Jiang Sheng narrowed his eyes and had a plan in his heart.

Although this island is not in the ranks for sale, the rules are dead and people live.

After waiting, try to find a way to ask the opinions of the provincial officials, no matter how much it costs, he must obtain the ownership of Dragon Island.

Dragon Island is the basis for the existence of different spaces, and he is bound to win!

So far, Jiang Sheng has mastered all the valuable things in the underground space, and has ideas for their next distribution.

The tour ends here. After pressing the mechanism to close the iron gate, Jiang Sheng took Aberguai and Kadabra out of the underground space.

In the future, if the Arbor monster wants to nourish and mix the essence, just bite the root of the tree just like the ancient Arbor monster before.

However, Jiang Sheng has to arrange a series of training plans for the Arbor monster, which cannot stay in a different space.

So like cutting rubber, take out the mixed essence and take it away for the daily consumption of Aboguai.

By the way, I have to bring a copy for Nidorino.

Aboguai uses mixed essences, but instead of food, it increases the energy accumulation in the body and improves the strength rating.

Although there will be Help for moves like Poison Fang, Jiang Sheng does not expect it.

After all, it is a “Fighting snake”, not suitable for hiding behind to play poison.

This is not a special request made by Jiang Sheng for it, but because it already likes the fight of meet force with force.

Its temperament is also different from other arbor monsters. Other arbor monsters are indifferent, very ruthless, and suspicious, but they are honest and honest, eager to fight, and pursue stronger power.

He is a born fighter!

Nidorino is different. It is positioned as a special attacker in the team, and some Poison Type moves must be learned.

This kind of mixed essence is more helpful to it, and it can deepen its grasp of Poison Type energy.


After coming out of the underground space, Jiang Sheng restored the mechanism so that the “cellar” was covered again.

Mo Li was fine and could move freely. Jiang Sheng drove Fat Gengar out of his shadow and let it continue to follow Mo Li.

Ada draws ancient energy from the top of the altar to deepen his degree of “ancientization”.

Jiang Sheng has decided to leave Ah Da in the different space and wait until it becomes an ancient Pokemon before letting it leave the different space.

After that, Jiang Sheng began to search for Pokemon in different spaces, registering their types and quantities.

Finally, it was discovered that there was only the Bulbasaur clan in the alien space.

There are a total of fourteen Bulbasaurs and six Ivysaurs. They are all very young little fellows. This place should be regarded as the breeding base of Bulbasaur by Li Wentao.

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